Tips on Planning Your Own Birthday

          In less than two weeks, I will be 25. The big two-five. I will be a quarter of a century old so it is a big deal. Unfortunately, one of the biggest birthdays of my life lands on Mothers Day this year. So I have to plan, all by myself, what I want to do and so many other things. I thought since a list like this might come in handy to so many other people, I would share some birthday planning tips.

Always remember, do not be ashamed to plan your own birthday. All my birthday festivities that I have planned myself have turned out better then when other people try to plan my day out, if not the best. I'm sure this may sometimes be the case for you and that is ok. It's your day. You should be able to celebrate it however you want it to. 

1. Pick something you want to do. This may be the hardest thing on this list. There are so many different things to choose from. Just make sure to pick something you want to do. It's understandable that you want to accommodate friends and family, but as previously stated. It is your day. So act like it, and do whatever it is you want. 

2. Set a time and date. Sometimes your birthday lands on a weekday or a Holiday (like me). So you have to set a date and time around your birthday and not exactly the day of. It's all good. It still counts as your birthday because your Birthdays should be either a Birthday week or Birthday Month. Once it's set, do not change it. Once it's set in stone, switching may not be the best idea. Most of the time your first choice is your gut choice. Always stick with your gut choice. Once you let people know the information, you shouldn't change them. It just makes it easier for everyone including yourself and there is less confusion about the birthday details. 

3. Invite your family and friends. Constantly remind them. The first invite should be a week or two weeks before. This way they know of your birthday and can start making plans about who to leave there kids with, or to put it in their schedule to make sure they do not book anything more. The second time halfway through the week of just as a reminder, and to the most important people you want their the day before or the day of. Just to remind them that they are important to you and that you would really like it if they could make it. My most preferd form of invitation is to create a Facebook event. Also to the most wanted people at your birthday I usually just text them an invite.

4. Plan your outfit. There is absolutely nothing more important than the way you look on your birthday. You want to make sure you have the perfect dress and heels to match. You want to make sure you have the perfect accessories, that your hair and nails are done, and that you have the makeup of a goddess done. This year for my birthday I am going all out. I want to get my makeup professionally done. Stay tuned for that post (:

5. Plan and prepare yourself for the best and worst case scenarios. Nothing ever goes exactly a hundred percent according to plan. Absolutely nothing. Just make sure that you will be prepared for this so nothing stresses you out or puts you in a not so happy mood. This is key to make sure you have the most amazing birthday ever.

6. Enjoy being the Birthday Princess. (or boy). It's your day, you look beautiful and you're going to have the most fun you can ever imagine. Nothing is going to interrupt your happiness or ruin your mood. 

Happy Birthday Beautiful ♥


  1. Yay joining me in the 1/4 century club LOL. I loove picking out a birthday outfit.. definitely go all out girl we're in our prime!

  2. It seems that I have always planned my own birthday adventures cuz I'm that controlling...& I could be for that as it was my birthday. Ha! But I always do what I want to do & invite who I want to invite & that's it. Plus, I always pamper myself on my birthday with a trip to the spa. :)

  3. No matter how I plan my birthday or how far in advance I invite everyone, something always goes wrong. My best birthdays have been when I didn't plan it and just went with the flow! Haha

    Destiny |


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