Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette // Review

  Can we please talk about how perfect this eye shadow palette is? Before leaving to Vegas, I was looking for some shimmery eye shadows that I can switch between day and night. My Naked 3 was running out but I didn't want to splurge for just a few shades. I went on a quest to Sephora for the perfect eye shadow. I found 2 beautiful colors and almost spend $25 on just two shades when I came across this beauty. 

I bought it based on the pigmentation and shades alone, but after I purchased it I learned that this palette came out in 2009, but that Too Faced revamped the packaging in 2014 and added three new shades. Thus catching all our eyes with it's classiness and beautifulness. Oh and it also won the Brides Magazine Award 2014 for the best eye shadow palette to wear on your big day. If that doesn't add more reasons to check this palette out, I don't know what else will.

The packaging is made out of tin  with a magnetic closure and it is very compact. Perfect to keep in your purse or makeup bag and it will stay in tact. I was very confident traveling with it because of the packaging alone. It kept all my shadows safe and protected.

I purchased it for $35 with tax at Sephora. Prices may vary due to the store your purchase at or online as well as how much tax is charged where you live.

Inside the lid of the palette is a how to guide showing you three different looks with step by step instructions and an illustration of what it will look like. Behind the guide is a small mirror.

The palette consists of a blend of 9 neutral matte and shimmery shades. The three rows are separated to match each of the looks on the guide. They are Day, Classic and Fashion. The first shadow in each row is slightly larger then the other shadows. I personally love this because these are definitely the colors that I will be using the most.

.Heaven. Silk Teddy. Nudie.

Heaven - This is a matte shade and is the palest of the eye shadows. This color is very pigmented. The color is that of ivory. I thought this shade was going to have to be applied over and over just so the color would show just like any normal shadow. I was 100% wrong. This shadow just with a few pats applies brightly and you don't have to do more than one or two coats.

Silk Teddy - In the palette it looks more of a gold shade. It is the first shimmery shade in the palette. Once applied it's a soft rose gold tint with very little fall out. This shade was the reason I purchased the palette. The shade that I was going to purchase before I bought this was Sin from Urban Decay. They are almost the exact color, but Silk Teddy has more shimmer.

Nudie - This is a pale brown matte shade. It's almost exact to Naked from the Naked Palette, but not quite. It has more of a softer hue. The pigmentation is incredible. Also has very little fall out.

.Cashmere Bunny. Push-Up. Honey Pot.

Cashmere Bunny - This is a light brown matte shade. The pigmentation is just as amazing as the previous shades. I use this color on my crease. It's a great transition for the other colors.

Push-Up - This is a very shimmery and pigmented gold shade. In some lights it even looks bronze. When applied I was waiting for a lot of fall out but there was barely if any at all. This shade is from the classic row.

Honey Pot - One of my favorite shades in the palette. This is in the Fashion row and I wouldn't expect anything less. This color is a very shimmery gold. It is extremely pigmented. It makes my boring brown eyes pop into a beautiful honey color. Blends beautifully with all the other colors.

.Sexpresso. Erotica. Chocolate Martini.

Sexpresso - This shade is beautiful. It is a dark matte brown. It is very pigmented and has no fall out at all. This color is so pigmented it's a little bit harder to blend, but once blended it can create the sexiest smoky eye look without being too dark. I did read some reviews where they stated that it was a bit dryer than the rest of the shades, but I didn't notice much of a difference.

Erotica - GORGEOUS. This shade is a matte brown with shimmery specs of gold. It's pretty much the same shade as sexpresso but with the gold particles. I found this to be best applied over a primer. It does have some fall out but nothing that a make up wipe and concealer can not fix.

Chocolate Martini - This shade is almost like Erotica, but so much more different. It has a softer hue brown and less gold specs. This had little fall out as well.

This picture was taken this past weekend. I went to a country bar to line dance and I wanted to put this eye shadow palette to the test. I used a mixture of Heaven, Silk Teddy, Push-Up and Sexpresso. I also used NYX Suede Lipstick Cream in Soft Spoken from my previous review (click here). The shades lasted me all night and didn't smudge or crease. The lipstick also passed my test.

I am in love with this palette. There isn't a shadow on it that disappointed me in any way. I believe the quality is better than my Naked Palettes. Yes, I did just say that. If you love neutral shades as much as I do and don't want to spend a crap load of money, this palette is a definite must buy. I recommend it whole heartedly.

Now go and add this palette to your collection


  1. I need that palette in my life! Gorgeous shades♥.♥ nice pics Yesi! ♥

    1. I agree with you! You need to get it asap. I never go anywhere without it anymore lol. It is heaven sent! Happy Monday ♥


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