Cute But Weird Things About My Relationship.

          If you don't have adorably weird things that you and your partner do, then your relationship is not an honest relationship. Being able to be silly and act like your true self, without feeling uncomfortable, is a beautiful thing. The following on this list is stuff that Chaz and I do consistently. Are any of my cute but weird relationship doings similar to yours?

Using each others bodies as furniture. Chaz will be laying doing watching tv and I will go and lay my feet anywhere on him like his head, so I can get comfortable. 

Sitting next to each other & staring at nothing in complete silence. But it's not akward. We can both be in our own brains day dreaming and we'll both be ok not talking (and being each others furniture).

Communicating with non-human noises. Chaz and I have a weird mating call that sounds like a police siren. We shout when we're out in public, if we stray apart from each other. It's loud and piercing and totally annoying to everyone around us, but we find it hilarious and we always find our way back to each other instantly. 

Sing / Rap and make beats at the most random moments. Chaz has an amazing singing voice and can rap about anything right on the spot. I on the other hand sound like Scuttle during The Little Mermaids kissing sing. But together we make a pretty awesome team. I will immediately make a drum beat and my boyfriend will start singing or rapping about anything. This happens at least once a day whether it's over the phone or together in person it's bound to happen multiple times.

Keep an eye out for Sea Turtle stuff when we go out. If you didn't know by now I am obsessed with Sea Turtles. Wherever we go we try to spot anything Sea Turtle ish. Most of the time Chaz spots it out first and then will surprise me with it. He's perfect ♥ 

Play wrestle UFC style until one taps out. Which is usually me. Every couple play fights and play wrestles. But have you ever heard of a couple Play UFC fight? It's basically the same thing as the  other, but we try to imitate moves and sayings that we've seen from previous fights. My favorite is the rear naked choke. It's not what you think LOL... Google it (;

Record each others sleep talking. Apparently we both talk in our sleep. Chaz states that I mumble when I sleep and that he can't understand half of what I am saying. Chaz on the other hand will have a full on conversation with himself as he's dreaming. 

Or record their Snores. Once his snore's were so loud that it woke me up randomly. He sounded like a scooter. Not surprisingly, I was actually dreaming I was riding on a motorcycle. hahaahaa.

Making up strange languages or pretending to speak a real language. We once pretended we were french and walked all over the mall talking jibberish and making up our own language. Meanwhile not really saying anything at all!!

Discussing bowel movements. This is the weirdest one of all & probably not cute but it's true. I'm not getting into detail with this one. Let your imagination wander. 




  1. You guys are the cutest! We sleep talk too but we've never recorded each other! I might have to next time I catch it though! :) <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    1. Thank you ♥ Do it. It's hilarious to watch together the next morning!

  2. So cute!! We totally do the non-verbal communicating thing. Recording each other sleep talking is hilarious, I don't snore and don't sleep talk...I think lol!

    1. Thanks girl (: Being able to practically read eachothers minds is pretty awesome right?!

  3. Hahaha this is so funny! I totally talk in my sleep and my husband tells me about it all the time but luckily he's never recorded me! (that I know of)
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  4. Ha, ha! This is so cute! I'm trying to imagine your "mating call" & it's cracking me up. Tee hee!

    I've recorded my hubby snoring as well cuz he'll be laying on the couch "watching TV" but snoring & when I start talking to him, he tells me that he wasn't sleeping. So, I recorded him one time to prove that he was, in fact, sleeping during our TV time. Ha!

    1. LMAO!! Men. My boyfriend does the same thing. "I was just resting my eyelids lol!


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