April Goals

Spring is here and beach season has officially started ♥

April Goals:

1. Save money for my Laptop.

2. Pay off my Toll Debt.

3. Take at least 50 blog stock photos.

4. Go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. (Lets start off slow)

March 2016 in Recap.

          Can you believe March is almost over and April is in two days? Twenty-sixteen is going by really fast. Faster than I would have hoped. In just the short amount of 30 days, I've traveled, went to a few parties, got to spend a lot of weekends with my girls, and got to spend more days with my boyfriend than I could have hoped for. March was fun, and I'm excited that spring is finally here. It's beach season here in Florida, and I can't wait to spend most of my weekends being lazy out in the sun ♥
Here are just a few pictures of some fun memorable stuff I did this month of March!

1. Chaz and I went to Vegas. I'm still slowly posting about the trip but you can click here or here to read more about the trip.
2. Still us in Vegas. In this picture, it was about 3 in the morning and we were gambling a little bit. It was so much fun! If you're ever in Vegas and your like to gamble a bit, all the drinking is free. The waitresses bring you free drinks as long as you're playing. We played the penny slots and lost a dollar or two, but drank way more worth than that.
3. Chaz and I went to our first UFC fight. I think the UFC part of Vegas was probably our favorite. We got to meet Nate Diaz and Dominick Cruz. You can read about that here.
4. We got to celebrate St. Patricks Day a week early. I got to hang out with Kristen and Noel. They came and joined us in the drinking festivities. It was a lot of fun. I didn't share any of those photos because, well . . . I did mention they were drinking festivities.
5. Obviously we went to our favorite pizza spot. Pizza Time in Coral Springs. It's tradition and we go every Sunday.
6. On March 15, 2016 it was Free Icrcream day at Dairy Queen. I tool my grandma. She loved her Vanilla Chocolote Icecream Swirl.
7. On actual St. Patricks Day, I went to Olive Garden with my bestfriend Purple Flurple and we had our favorite Berry Sangrias. They are delicious!
8. On a Friday, I finally went back to Round Up with a really good Old friend, Taylor. We hadn't seen eachother in a really long time and it was nice to catch up and go line dancing like we use to do just us two. We're planning for another line dancing reunion tomorrow actually.
9. Chaz also surprised me with Beautiful Red Roses that have lasted over two weeks. I love when he surprised me with my favorite flowers.
10. In April, Chaz and I are going to our second UFC fight in Tampa. We are so excited. I bought a UFC shirt that I could wear the night of. I cannot wait!
11. We went to our local flee market and did a little sunglass shopping. The highlight of that day though, were the delicious Pickles on a stick that they sell there for only fifty cents. They have a variety of flavors. I love the horse radish one the best!
12. I got to hang out with my beautiful not so little neice any more. In my old blog I talked about how my best friend Amanda had her baby. She is growing into such a little diva just like her mom. She is absolutely perfect and has the most beautiful big blue eyes I have ever seen.
13. Chaz's bestfriends younger sister Chevy had her baby shower recently. She is all belly and is about to pop. I believe she has just a few more weeks to go and baby Aiden will be born. I can not wait to meet him.
14. I finally got to meet Chaz's dad. He is such a cool guy. They look a lot a like, and have the same little quirks and way of explaining things. It was pretty surreal seeing two of Chaz lol. We went to a little coffee shop and just hung out for a bit.
15. Chaz took me to a pretty cool burger spot that is all outside and has the best pink lemonade and French fries I have ever tasted. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
16. Right next to the burger joint, was a little art festival going on. We walked around for a bit and looked at some pretty fascinating paintings and photographs.
17. Chaz and I being silly on the way back to my parents house for Easter dinner. If you follow my personal page, there is a funny video of us too. You can check it out here.
18. My adorable grandma having fun on Easter with the snap chat filters.
March was full of excitement, and I can't wait to see what April brings. How was your March?


How To Get Rid of the Monday Blues

          Yes, unfortunately another weekend has come and gone and Monday is back in action. I feel as if with each weekend that passes it goes by quicker and quicker, and comes slower and slower. I am absolutely one hundred percent that type of person that despises Mondays. I wake up dead tired, in the grumpiest of moods, and sad that now I have to wait another week to see my boyfriend again. I had enough of my moody self, and starting the week so bad off that I came up with a list of ways to get rid of these terrible Monday blues.

1. Don't sleep in. Wake up early. You'll end up with a sleep hangover. Yes, it actually has a name for it. Have you ever realized that when you sleep longer than usual, you're more tired than if you sleep less? Well, you're body is use to your usual clock, and when you don't wake up at your regular time, that boost of energy that is sent daily is missed. Thus, causing tiredness, and may lead to a sour mood.

