Yes. I have a Pizza Problem.

          I can eat Pizza everyday of my life if it was possible. Since I don't want to be a fat whale I keep it down to about once a week. Are you as much of a pizza lover as me? Lets find out!

1. How obsessed with Pizza are you? It's my favorite food.

2. What is your favorite Pizza place? Pizza Time in Coral Springs. There is no other pizza joint like it.

(This is the Pizza from Pizza time that we always get. I get the Pepperoni Side and Chaz loves the slices of Tomato with garlic and basil. It's tradition.)

3. Are you a no topping or many topping pizza fan? Pepperoni. Loads of it.

4. Cheese or Pepperoni? Pepperoni. Loads of it.

5. How many pizza slices can you usually eat? Pizza Time - 2 slices (They are huge). Dominos - 1 whole small box. Pizza Hut - 3 maybe (They are really thick) Little Ceasers - 4 if they were just made.

6. Do you snap chat all your pizza adventures? Every single one.

7. How many Pizza adventures do you go on in a month? At least once a week, sometimes two. Depending on my pizza mood.

9. Is Pizza a vegetable? YES.

10. Would you eat Frozen Pizza? Yes. I am not one of those picky eaters. Pizza is still pizza.

11. Do you blot your pizza with a napkin before eating it? HAHAHAHA! Are you crazy?! My grandma does this. It's such a disgrace to pizzakind.

12. Thin crust or Pan Pizza? Pan. The thicker and greasier the better.

13. New York or Chicago Pizza? New York all day err day. Chicago pizza doesn't match the standards.

14. Pizza for breakfast? Pizza anytime of the day. Especially for breakfast.

15. Pizza or regular food? Is this a serious question? Pizza is my regular food.



  1. oh my gosh I LOVE pizza and I can eat it everyday lol

  2. I love pizza! Although I have to admit, since moving to the south, I have NEVER found pizza as good as it was when I lived in NJ. Every time we go back up there I indulge haha

    1. Ohh yeah theres nothing better than real New York / NJ pizza!

  3. Oh man, I love me some pizza too. I typically eat it once a week as well. I prefer a good deep dish, think Chicago style - yum! Dammit, now I want pizza for supper! Ha!

    1. Don't kill me but I've actually never had Chicago Style pizza lol! My little sister brought me a Pizza cake for my birthday. Literally a pizza with candles all over it.


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