Do's, Don'ts and Tips on Cruising.

Do you love traveling as much as I do? Does a lot of that traveling involve cruises? I have been on 6 Cruises in my lifetime. Since the age of 10. Three Carnival cruises, two Royal Caribbean Cruises, and one Princess cruise. I absolutely love cruising. It's one of my favorite ways of travel.

Still don't know if cruising is your way to go for a vacation? Well, I am no expert but I do have some pretty sweet tips for your next Cruise Vacation, if you do choose to join in on the vacationing fun.

1. DON'T worry too much about your luggage. Your clothes and rum runners (wink wink) will most likely be ok. They may take a while to get to your state room, but they will be placed in front of your room or right inside. DON'T stay inside your room and wait for them.

2. DO carry any important or valuable stuff in your carry on bag. (ie jewelry, cameras, important documents, money, etc.)
3. DO bring all your medication in your carry on. They sell Tylenol and Dramamine (Sea Sickness Pills) on board, but they may be pricey. So come prepared.
4. DON'T forget to pack a small first aid kit. Include band-aids and any other handy dandy medical tools. It's good to be ready for anything. Better safe than sorry!
5. DO wear your bathing suit under you clothes. Especially if you plan on getting in the pool once you board the ship. If not carry in your carry on. You don't know when your bags will be brought to your room.
6. DON'T go to the buffet the minute you get on board the ship. The lines will be ridiculously long. Wait awhile. Grab a drink. Go check out your state room & go explore the ship.
7. DO Leave your phone in the Cabin. DO NOT carry it around unless you're using your phone for pictures. If so keep it on airplane mode. You're on a Vacation. Keep the Social Media for after the ship.
8. DON'T be that person on the ship that is on the phone the whole time. You will look like an Idiot.
9. DO take lots of pictures during your vacation. You'll want to relive the memories over and over again.
10. DO be prepared to be in just as many pictures as you take. Just Smile & Enjoy (:

11. DON'T bring you own towels from home, but DO be sure to bring towels from your cabin and save your chairs to save your spots on the way to the breakfast buffet. This is most important on Sea days, If you want a good seat by the main pool,
12. DO NOT complain about the stairs. Just be prepared to use them a lot. There are elevators but they're usually very full. Stairs will definitely be the quickest way to any area. Plus even though you're getting fat because of all the food, your calves and legs are going to look bomb.

13. DO NOT tell anyone I told you this. Try to sneak in your own Booze. Alcoholic beverages are pretty costly. Buy a pack of rum runners on Amazon and they are invisible to the scanners. You'll save a lot of money if you do.

14. DO bring a little extra cash for tipping. For the most part gratuity is always included, but if the waiter or service was amazing, give an extra couple of $$ and the service will be even more spectacular.
15. DO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE 24 HOUR UNLIMITED PIZZA. This is my absolute favorite part of any cruise. Pizza, anytime of day, however much you want. Heaven. Unbelievable Heaven.
16. DO research your port activities in advance. Plan ahead so you can make the most of your time at your destination.

17. DO plan your everyday outfits but, DON'T be scared to over pack. Bring as many bathing suits and underwear as your heart desires!
I hope these tips will help you out. Do you love vacationing as much as I do?

Happy & Safe Travels ♥

Carnival Imagination 2012


  1. YES I cannot love this post any more!! I've been on 8 cruises and seriously I'm obsessed. We've used rum runners successfully twice so far! Before that, I wasn't 21 yet, and I brought a pack of water bottles with a few filled with vodka and the caps resealed with superglue ha!

    1. LMAO!! Sneaking in liquor is the only way to do it! I'm definitely trying to catch up to your 8. We're planning a cruise in June for my 25th birthday. It'll be a month late, but hey I'm down for celebrating my birthday for a whole month lol <3

  2. Great post thanks for the tips I will remember this when I start travelling one day

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