2. Do not go and check social media immediately after you wake up. Instead of starting your morning with happy thoughts, you may go into a social media depression. You wake up to no good morning texts, no one has liked your latest tweet or instagram post, etc. You might see something that you don't like, and it triggers a bad mood, or even the "Grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome. People may post things that show """how much better their life is than yours""" (which is usually not the case at all) and it's easier to believe that everyone is happier than you. So stay away from the morning phone addiction.

3. Get enough sleep the night before. If you get enough hours of sleep (but not oversleep) you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take the day head on. Plus you'll look 10 times better without those bags under your eyes. Cover up can only cover so much.

4. Take a cold shower. If you wake up and your feet are dragging and your eyes are still heavy, hydrate that skin with cold to luke warm water just to get that heart pumping and your brain alive again.

5. Turn on your favorite play list and dance that pj booty off for 5 minutes. Or more, depending how much fun or time you really have. This is my favorite tip off of the list. I love putting some girly 90's N'SYNC music on full blast and singing my heart out at full volume. Not only is it a great little morning cardio work out, but it makes me feel silly and definitely puts a smile on my face.

6. Make a mental list of everything your excited for this week. Doing this helps your mood pop up straight into happiness. You get to think of all the fun stuff you're doing. Who you're going to hang out with. What you're going to accomplish and it just sets your mood to another level.

7. Wear your favorite outfit. We all have that outfit that always makes us feel better. A favorite dress or shirt. Feeling beautiful, will make any blues completely disappear. You'll have a certain glow and people will notice it.

8. Keep your schedule light. Knowing that you have a full busy day Monday, immediately coming off of the weekend festivities, can really start the week off in the wrong direction. You want to always start Monday nice a relaxed just like the weekend. Don't over pack the day filled with errands or activities. Starting Monday off right can set your whole week into positivity.
9. Smile for no reason. This is the silliest thing on this list if not the only silly thing on here, but it works. Get those face muscles moving. Smile while you're showering, smile while you're getting ready for work, smile and just stare at yourself. First you'll laugh at how creepy you  look, but then you'll realize that it actually works.
10. Treat yourself. Hey It's Monday. Have a your favorite chocolate bar or your favorite candy. Indulge in your "can't have because I'm on a diet" favorite meal. Give yourself something that you know you'll love and will get rid of those blues instantly. Hey, you deserve to be spoiled and there's nothing wrong if you're doing your own spoiling.
What are other awesome tips that you use, to get rid of your Monday blues?

Do's, Don'ts and Tips on Cruising.

Do you love traveling as much as I do? Does a lot of that traveling involve cruises? I have been on 6 Cruises in my lifetime. Since the age of 10. Three Carnival cruises, two Royal Caribbean Cruises, and one Princess cruise. I absolutely love cruising. It's one of my favorite ways of travel.

Still don't know if cruising is your way to go for a vacation? Well, I am no expert but I do have some pretty sweet tips for your next Cruise Vacation, if you do choose to join in on the vacationing fun.

1. DON'T worry too much about your luggage. Your clothes and rum runners (wink wink) will most likely be ok. They may take a while to get to your state room, but they will be placed in front of your room or right inside. DON'T stay inside your room and wait for them.

2. DO carry any important or valuable stuff in your carry on bag. (ie jewelry, cameras, important documents, money, etc.)
3. DO bring all your medication in your carry on. They sell Tylenol and Dramamine (Sea Sickness Pills) on board, but they may be pricey. So come prepared.
4. DON'T forget to pack a small first aid kit. Include band-aids and any other handy dandy medical tools. It's good to be ready for anything. Better safe than sorry!
5. DO wear your bathing suit under you clothes. Especially if you plan on getting in the pool once you board the ship. If not carry in your carry on. You don't know when your bags will be brought to your room.
6. DON'T go to the buffet the minute you get on board the ship. The lines will be ridiculously long. Wait awhile. Grab a drink. Go check out your state room & go explore the ship.
7. DO Leave your phone in the Cabin. DO NOT carry it around unless you're using your phone for pictures. If so keep it on airplane mode. You're on a Vacation. Keep the Social Media for after the ship.
8. DON'T be that person on the ship that is on the phone the whole time. You will look like an Idiot.
9. DO take lots of pictures during your vacation. You'll want to relive the memories over and over again.
10. DO be prepared to be in just as many pictures as you take. Just Smile & Enjoy (:

11. DON'T bring you own towels from home, but DO be sure to bring towels from your cabin and save your chairs to save your spots on the way to the breakfast buffet. This is most important on Sea days, If you want a good seat by the main pool,
12. DO NOT complain about the stairs. Just be prepared to use them a lot. There are elevators but they're usually very full. Stairs will definitely be the quickest way to any area. Plus even though you're getting fat because of all the food, your calves and legs are going to look bomb.

