25 Wishes For Another 25 Years!

          My twenty-fifth birthday is in 6 days ladies and gentlemen. On May 8, 2016 I will be 25 years old. I will be a quarter of a century and I don't know whether to be excited about it or really bummed. I am literally at the mid point of my twenties and so far life is pretty good. I have a job that I am very happy about, a man that loves me unconditionally
and that I plan on spending the rest of my life with (hopefully he feels the same). I have the most amazing group of friends who truly care for me, family and in Laws that I don't know what I would do without, and just an overall blessed feeling with my life in general.

With these 25 years that have passed in my life I have found love and heartbreak a few times too many. I have had a countless amount of jobs, and I keep learning and growing with every day that passes. The first 25 years of my life were about growing and finding myself. These next 25 years are about continuing in the adventure of finding myself as well and doing a little more adulting.

I thought I would share with you twenty-five wishes for the next twenty-five years of my life ♥

1. Marry my best friend.

2. Begin my career as a teacher.

3. Have 3 beautiful Healthy kids.

4. Own my own house.

5. Own my own business.

6. Go on annual cruises and vacations.

7. Move more north of Miami.

8. Become a full time blogger.

9. Be a stay at home mom and raise my children.

10. Own and English & American Bulldog.

11. Have a bunch of nieces and nephews & be the best Tia (Spanish word for aunt) ever!

12. Live a healthy lifestyle.

13. Be happy in life.

14. Be just as in love at 25 years of marriage as I would love to be at 50 years of marriage.

15. Be a supportive wife.

16. Be the greatest mom in the entire world.

17. Accomplish all my life goals.

18. Be confident always.

19. Have a best friend relationship with my mother.

20. Go on sister dates once a week.

21. Still be best friends with my best friends.

22. Never get a divorce and always fight for my marriage.

23. Got to church more often and have more faith in god.

24. Keep my partner happy & in love.

25. Love with all I have and unconditionally.


  1. Happy almost birthday! You look fabulous in that picture - love the dress!

    1. Thanks girl!! I actually got it at a store called Agaci and it was no more than $20. I saw it and I am a sucker for floral print so I immediately bought it!

  2. Happy almost birthday! I turned 25 last fall so I know the feeling, but it's not that bad :) Love your goals, especially to take an annual cruise/vacation haha

    1. Thanks so much Caitlyn!! That is definitely a main goal. Why live life not vacationing right?!

  3. These are some amazing goals and I share so many of the same!

    1. Thats great girl! Thank you for stopping by ♥

  4. These are some amazing wishes/goals. You get 'em, girl! :)


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