Our stop in Key West // Travel Tuesday

Day Two of our cruise was in Key West, FL. The Southern most town in the United States, The beach town of Florida and The home of the famous Jimmy Buffett. Key West is by far one of the most beautiful, laid back, relaxed South Florida towns I have been to.
We don't live very far from the keys, so we have been there plenty of times. The ship was only at the port until 2pm so we didn't stay on land for to long.

Immediately getting off the ship we went to one of the famous bars in Key West. Sloppy Joes!!  If you have never been to Key West, and have never been to Sloppy Joes, definitely put it on your bucket list. You can read a little brief history about Sloppy Joe's here.

After Sloppy Joes we walked around Duval Street and did a little browsing and shopping. I love turtles & Sea Turtles. I bought the cutest little Snow Globe with two sea turtles swimming around. Chaz also surprised me and bought me an even more adorable Turtle Key Chain for my bag pack. I was worried about my key chain our whole vacation. I didn't want it to rip off or break. We also passed by the Shipwreck Museum. It was little too pricey for our taste so we just looked at the cool stuff around it.

After some more exploring we popped in on Hog's Breath Saloon. Chaz loves this bar. They have stickers and decals all over the place. It's another cool stop that you must put on your bucket list. By this time we had already spent a good 3 hours in Key West. I wanted to go to the Southernmost point and try to see Cuba 90 Miles away, but everyone else just wanted to go back on the ship. So we did.

Once we were back on the Cruise the boys wanted to hit the gym for a little while and my sister Kasy and I, wanted to stuff our faces with food and lounge by the pool. So we split. They hit the gym for an hour and I had my yummy pizza as usual. Than we met up and lounged by the pool some more. We also witnessed the hairiest chest contest in the Gulf of Mexico. It was pretty hilarious!!

Captains Night was at night. That's the one night on the ship that everyone is dressed to impress. You see men dressed in Suites and Tux's and see women dressed in prom dresses and clubbing outfits. I love this night because we can dress up and feel just how you look. We also took a bunch of professional photos but that'll be another post.

After playing dress up and acting fancier than what we really are, we changed into more comfortable outfits and went to go see the comedy show. We were literally so tired that Chaz started falling asleep during the show. We ended up going back to the room and knocking out pretty early. Being in the sun all day can really take a toll on you.

Stay posted for Day Three ♥


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