13. DO NOT tell anyone I told you this. Try to sneak in your own Booze. Alcoholic beverages are pretty costly. Buy a pack of rum runners on Amazon and they are invisible to the scanners. You'll save a lot of money if you do.

14. DO bring a little extra cash for tipping. For the most part gratuity is always included, but if the waiter or service was amazing, give an extra couple of $$ and the service will be even more spectacular.
15. DO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE 24 HOUR UNLIMITED PIZZA. This is my absolute favorite part of any cruise. Pizza, anytime of day, however much you want. Heaven. Unbelievable Heaven.
16. DO research your port activities in advance. Plan ahead so you can make the most of your time at your destination.

17. DO plan your everyday outfits but, DON'T be scared to over pack. Bring as many bathing suits and underwear as your heart desires!
I hope these tips will help you out. Do you love vacationing as much as I do?

Happy & Safe Travels ♥

Carnival Imagination 2012

Coral & Grey Planner Printable (FREE)

Two Friday Freebies in a Row? I know what you're thinking, Yesi you must be in a good mood. Why yes, yes I am. It's Friday and we have a whole weekend ahead of us. I designed a sticker sheet sometime last year that is Coral and Grey. I thought I would share it with you all on this blog since my last blog isn't getting much traffic. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them ♥
This Sticker sheet is designed specifically for Erin Condren Life Planners but you can print them out and use them on any style planner, scrapbook, or journal you want. The functional planner stickers, especially the box stickers, are sized to fit within the vertical columns and boxes specifically for the Erin Condren Planner.

These freebies are free for personal use, only. Not commercial use. Please respect that.

Some things you should know before downloading:

** @loveyesiblog printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
** You MAY NOT RESELL, redistribute, or claim the original designs as your own.
** Please do not remove the watermark or modify the design in any way other than for your own Personal use.
**If you post this on the internet, please give credit to @PlanwithYesii or @loveyesiblog & link back to my blog (www.loveyesiblog.com), so others can obtain the resources. Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are great social media sharing platforms, it’s the  sharing without a link back that can be a problem. If you use this printable on Instagram, tag me with #planwithyesii or @planwithyesii. Thank you!

Coral & Grey Planner Sticker Printable
You can download & print Sticker sheet HERE!

Hope you Enjoy Them ♥


Easter / Spring Planner Printables (Free)

Easter is this weekend and spring officially started last week. I thought I would share with all you planner lovers some free sticker printables that I have been using in my planner. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them ♥

This Sticker sheet is designed specifically for Erin Condren Life Planners but you can print them out and use them on any style planner, scrapbook, or journal you want. The functional planner stickers, especially the box stickers, are sized to fit within the vertical columns and boxes specifically for the Erin Condren Planner.
These freebies are free for personal use, only. Not commercial use. Please respect that.

Some things you should know before downloading:

** @LoveYesiBlog printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
** You MAY NOT RESELL, redistribute, or claim the original designs as your own.
** Please do not remove the watermark or modify the design in any way other than for your own Personal use.
**If you post this on the internet, please give credit to Love, Yesi & link back to my blog (www.loveyesiblog.com), so others can obtain the resources. Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are great social media sharing platforms, it’s the  sharing without a link back that can be a problem. If you use this printable on Instagram, tag me with #planwithyesii, #loveyesiblog or @loveyesiblog. Thank you!

Spring & Easter Stickers
You can download the FREE Sticker Sheet HERE!!
Hope you enjoy them ♥


That Time We Met Dominick Cruz & Nate Diaz

       Chaz and I are huge UFC Fans. We've fairly new to the sport, but we're learning more and more about it every day. Remember when we went to Vegas, and how I can't stop explaining how UFC was such a huge part of it? Well we mainly went to Vegas to see UFC 196. The main card was The Notorious Connor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz.

Friday March 4, 2016, We went to the weigh-ins and it was such a fun time. We waited in line for over an hour to be able to get into The MGM Grand Garden Arena. It was totally worth it though. We met these for great guys who I believe were from the UK and Ireland. They were pretty awesome. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures with them. Once we were inside, we realized, behind where we were sitting, were some UFC fighters interviewing and doing some commentary on the weigh in. To Chaz and my surprise, one of Chaz's favorite fighters was right there doing some commentary of his own. Dominick Cruz. This guy has a fighting style all of his own. He is currently the UFC Bantamweight Champion. Whenever Cruz wasn't on TV, we got to sneak in some good pictures of him. Chaz was also able to ask him for a picture with us and he said yes.

