Sunflower Bridal Shower

Last weekend two of my close friends, Daisy and Kiko, had their bridal shower. It was one of the cutest parties I have ever been to. Daisy was so creative. It was at a barn and there were horses and sunflowers everywhere. It was very country themed. 

The photo booth was one of my favorite parts of the Bridal shower. Kiko said he got pallets from the back of a warehouse. Hammered 4 together for the back drop. Daisy added sunflowers to the pallets and printed out a bunch of cute props. She then bought a few haystacks and voila. The cutest Photo booth you ever did see. We did take advantage!!

We all got to dress up with the theme too. Everyone wore cowboy boots. The girls wore flow dresses and the guys wore jeans. It was such a fun party. Daisy and Kiko are the ones dressed in white. and the cowboy hat. The party was a huge success. 


A Sad Day in The Ball Park.

          On September 25, 2016 at about 3:15 AM, the United States Coast Guard found a boat upside down at Government Cut on the jedy. Three bodies were found. Emilio Jesus Macias, Eduardo Rivero, and Jose D. Fernandez were pronounced dead at the scene. Jose Fernandez is the Miami Marlins Right Hand Pitcher. He was 24 years old. The news of their deaths sent shockwaves through South Florida, and all of Major League Baseball.

My hearts go out to all those affected by the tragic loss of these three young beautiful souls. My best friend Yanet and her family were very close with the two other victims. Eddy was 25 years old, and Emilio was 27. I

t's been a sad couple of days for the Baseball Community, all of Miami, and all the Cubans who live here. 

Yesterday, a day after the tragic deaths, The Marlins Park opened it's gate to the first game without our beloved pitcher. Thousands of people, including me, showed up to pay our respects to our Angels. 

It was beautiful, sad, emotional, and extremely hard. There was not a dry eye in the stadium. The Marlins won the game 7 to 3, and all for Jose. Dee Gordon hit a homerun and everyone in that park lost it with emotion. 

Jose Fernandez, Emilio Macias, and Eddy Rivero will forever be in our hearts. 


it's been about you since I met you.

          Almost four months ago, my life was flipped upside down. What I once knew was no more. It was devastating and I was heartbroken. I was depressed and numb. What I wanted, was not wanting me. What I needed was not important. What I believed in, no longer existed. Everything I knew since January 2, 2015 was no longer a future, but just a distant memory.

Months and time passed. I moved past it, and got over it. Or at least I believed so. Honestly, I just stuffed it in a little box, pushed my feelings and emotions deep down to my core, locked it and threw away the key. 

I thought I moved on but I was wrong. 

Three Months later, my past came charging towards me. Wanting me, needing me, loving me, suffocating me. Telling me that I needed to make a decision in less time of being back than of how long it was gone. I became overwhelmed with fear and emotion. Fear of being heart broken again. Fear of not being enough. Fear of being walked away from. The strong confidence that I had built in the previous 2 months began crashing down around me. 

I didn't want to lose control of what I had gained. I didn't want to move backwards I wanted to move forward. I was afraid to give in to my heart because of that fear. I kept holding off the possibility of a future because I didn't want to lose that feeling that I had experienced. I loved not feeling weak. I was weak before and I didn't even know it. I didn't want to resort back to the comfort and the weakness. It was unhealthy. It wasn't me. 

I was told to find a balance and I tried. I'm still trying. I'm trying to find a balance of still being that confident strong Yesenia and allowing myself to give in to my heart and my feelings. I laid it all out on the table, but maybe just a moment too late.

and with that, I lost the only thing I had ever honestly wanted. 

I let go of the possibility of a future. It was right under my nose. Handed to me in a gold platter and I let it go. I tried fighting for it, but it was too late. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe I am trying to force something that should have been over with a long time ago. 

But my heart can't let go. 

It want's what it wants, and it wants Sea Turtles, and Pizza and UFC.  It wants Pizza Time, Gumbo Limbo, Cherry Smash, Jeremiahs, Coral Springs, future babies, and Las Vegas Trips. It wants CRJH. It wants the past, with a brand new future. It want's what it can't have.

