Hair Tips for Girls With Thick Hair.

          All of us thick haired girls have the same issues. Too much hair. It can get extremely frizzy. Horribly painful tangles. What about brushing your hair when it's wet. Bahhahaaaaa. Good luck with that. Have no fear ladies. I have come to the rescue with some advice and tips on how to deal and how to treat your beautiful thick locks. 

First off let me just congratulate you for being a thick haired girl. Do you know how many woman would kill for hair like yours?! Exactly. You have thick hair. That should be more than enough. Your hair always looks full and luscious. Thick hair can be styles into any updo, braid, curls, straight, or bunned. It's also been proven that men love thicker longer hair (; 

1. Do not over wash. Over washing leads to drying out your hair which causes breakage. 

2. Stimulate your scalp. This helps increase circulation and blood flow which results in more hair growth.

3. Condition! I don't know how I can stress this enough. Keep your hair well hydrated. When your hair and scalp is moisturized and hydrated it is less likely to cause split ends and flakes. 

4. Try not to apply heat to your locks. Applying heat to your hair can fry the cuticles and pretty much make it impossible to grow. Make sure to apply a silky moisturizing cream to wet the hair before blow drying and especially before ironing or curling. 

5. Choose products wisely. There are some products out on the market today that might do more harm then good to your hair. Most of them use harmfully potential ingredients. Look for hair products that are organic and that do not contain alcohol. 

6. Be patient. Yes. It may take you hours to brush, treat, or beautify your strands but in the end it's totally worth it. After washing it, let it air dry for as long as you possibly can, then deal with the rest of the damp hair with the blow dryer.  It may take a little longer, but the longer you go without adding heat, the healthier your hair will be. 

7. Don't go too short. I cut my hair short once. Oh Boy. It took forever to grow back (and my hair grows pretty fast). Since my hair is thick, whenever it was having an off day, it looked like a giant puff ball around my head. Probably never doing that again. 

8. Braid it. When nothing else works, you can never go wrong with a simple braid. They look classy and elegant. 

9. Use a dandruff shampoo & scalp mask. Using these too products will prevent and control dandruff. It will also relive any flakiness, dryness or itching.

10. Keep your hairbrush clean. Keeping it nice and hair free keeps your locks healthier. Keeping old oily hair strands in your brush will collect dust and bacteria and then you might pass it on to your healthy hair. 

I know there are plenty more tips on how to take care of your thick hair. What did I miss? 


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  1. Even though I have thin hair, I can totally relate to some of this advice. I recently cut my hair too short and REGRET it sooooo much! It feels like it's taking ages to grow back (but in reality it's only been a month). I never thought about how bacteria can grow in your comb. Definitely going to clean my brushes and combs now! Thanks for sharing! Also, you looking stunning and your hair is beautiful and luscious!


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