The guy on the right is Frankie Edgar. He's suppose to be a really good fighter as well. I don't know much about him, just that he's been begging Dana White for a fight with Connor McGregor. That would be a good match up according to what I've read on him as a fighter. Rumors are going around that they are trying to set it up for a Fight in New York.

Anyways, after the Weigh ins they were kicking everyone out fast. Chaz tried to hold off as long as possible so we could get a photo with Dominick Cruz. He talked to the security guards, he acted like he wanted to buy some memorabilia and even started talking to a rich sports agent, just to try to stay in the building and get that picture. The sports agent bought a poster of McGregor vs. Diaz with their autographs. Chaz helped the guy verify the fighters signatures. The sports agent liked Chaz so much that he even bought him a shirt for the event.

It held us off from getting kicked out just in time. Dominick Cruz stepped out of the interview zone and was on his way to the bathroom. Chaz spotted him and literally screamed "Hey what about that picture" and Cruz screamed back "You got it man". Some security guards started to kick us out when a cop stopped them because he overheard what Cruz said. We took a few pictures and were literally the last ones to leave the MGM Garden Arena. It was pretty awesome.

He was such a cool guy. His story is pretty crazy, so definitely go and google him. We can not wait until he whoops Fabers ass in UFC 199. Chaz and I are definitely looking forward to it.

We were on cloud nine after that. Imagine, you're on vacation, and actually get to meet one of your favorite Celebrities. It was pretty cool.

Saturday March 5, 2016, was the main event. Holms vs. Tate & McGregor Vs. Diaz. When Miesha Tate won it was amazing. When McGrecor lost, we were in shock. No one knew what the outcome would have been. Some were for McGregor and some were for Diaz. We were Team McGregor all the way. We were both pretty sad that he lost, but on the other hand happy because Chaz made a lot of money.

Sunday March 6, 2016, was our last day in Vegas. We wanted to explore all the hotels we weren't able to get to. As we were walking through the MGM and passing the food court, Chaz stopped and asked if that guy at the Taco place looked like Nate Diaz. I'm half blind, so I couldn't really see. He was facing the opposite way and looked like everyone else in the food court. I told Chaz no way it was Nate Diaz. He has no security guards or his posse around him. Chaz said it was and walked up to him. When Chaz said his name he turned around and low and behold it was Nate.

He looked totally beat up, but was nice enough to take a picture with Chaz. I didn't want to bother him much longer, so I didn't take any pictures.

We were almost out of the hotel when Chaz wanted to go back and ask for his autograph. I didn't want to bother the guy again, but it would be really cool to have his signature, so I followed Chaz. He was in the middle of eating but was kind enough to stop and sign both our tickets for us. It was really nice of him.

Again, we were rooting for McGregor but so much respect to Diaz and his fighting style.

It was such an awesome way to end our trip.

We got to meet two really famous UFC fighters and get an autograph of the winner of the Main event. It was pretty bad ass.

