Currently // May 2016

Celebrating // My 25th birthday. It's in four days so we have a lot of celebrations coming these next few days. It's also one of my really close friend actual birthday today May 4th so we are going to dinner tonight. We are celebrating our birthdays together this Friday. It should be a lot of fun!

Reading // Erin Greys Blog over at Two Thirds Hazel!! She just found out she's having a little girl and I am super obsessed reading her blog.

Pondering //  What my next life move is going to be. I started a new job, i'm going back to school. What's next on the list??

Sipping // Unlimited Mamosas for my 25th Birthday / everyone else's Mothers Day Brunch. I can't wait. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Going // After work I am driving up a little more north to celebrate Kristens Birthday. I'm excited because I get to see all my girls during the week when I only get to see them on the weekends.

I am linking up with Anne & Jenna  ♥



  1. unlimited mimosas!!! I would love this lol

    1. Girl it was amazing!! Those mimosas were delicious!

  2. You celebrate, girl! Awhoo hoo! :)

  3. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! Thanks so much for linking up!


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