50+ Fun Date Ideas ♥

It's date night and you have no idea what to do or where to go?!
Well, I hear you and I'm delivering. Here are over 50 fun date night ideas!

Stay at home Dates

- Make Pizza
- Netflix Night
- Mob Night (Mob Movie Marathon)
- Baseball Movie Marathon
- Play Hide & Seek in the Dark
- Make Sundaes
- Backyard BBQ
- Night of Junkfood
- Video Game Night
- Bubble Night (Bubble Bath & Champagne)
- Drunk Twister
- Power Outage Date (No Electronics/Electricity)
- Wine & Cheese night
- At Home Spa Night
- Play Bartender (Whip up beverages that you've always wanted to try to make & get drunk together)
- Pj Date night
- Start a Game Tournament (Keep Tally on who wins the game)
- Game Night (Truth or Dare, Board Games)
- Photo Shoot (Take Pictures of Eachother
- Indoor Camping (Build a Fort)
- Cook Dinner together
- Smores Date
- No Drive Drive in Movie Night (Take a laptop, blankets and pillows to your backyard)
- A night in Italy (Italian Dinner, Gelato or Italian Desert, & Italian Movie)
- DIY Facials
- Home Videos Date night
- Spin the bottle Shot glass Version (Shots surround the bottle, whichever the bottle lands on, you have to drink)
- Nickelodeon Date night (Movies and Shows from Nickelodeon)
- Rent a Video Game
- Cartoon Marathon
- World Star Night (Watch only World Star Videos)
- Panty Hose Fun Date (Get two pair of Panty Hoses, put them over your heads & act Silly)
- Beer Pong One on One Game
- Drunk Puzzle night (Get drunk and do puzzles together)
- Halloween Movie Marathon
- A Night in Cuba (Listen to Cuban Music, Eat Cuban Food, Watch a Cuban Movie)
- Online Personality Tests
- 80's Night Date (Watch 80's Movies, Listen to 80's Music, eat food from the 80's)
- A Night in Paris (French Food, French Wine, French Movie)
- Strip Poker
- Disney Night (Watch Movies or Shows from Disney)
- Rap Contest
- Massage Night
- Funny Youtube Videos Date
- Pinterest Crafts
- Flip Cup One on One Game
- Cake Decorating
- Music/ Dance party Date (Listen to your favorite music and have a dance party)
- Lazy day
- Match the Menu to the Movie (Match the food with the theme of the Movie)
- Sexy Dice Game
- Have a Fondue Night
- Popcorn Night (Buy Popcorn & different toppings. Mix and match & find out which is your fav)
- Makeover night (Significant other does Hair & Makeup)
- 90's Night (Watch 90's Movies, Listen to 90's Music, Eat 90's food [Lunchables or Bagel Bites])
- Blast From the Past Movie Marathon
- Mexican Night (Tacos, Burritos, Margaritas, Nacho Libre Movie)
- Breakfast for Dinner Date
- Pool Date (Buy a kiddie pool, put it in your back yard and have a pool party)
- Record a Music Video
- Just Dance Wii Date
- Frank Sinatra Movie Marathon

Out of the house Dates

- Go to the Movie Theater (Her Choice)
- Go to the Zoo
- Wine Tasting
- Drive in Movie Theater
- Ice Skating
- Repeat Your First Date (Do everything and go everywhere you went on your first date)
- Take a Dance Class or Classes
- Bowling
- Double Date with Parents/ In Laws
- Hotel stay for the night
- Indoor Gun Range
- Double Feature Movie Date (Go see Two Movies at the Theater *Sneak into one*)
- Go to a Theme Park Nearby (Disney World, Bush Gardens, Universal Studios)
- Couples Massage
- $40 Casino Night
- Visit a Local Museum
- Go on a Dinner Cruise
- Bass Pros Date
- Dave and Busters Date
- Laser Tag
- Skydiving Date
- Go on a Double Date or Group Date with Friends
- Go to a Country Bar (Put on your Cowboy Boots & go Line Dance)
- Go to a Salsa/ Merengue Night Club
- Go to your local Improv and see a Comedy Show
- Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
- Candy Store Date
- Visit Downtown and take a Stroll
- Go Bar Hopping
- Go to a Hookah Bar
- Go to a Hockey Game
- Go to your Favorite Pizzeria
- Go to a Local Concert
- Book Store or Library Date
- Visit a Flea Market
- Progressive Dinner Date (Appetizer at one restaurant, Entrée at another, Desert somewhere else.
- Thrift Store Shopping
- Go to a Restaurant that you've never eaten at
- Sex Store Date
- Try a New Fitness Class
- Go to a Basketball Game
- Favorite Subs Date (Go to your favorite Sandwhich/Hogie place)
- Arcade Date
- Visit a Farmers Market
- Go to a Cuban Restaurant
- People Watch Date (Go to busiest people location and people watch together)
- Walmart Date (Scavenger Hunt)
- Go to a Chillys, Flannigans, Applebees, etc.
- Day Long Roadtrip with no Set Destination
- Go to a Baseball Game

Outdoor/Outside Dates

- Go Fishing
- Outdoor Gun Range
- Take a Tour of Your City
- Go to Your Local Seaquarium
- Spend a Day at the Park
- Go Kayaking
- Disposable Camera Date (Buy a Disposable Camera & go do something random outside)
- Go Parasailing
- Go Skateboarding, Skating, or Long Boarding
- Garage Sale Hunting
- Fly a Kite
- Go Paddle boating
- Bonfire Night
- Rent a Jetski
- Play Basketball
- Stargaze
- Rent a Fishing Charter Boat
- Act like Tourists
- Ride Bike or go Skating at the Beach
- Go Camping
- Rent ATVs and go Mudding
- Wash Cars Together
- Whole Day trip to neighboring city
- Go Snorkeling
- Beach Day
- Batting Cages
- Go Cart Day
- Plant a Garden
- Mini Golf
- Water Balloon Fight
- Go to a Fruit Farm (Pick some Strawberrys or Apples)
- Go Off Roading
- (Raining) Play games in the rain
- Hiking
- Run a 5k Marathon
- Paintball
- Water Gun Fight
- Picnic Date
- Public Pool Date

A lot of these dates are things that Chaz and I love to do or things that we would love to do. What are some other Date Ideas that I forgot to add? Check back to this post every now and then. I will update as often as I can.


  1. These are a lot of date ideas and now I want to try and do some of these lol

    1. Right?! We've tried a few and they are so much fun!

  2. Spin the bottle shots?! Seriously, what have I never thought of that!! Best idea ever!! Pinning this =)

    1. Thank you so much for the pin and for stopping by my blog ♥


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