Vegas you were so good to us, and I can not wait to go back ♥


15 Ways To Tell He's "The One" Material

I am head over heels in love with the man I get to call mine. He makes me happy, and I feel equally as loved in return, but how do you know if your beau is The One? How do you know that he could eventually be "Husband Material"? However long you've been with your honey, every girl faces the same question one time or another. Is he The One? Here are 15 ways to tell if he's the keeper.
1. You're a hundred percent comfortable with each other. Comfortable meaning, when you can spending hours not talking about anything but it's not awkward or hours chatting up a storm. When you both can wear your Sundays best (pajamas or nothing at all) and watch movies all day. When you can stuff your face with junk food and have a fat night together. Comfortable meaning when you can totally be yourselves and you love each other for that.
2. You never laughed harder. If he can make you laugh at all hours of the day he's a keeper. Chaz has me cracking up when I am mad, sad, or already happy. I am constantly laughing with him. It brings joy and fun into a relationship.
3. He works hard at his job, but he makes sure to let you know that you are also a priority. This is self explanatory. He works hard at what he does, but he makes time for you and your relationship.
4. He's close with your family, and visa versa. My family and friends love Chaz. He gets along great with my dad and my mom and grandma love him to pieces. His sister is one of my closest friends and we talk on the phone almost everyday. When your families get along as well, it's a huge bonus.
5. He's the first person you want to tell when you have something to tell. Whether it's good news or bad news, the first you want to run and tell is him.
6. "I miss you" is reality. You don't just say I miss you out of routine or because it's something cute to say. You say it because you actually miss him regardless if it's a day that has gone by or a whole week.
7. When you think about marrying him, the best part isn't the wedding. It's the actual thought of spending you lives together.
8. You feel comfortable planning Trips and events in the future. You don't have any doubts when it comes to setting something up, whether it's a vacation or a party, you're ok with planning it 6 months, a year, or even longer ahead.
9. You can travel and have an amazing trip without fighting all the time. Sure, you may get into a little snippet here and there, but it's not constant bickering. You're having a good time with your honey, and you don't want it your vacation to end. (That's how I felt during my trip to Vegas with Chaz. We had so much fun and we're already planning our next trip).
10. No one knows you like he does. He knows everything about you. He knows what makes you smile, what makes you sad. He knows how to push your buttons, and make you mad. But he also knows how to weasel his way back into your good side. He knows all your little quirks and tinks. He knows you better than you know yourself.
11. He always remembers to do that thing you love in bed. I'll let your imagination run wild (;
12. Even after being together for so long, and the honeymoon stage is over, the honeymoon stage really isn't over. Yes, you have been together for a really long time, and there's really no more mystery. You know everything there is to know about each other. But the spark is just as strong now as it was in the beginning. He still gives you butterflies. You still get all giddy like a high school girl when you know you're going to see him. You're even more madly in love with him than you were when you first realized you were in love.
13. You've made it through the tough times together. It's not always rainbows and unicorns. Relationships can and do go through some hardships. You've been through some rough patches but you make it through. You come out of the hard times more in love and ready to take on anything. Your relationship just gets stronger.
14. You've never felt a love this strong before. I have been in two serious relationships before Chaz. Never have I ever felt this strong about a person before him. Yes, I was in love before, but never a love like this. It's literally a can't breathe because I am so in love type of love. When you feel a love so strongly that any feelings you had before him, never come close to the love you feel now.
15. You just know it. A feeling just comes over you, that you just know. Plain and simple. You just know he's the one you want to spend forever with. You just know he's the one.


Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette // Review

  Can we please talk about how perfect this eye shadow palette is? Before leaving to Vegas, I was looking for some shimmery eye shadows that I can switch between day and night. My Naked 3 was running out but I didn't want to splurge for just a few shades. I went on a quest to Sephora for the perfect eye shadow. I found 2 beautiful colors and almost spend $25 on just two shades when I came across this beauty. 

I bought it based on the pigmentation and shades alone, but after I purchased it I learned that this palette came out in 2009, but that Too Faced revamped the packaging in 2014 and added three new shades. Thus catching all our eyes with it's classiness and beautifulness. Oh and it also won the Brides Magazine Award 2014 for the best eye shadow palette to wear on your big day. If that doesn't add more reasons to check this palette out, I don't know what else will.

The packaging is made out of tin  with a magnetic closure and it is very compact. Perfect to keep in your purse or makeup bag and it will stay in tact. I was very confident traveling with it because of the packaging alone. It kept all my shadows safe and protected.

I purchased it for $35 with tax at Sephora. Prices may vary due to the store your purchase at or online as well as how much tax is charged where you live.

Inside the lid of the palette is a how to guide showing you three different looks with step by step instructions and an illustration of what it will look like. Behind the guide is a small mirror.

The palette consists of a blend of 9 neutral matte and shimmery shades. The three rows are separated to match each of the looks on the guide. They are Day, Classic and Fashion. The first shadow in each row is slightly larger then the other shadows. I personally love this because these are definitely the colors that I will be using the most.

.Heaven. Silk Teddy. Nudie.

Heaven - This is a matte shade and is the palest of the eye shadows. This color is very pigmented. The color is that of ivory. I thought this shade was going to have to be applied over and over just so the color would show just like any normal shadow. I was 100% wrong. This shadow just with a few pats applies brightly and you don't have to do more than one or two coats.

Silk Teddy - In the palette it looks more of a gold shade. It is the first shimmery shade in the palette. Once applied it's a soft rose gold tint with very little fall out. This shade was the reason I purchased the palette. The shade that I was going to purchase before I bought this was Sin from Urban Decay. They are almost the exact color, but Silk Teddy has more shimmer.

Nudie - This is a pale brown matte shade. It's almost exact to Naked from the Naked Palette, but not quite. It has more of a softer hue. The pigmentation is incredible. Also has very little fall out.

.Cashmere Bunny. Push-Up. Honey Pot.

Cashmere Bunny - This is a light brown matte shade. The pigmentation is just as amazing as the previous shades. I use this color on my crease. It's a great transition for the other colors.

