10 Reasons Why I Love Vegas!

It's been over a week since we have been back in town from our amazing trip and I am so sad. Vegas was such a great time. I am still on vacation mode and all I want to do is go back. Yes, I loved Vegas that much.

All the pretty lights and the hotels, I was in awe of it all. I didn't expect to like Vegas so much let alone love it. Vegas surprised me in so many ways. I'm not a gambler at all, and I rarely go clubbing, so I wasn't expecting much of anything else. Boy was I wrong. Vegas has so much to offer.

If you're iffy about Vegas, here are 10 reasons why I loved it and why I think you will too.

10. Travel The World In One City.

This is definitely a reason to love Vegas. You get to travel the world without ever leaving the city. One hour we were in New York, the next we were in Italy, and the next we were in Paris. You can also travel to England and Egypt.

9. The High Roller.

If you're not scared of heights or being 550 feet above the ground, going on the high roller is a must! It's a half hour ride on the worlds biggest Ferris Wheel. The views are breath taking and you can see the strip. It's also surrounded by little bars and clubs if you're into that sort of thing.

It is a little nerve wrecking though. You're in a bubble glass and you can sort of see straight down if you put you face against the glass lol. The prices vary, depending on the hours you go on or if you want to be in an all you can drink bubble that has an open bar.

Oh that's another plus, you can drink on a Ferris Wheel 550 feet up in the air. How awesome is that?

8. The Hotels.

I know I said this in my previous post, but the hotels are unbelievable to the eye. The minute you walk inside you'll be transported to another world. The walls and even the ceilings are remarkable with paintings or with skies. You can see the botanical garden inside The Bellagio or the indoor Chandelier inside The Cosmopolitan. The hotels are beautiful in itself and will really make a trip to Vegas totally worth it if you just explore the hotels alone.

7. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Oops. You weren't suppose to see me and Bradley Cooper. I guess our love affair is out in the open lol. The wax museum was one of the funnest experiences in Vegas. Seeing all the wax celebrities was so weird. Some of them look real and others didn't look anything like the real celebrities. My favorite was Frank Sinatra. If you know me, you know how much I love Sinatra, his songs and the Big Band Era. It was pretty cool seeing him in person, wax or not. I also got to meet Channing Tatum and Chaz got to meet some of his favorite celebs too.

6. Guy Fieris Vegas Bar & Kitchen.


Before going on the trip, Chaz and I decided we weren't going to eat at any restaurant. We were going to stick to the Hotel food courts and the buffets. I knew Guy Fieri had a restaurant here but it might have been too pricey and out of our price range, so I didn't even bring it up. We were walking along the strip and came across the restaurant. I was so excited. Chaz knew how much of a Guy Fieri fan I am so we went to check out the restaurant. Surprisingly, it's not way out of budget or too expensive. We decided to eat inside. It's normal pricing for some bomb ass food.

We ordered only an appetizer and I ordered desert. We got stuffed sharing the deliciousness of his cheese and bacon and yummy nachos. I wanted to taste the S'mores desert and it was heavenly. Chaz gave in and we shared the desert as well.

Go check out his restaurant. Not only is the place hip with a foozeball table, but the food does not disappoint. Just thinking about eating there again makes my mouth water!

5. The Outfits.

It's Vegas. The outfits people wear and the outfits you see. . . You can wear whatever you want and not get judged. Well maybe a little judged but it's Las Vegas so who cares. We didn't dress up in anything crazy but we did get to rock our lime green and hot pink Vans. They were a huge hit and we got so many compliments on them!

4. Downtown Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas is off the Strip. This is old town Las Vegas. This is where the oldest casino is located and where The Golden Nugget is at. I loved this place because of the Freemont Experience. It's a free show with a large screen above everyone's head. It plays once every hour and its pretty amazing. This is also where the Zip Line is located. We were going to do it but I chickened out last minute lol.

3. Secret Pizza Place.

WE FOUND THE SECRET PIZZA PLACE. Now I'm not going to spill the secret of where it's exactly at but I can tell you that it's located in The Cosmopolitan. It is seriously the best pizza in all of Vegas and that means a lot coming from a pizza lover like me. Especially since I did try every Pizza place that I passed by. Bellagios pizza was pretty good too, and the New York Pizza from The MGM casino was yummy too.

2. UFC.

Chaz and I went to Vegas specifically for UFC196. It was pretty bad ass. Meisha Tate won and I was so happy about that. Chaz and I always root for the Underdog. Yes, our guy, Connor McGregor lost, but it was such a cool experience and we got to meet two famous UFC fighters. We're fairly new to the sport, but actually going to an event at the MGM grand just made us fall in love with UFC and Vegas even more!

1. Spending it with Chaz

Going to Vegas with Chaz was definitely why I loved the city so much. It was such a romantic trip. I would have never thought it would be filled with so much love. Vegas is called Sin City after all. Going on a trip with your partner and getting to experience new things with the one you love is pretty spectacular. It made us closer and for that I thank you Vegas, and I can not wait to go back!!

I hope some of these reasons can steer you into falling in love with Las Vegas just as I did ♥

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