That Time We Met Dominick Cruz & Nate Diaz

       Chaz and I are huge UFC Fans. We've fairly new to the sport, but we're learning more and more about it every day. Remember when we went to Vegas, and how I can't stop explaining how UFC was such a huge part of it? Well we mainly went to Vegas to see UFC 196. The main card was The Notorious Connor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz.

Friday March 4, 2016, We went to the weigh-ins and it was such a fun time. We waited in line for over an hour to be able to get into The MGM Grand Garden Arena. It was totally worth it though. We met these for great guys who I believe were from the UK and Ireland. They were pretty awesome. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures with them. Once we were inside, we realized, behind where we were sitting, were some UFC fighters interviewing and doing some commentary on the weigh in. To Chaz and my surprise, one of Chaz's favorite fighters was right there doing some commentary of his own. Dominick Cruz. This guy has a fighting style all of his own. He is currently the UFC Bantamweight Champion. Whenever Cruz wasn't on TV, we got to sneak in some good pictures of him. Chaz was also able to ask him for a picture with us and he said yes.

The guy on the right is Frankie Edgar. He's suppose to be a really good fighter as well. I don't know much about him, just that he's been begging Dana White for a fight with Connor McGregor. That would be a good match up according to what I've read on him as a fighter. Rumors are going around that they are trying to set it up for a Fight in New York.

Anyways, after the Weigh ins they were kicking everyone out fast. Chaz tried to hold off as long as possible so we could get a photo with Dominick Cruz. He talked to the security guards, he acted like he wanted to buy some memorabilia and even started talking to a rich sports agent, just to try to stay in the building and get that picture. The sports agent bought a poster of McGregor vs. Diaz with their autographs. Chaz helped the guy verify the fighters signatures. The sports agent liked Chaz so much that he even bought him a shirt for the event.

It held us off from getting kicked out just in time. Dominick Cruz stepped out of the interview zone and was on his way to the bathroom. Chaz spotted him and literally screamed "Hey what about that picture" and Cruz screamed back "You got it man". Some security guards started to kick us out when a cop stopped them because he overheard what Cruz said. We took a few pictures and were literally the last ones to leave the MGM Garden Arena. It was pretty awesome.

He was such a cool guy. His story is pretty crazy, so definitely go and google him. We can not wait until he whoops Fabers ass in UFC 199. Chaz and I are definitely looking forward to it.

We were on cloud nine after that. Imagine, you're on vacation, and actually get to meet one of your favorite Celebrities. It was pretty cool.

Saturday March 5, 2016, was the main event. Holms vs. Tate & McGregor Vs. Diaz. When Miesha Tate won it was amazing. When McGrecor lost, we were in shock. No one knew what the outcome would have been. Some were for McGregor and some were for Diaz. We were Team McGregor all the way. We were both pretty sad that he lost, but on the other hand happy because Chaz made a lot of money.

Sunday March 6, 2016, was our last day in Vegas. We wanted to explore all the hotels we weren't able to get to. As we were walking through the MGM and passing the food court, Chaz stopped and asked if that guy at the Taco place looked like Nate Diaz. I'm half blind, so I couldn't really see. He was facing the opposite way and looked like everyone else in the food court. I told Chaz no way it was Nate Diaz. He has no security guards or his posse around him. Chaz said it was and walked up to him. When Chaz said his name he turned around and low and behold it was Nate.

He looked totally beat up, but was nice enough to take a picture with Chaz. I didn't want to bother him much longer, so I didn't take any pictures.

We were almost out of the hotel when Chaz wanted to go back and ask for his autograph. I didn't want to bother the guy again, but it would be really cool to have his signature, so I followed Chaz. He was in the middle of eating but was kind enough to stop and sign both our tickets for us. It was really nice of him.

Again, we were rooting for McGregor but so much respect to Diaz and his fighting style.

It was such an awesome way to end our trip.

We got to meet two really famous UFC fighters and get an autograph of the winner of the Main event. It was pretty bad ass.

Vegas you were so good to us, and I can not wait to go back ♥

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