Push-Up - This is a very shimmery and pigmented gold shade. In some lights it even looks bronze. When applied I was waiting for a lot of fall out but there was barely if any at all. This shade is from the classic row.

Honey Pot - One of my favorite shades in the palette. This is in the Fashion row and I wouldn't expect anything less. This color is a very shimmery gold. It is extremely pigmented. It makes my boring brown eyes pop into a beautiful honey color. Blends beautifully with all the other colors.

.Sexpresso. Erotica. Chocolate Martini.

Sexpresso - This shade is beautiful. It is a dark matte brown. It is very pigmented and has no fall out at all. This color is so pigmented it's a little bit harder to blend, but once blended it can create the sexiest smoky eye look without being too dark. I did read some reviews where they stated that it was a bit dryer than the rest of the shades, but I didn't notice much of a difference.

Erotica - GORGEOUS. This shade is a matte brown with shimmery specs of gold. It's pretty much the same shade as sexpresso but with the gold particles. I found this to be best applied over a primer. It does have some fall out but nothing that a make up wipe and concealer can not fix.

Chocolate Martini - This shade is almost like Erotica, but so much more different. It has a softer hue brown and less gold specs. This had little fall out as well.

This picture was taken this past weekend. I went to a country bar to line dance and I wanted to put this eye shadow palette to the test. I used a mixture of Heaven, Silk Teddy, Push-Up and Sexpresso. I also used NYX Suede Lipstick Cream in Soft Spoken from my previous review (click here). The shades lasted me all night and didn't smudge or crease. The lipstick also passed my test.

I am in love with this palette. There isn't a shadow on it that disappointed me in any way. I believe the quality is better than my Naked Palettes. Yes, I did just say that. If you love neutral shades as much as I do and don't want to spend a crap load of money, this palette is a definite must buy. I recommend it whole heartedly.

Now go and add this palette to your collection


Liebster Award

You guys!!! I was just nominated for a Liebster Award. Thank you so much to Destiny from Ms. Beauty Glam for the nomination. I am so thankful to even be considered. It hasn't yet been a month since I started my new blog, and it's already been so rewarding and fulfilling. Earlier this year, I wrote down 16 goals that I needed to accomplish with my blog, and I feel like I'm heading in the right direction to successfully complete the list.. I love everything about blogging and being able to meet people from all over the globe is just a wonderful bonus.
So what is a Liebster award?
It's an award given to new bloggers & up and coming bloggers with a small following. Generally 200 followers or less. It's a great way to connect bloggers, new & not so new to the blogging community, with each other.
Rules for the Liebster Award?
1) Make sure to Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to his/her blog. 2) Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you. 3) Tell your readers 11 random facts about yourself. 4) Nominate 11 bloggers for their award. 5) Ask your nominees to answer 11 questions. ♥
Ok here it goes (:
11 Questions to Answer.
1. What is your favorite thing to do besides blogging? // As basic as this sounds, hanging out with my boyfriend. We have so much fun together and whenever I am with him it's just an all around fun time.
2. Where do you live and what's your first language? // I live in Miami, FL and my first language was Spanish.
3. What is your biggest fear and hope for blogging? // My biggest fear would be not being able to earn some income from this. I don't want to sound like that person that only blogs for money, but I've been doing this for almost 6 years. It's about time I start earning a little something from doing something I love. My hope would be that my little blog flourishes and actually helps people.
4. Vanilla or Chocolate? // Vanilla with Chocolate Syrup all day.
5. What is one thing that you feel you need to work on? // My confidence. It is something I have struggled with all my life. I have my days where I'm a fierce sexy woman, and other days where I feel like I am nobody. I'm working on it each and everyday. It is one of my main goals for 2016.
6. What is your favorite season of the year? // Summer. It's beach and boating season. It's also lets go on cruises and a tropical vacation season. Oh and it's also during my Birthday month!!
7. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go? // Fiji or Bora Bora. That's my dream vacation spot. Set me up in the middle of the ocean in a little bungalow with my honey and I am happy.
8. What is your favorite dish? // Pizza.
9. What is one weird thing about you? // I don't like eggs. Scrambled, boiled, sunny side up, in my rice, in anything. Eggs are disgusting!
10. Name one thing you can not live with out? // My family.
11. What is your favorite show? //  SHOW(S) . . . At the moment it's still Hawaii Five-0 and Once Upon A Time. Grey's Anatomy is up there too lol.
11 Random Facts About me?
I just recently did a post on that. I'm not going to bore all of you with more of the same facts, so you can just check it out here.

