Colourpop Ultra Matt Lipstick Review.

         I know I may be fairly late on the Colour pop bandwagon, but I had to see what the hype was all about. I recently purchased five different shades and I am extremely pleased with the pigmentation and how matte each color really is.

Possibly my favorite thing about this cosmetic product is that they are so inexpensive and are of very high quality. They have 33 different colors and counting for the liquid lipstick line. It is for long lasting wear and drys matte quickly. The doe foot applicator is the perfect size. Not overly big nor to small. 

They do dry within 30 seconds of applying so you must work fast. The formula contains no moisture. It may dry off a bit powdery but you can always apply a gloss on top. If you are not a fan of dry matte lip stains, this might not be for you. From personal use, they last anywhere within 6 to 8 hours and do not smudge or rub off. They also do not leave a residue and manage to stay put while drinking or eating. 

To take of the lip stain, I use makeup wipes or any oil based makeup remover. I prefer the makeup wipes because it comes off easily without leaving a stain behind on my lips or skin. 

The five shades I chose were Are & Be, Privacy Please, Bumble, More Better, and Bad Habit. 

"Are & Be" is a gorgeous plum shade. 
I liked this color very much. It applied on smoothly and lasted for 7 hours before needing to reapply. Left little to no residue and had to only reapply on the corner of my lips.  

"Privacy Please" is a hot pinkish violet. 
I absolutely fell in love with the shade and it reminds me of barbie. Definitely top three of all the shades I purchased. The only issue I had was that this was the only color that left my lips extremely powdery and overly dry. It felt a little heavy on my lips compared to the other colors. The residue was also more visible than the other shades. But still a perfect color that I can not wait to match with my really blonde hair!

"Bumble" is a beautiful shade of an amber rose. 
This is by far my favorite shade of all. It's an everyday, evening, as well as going out at night color. This was the color that I wore on my birthday. It lasted the longest out of all the shades and had little to no residue visible. It lasted me longer than 6 hours. 

"More Better" is an alluring shade of a soft sangria.
This is my second favorite shade. It reminds me of drinking a soft grape wine or a delicious sangria. I loved this liquid lipstick the most because it was a lightweight feel. Applied smoothly and did not dry up with a powdery finish. Lasted over six hours and only needed to touch up the inside of my lips. 

"Bad habit" is a violaceous shade of a berry pink.
This shade looks more pink with my complexion. It lasted more than 6 hours but I did have to reapply more than once just to touch up the inner lip as well as the corner. Applied on almost if not just as smooth as More Better. 

In the end, I am absolutely obsessed with Colour Pop Ultra Matt Lip. To start off with, it's so inexpensive. Each lipstick is for no more than $6 a shade and if you spend over $30, it's free shipping. I purchased 5 different shades and only paid exactly $30. They have a long staying power and are smudge proof. I do recommend trying these out. You wont be dissapointed!



  1. I love their lipsticks. I always have to apply chapstick or primer first before applying the lipstick otherwise my lips get super dry and crack.

    1. Yeah that's the only con. It doesn't leave my lips a bit dry but it lasts me the whole night and longer!


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