Why I started a new blog?

    Have you ever wanted to start something fresh, brand new and from scratch? Well that's exactly what is going on here. I loved my last blog Plan With Yesii, but it was all over the place. I wasn't organized and I didn't have a set plan. I know, how does that make any sense for a planner addict life myself? But it makes perfect sense to me. When it came to my blog It just wasn't working for me. I was getting so much traffic and new followers, but I wasn't happy with the content that I was showing off. I needed to make a change, get organized and start fresh.

& that's why Love, Yesi was born.

Have you ever read the book or seen the movie Love, Rosie? Well, that's where I got the idea for my new blog and the title from. The novel is basically just a series of letters between Rosie (which is my absolute favorite name in the world, and if/when I have a little girl, that will be her name. just saying) and everyone around her. Basically that's what a blog is. You're writing letters to everyone on the internet. I fell in love with the idea and it has a romantic feel behind it. I'm a sucker for romance.  
It's going to take me a little while to get this baby into full gear. I want to transfer my most popular posts. I want to take beautiful photographs and I want to come up with content that has meaning and not just me talking about how much I drank fun I had the weekend before. & The little selfish side of me wants to monetize and promote this blog like a business. Yes, I said it. I want to make some money doing what I love. Who wouldn't?
I want to fall in love with blogging and I felt that starting completely 100% brand new will do that for me. Plus it's one of my blogging goals for this year.
I really do hope you all stick around, and join me in my little adventures ♥

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