My Nominees
1. Jen from Carpejen
2. Stephanie from MotaParla
3. Alex from Being Alex Taylor
4. Erin from Erin Cusack Blog
5. Aanth from Aanth Blogs
6. Michelle from Michelle Beltre
7. Abby from The Sunshine Within
8. Charlotte from Day Dreams Heart
9. Cara Lynn from Cara Lynn's Blog
10. Claire from G Is For Gingers
11. I tag everyone ♥

11 Questions to Answer
1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3. What's your favorite pizza joint?
4. Do you have any tattoos?
5. Who is your current favorite blogger?
6. Are you in a relationship?
7. Vanilla or Chocolate Oreos?
8. What is your favorite sport?
9. Who are you currently listening to on replay?
10. Have you ever been to South Florida or Florida in general?
11. Where do you see yourself in a year with your blog?

I can't wait to read all your answers!!


Review // NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

I am so excited to finally have my first official beauty post on my blog, and even more excited that it's a Review! I have been seeing these Liquid lipsticks for quite some time now, and was very excited when one came in my March Ipsy bag. I immediately applied it to my lips and put it to the test.

The shade is Soft-Spoken. I instantly fell in love with the color. It's a dark soft rosy nude. The brush is a doe foot applicator, which is a lot larger that what I am use to, but was easy to handle and apply. It's a creamy liquid that dries like a stain. Once fully dried it's a beautiful matte hue. It didn't take long to dry, and it didn't leave my lips with the chapped texture that most dry lipsticks leave behind.

This product contains avocado oil, olive oil and glycerin which helps keep your lips moisturized and hydrated. It does transfer a bit, but not too much that you would notice any lipstick loss and would have to reapply.

You can purchase this product at your local stores (ie. Sephora, Ulta, Target, CVS) or order it online. It is very inexpensive at only $7 a stick.

I only tried out this product for a little over an hour so I would like to try it out for a longer period. So far I am loving this lipstick cream and this shade. I definitely recommend trying it out. I will be purchasing more shades because the colors in the collection are beautiful.

Have you tried out this brand and this shade? Have you tried any other lipstick creams? What are your recommendations?


The Girl Behind the Blog.

Getting to know bloggers has always been one of my favorite things in the blogging world. You get to meet so many diverse people with different personalities and qualities who probably live halfway across the world. It's a Beautiful thing.

I have yet to do an about me post on this blog so I decided it's about that time. I would love to get to know you all better so please join in on the fun

1. I can eat a whole small pizza from Dominoes all by myself.

2. I am never going to reach 5 feet tall.

3. I think Vanilla Oreos are better than chocolate oreos.

4. Whenever I am looking for food in the fridge, I always shimmy and twerk my booty a bit.

5. I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

6. I love rollercoasters and going really fast and the feeling of free falling.

7. I have a terrible fear of scary movies.

8. My favorite animal is a Sea turtle and I have matching Sea Turtle earrings and a necklace.

9. I know how to line dance, and I'm pretty bad ass at it.

10. I love pickles, and I think they taste better when you soak them in vinegar or Horse Raddish.

11. I believe in mermaids and I think I was one in another life.

12. I love listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and the Rat Pack.

13. I own 10 of Frank Sinatra's movies.

14. I am Cuban & I can speak Spanish fluently.

15. I have 3 tattoos. A cross, an anchor, and waves. I plan on getting my mermaid tattoo and Sea Turtle tattoo soon.

16. I'm going to be 25 in a few months, but people think I'm 15 because of my height.

17. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and almost two months.

18. I like to have random dance parties at any given moment.

19. All my friends are getting married, buying houses, and having babies, and I'm still figuring out what I am doing tomorrow.

20. My favorite Ninja turtle is Raphael.

21. My favorite movie is the Sandlot.

22. I love baseball and I can actually play.

23. I prefer making Pizza than buying it at the store.

24. I have known my bestfriend Purple Flurple (Stephanie) since we were 5.

26. I know all the lyrics to all the NSYNC songs.

27. I have a favorite Pizza Spot and everytime I eat at any other pizza joint, I feel like I'm cheating.

28. Chaz and I love UFC.

29. I wish my boobs weren't so big.

30. I would love to travel more than I already don't do.


10 Reasons Why I Love Vegas!

It's been over a week since we have been back in town from our amazing trip and I am so sad. Vegas was such a great time. I am still on vacation mode and all I want to do is go back. Yes, I loved Vegas that much.

All the pretty lights and the hotels, I was in awe of it all. I didn't expect to like Vegas so much let alone love it. Vegas surprised me in so many ways. I'm not a gambler at all, and I rarely go clubbing, so I wasn't expecting much of anything else. Boy was I wrong. Vegas has so much to offer.

If you're iffy about Vegas, here are 10 reasons why I loved it and why I think you will too.

10. Travel The World In One City.

This is definitely a reason to love Vegas. You get to travel the world without ever leaving the city. One hour we were in New York, the next we were in Italy, and the next we were in Paris. You can also travel to England and Egypt.

9. The High Roller.

If you're not scared of heights or being 550 feet above the ground, going on the high roller is a must! It's a half hour ride on the worlds biggest Ferris Wheel. The views are breath taking and you can see the strip. It's also surrounded by little bars and clubs if you're into that sort of thing.

It is a little nerve wrecking though. You're in a bubble glass and you can sort of see straight down if you put you face against the glass lol. The prices vary, depending on the hours you go on or if you want to be in an all you can drink bubble that has an open bar.

Oh that's another plus, you can drink on a Ferris Wheel 550 feet up in the air. How awesome is that?

8. The Hotels.

I know I said this in my previous post, but the hotels are unbelievable to the eye. The minute you walk inside you'll be transported to another world. The walls and even the ceilings are remarkable with paintings or with skies. You can see the botanical garden inside The Bellagio or the indoor Chandelier inside The Cosmopolitan. The hotels are beautiful in itself and will really make a trip to Vegas totally worth it if you just explore the hotels alone.

7. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Oops. You weren't suppose to see me and Bradley Cooper. I guess our love affair is out in the open lol. The wax museum was one of the funnest experiences in Vegas. Seeing all the wax celebrities was so weird. Some of them look real and others didn't look anything like the real celebrities. My favorite was Frank Sinatra. If you know me, you know how much I love Sinatra, his songs and the Big Band Era. It was pretty cool seeing him in person, wax or not. I also got to meet Channing Tatum and Chaz got to meet some of his favorite celebs too.

6. Guy Fieris Vegas Bar & Kitchen.


Before going on the trip, Chaz and I decided we weren't going to eat at any restaurant. We were going to stick to the Hotel food courts and the buffets. I knew Guy Fieri had a restaurant here but it might have been too pricey and out of our price range, so I didn't even bring it up. We were walking along the strip and came across the restaurant. I was so excited. Chaz knew how much of a Guy Fieri fan I am so we went to check out the restaurant. Surprisingly, it's not way out of budget or too expensive. We decided to eat inside. It's normal pricing for some bomb ass food.

We ordered only an appetizer and I ordered desert. We got stuffed sharing the deliciousness of his cheese and bacon and yummy nachos. I wanted to taste the S'mores desert and it was heavenly. Chaz gave in and we shared the desert as well.

Go check out his restaurant. Not only is the place hip with a foozeball table, but the food does not disappoint. Just thinking about eating there again makes my mouth water!

5. The Outfits.

It's Vegas. The outfits people wear and the outfits you see. . . You can wear whatever you want and not get judged. Well maybe a little judged but it's Las Vegas so who cares. We didn't dress up in anything crazy but we did get to rock our lime green and hot pink Vans. They were a huge hit and we got so many compliments on them!

4. Downtown Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas is off the Strip. This is old town Las Vegas. This is where the oldest casino is located and where The Golden Nugget is at. I loved this place because of the Freemont Experience. It's a free show with a large screen above everyone's head. It plays once every hour and its pretty amazing. This is also where the Zip Line is located. We were going to do it but I chickened out last minute lol.

3. Secret Pizza Place.

WE FOUND THE SECRET PIZZA PLACE. Now I'm not going to spill the secret of where it's exactly at but I can tell you that it's located in The Cosmopolitan. It is seriously the best pizza in all of Vegas and that means a lot coming from a pizza lover like me. Especially since I did try every Pizza place that I passed by. Bellagios pizza was pretty good too, and the New York Pizza from The MGM casino was yummy too.

2. UFC.

Chaz and I went to Vegas specifically for UFC196. It was pretty bad ass. Meisha Tate won and I was so happy about that. Chaz and I always root for the Underdog. Yes, our guy, Connor McGregor lost, but it was such a cool experience and we got to meet two famous UFC fighters. We're fairly new to the sport, but actually going to an event at the MGM grand just made us fall in love with UFC and Vegas even more!

1. Spending it with Chaz

Going to Vegas with Chaz was definitely why I loved the city so much. It was such a romantic trip. I would have never thought it would be filled with so much love. Vegas is called Sin City after all. Going on a trip with your partner and getting to experience new things with the one you love is pretty spectacular. It made us closer and for that I thank you Vegas, and I can not wait to go back!!

I hope some of these reasons can steer you into falling in love with Las Vegas just as I did ♥

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