If this is the end, I am sorry. I am sorry things did not work out no matter how hard we tried or not. I am sorry that it wasn't forever. 

It's been about you since I met you, and It'll always be about you. 


Today, There Is Crying In Baseball.

Today the Baseball World, South Florida, and the Cuban community lost someone very special. Jose Fernandez. He was only 24 years old. Waking up to the news that another young soul was taken too soon, and from a boating accident was heart breaking. I loved going to Marlins baseball games and watching him do his thing. He was an incredible pitcher and one of my favorite players to watch. 

He is a year younger than me, a fellow Cuban, and a true athlete to look up to. I am saddened by the loss of someone with so much future ahead of him. In life and in Baseball.

My heart and Prayers go out to his family, The Miami Marlins, and the South Florida Community.

Rest in Paradise ♥


Why Sometimes Breakups Are Good

          Break ups are hard, and painful, and sad. Sometimes breakups are for no reason, and other times it's the best thing that could've happened to yourself or even for your relationship. Most of the time if the split was serious,  it can seem almost impossible to get past the heartbreak. One of the best ways to survive the break up is to consider all the good that can come out of it. 

For yourself

The break up happened. Your heart is broken and aching. Time to move on and get over it. No, it's not that simple, but there are some positive outcomes to this unconventional pain. You finally get to focus on yourself. You no longer have to worry about the other half. You can one hundred percent figure yourself out. Ask yourself those hard questions that you didn't think you needed to evaluate because your life was set. Those difficult questions that you didn't want to scrutinize on your own.  What you want to do with your life? What do you want to become and grow into? What has changed about yourself that you don't like? What did you lose from this relationship, and what do you want to gain now that you're not attached? 

You get to take a step back and be a little selfish. Do what you want. Spoil yourself. Spend lots of money or don't. It's all about you at this very moment. You now have time to reevaluate life. Rethink all that you once believed and wanted. It's your turn to come up with a new plan. You are able to discover new hobbies or passions. Things that you wouldn't have tried when you were in a relationship. 

After the break up, you begin to notice who is really there for you. Who your true friends are, and who are the genuine people. That saying, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" becomes true. The greatest part of a break up is realizing and learning your worth and how strong you actually are. Self worth isn't determined from the love of another.  Self worth comes from with in. Only you can determine that. You are your own happiness. 

For your relationship

The relationship ended. But you're meant to be together. You feel it in your heart and you just know. Occasionally a break up might not be the end of your story together. Break ups are sometimes exactly what the love doctor ordered. Maybe you just needed some time apart. Roughly half of young couples break up and spend some time apart before getting back together at least once. Breaking up and getting back together (on and off again) is fundamental for some young adults, which can result in finding oneself and gaining personal growth. Sometimes couples need space. Time apart can help you become more appreciative of your partner. That saying, "You don't know what you have until it's gone" may pertain to this exact situation. A break may help you conclude what you want and don't want out of the relationship.

You may realize you miss your partner, and that you would rather be with them then apart from them. Time apart may help you find out the biggest truths of your relationship. Why you were together in the first place? What made you fall in love in love with your partner? Why you broke up, and was the reasoning behind the break up reason enough? A break may help you fall back or even more in love. Maybe being separated brings back that spark. Whichever it is, maybe a break or even breaking up is exactly what you and your (ex) partner needed.

If the opportunity to get back with your ex pursued, would you go for another chance at love? Would you take the risk? Whatever decision you choose to make regarding getting back in a previous relationship, or staying single for a while. Just know that it is ok. Only you can decide what is right for you and what isn't. 

Either way, I hope you're in a peaceful happy place right now, and that love comes and hits you like a freight train <3


25 Things I've learned at 25

          I have been 25 for over four months now. I have been alive for a quarter of a century.  Damn I am OLD! If you would've asked my younger self where I would be, I would've said Married, with Children. Ha what a load of crap. I can still barely take care of myself.  But, I have learned so much in my short 25 years of living. Or at least I believe I have.

1. Life is Short. Yeah most of us get the privilege of living to be close to a hundred, but I have lost three friends under the age of 25, and I've been told that the older I get the more that number will rise. You never know when it's your time to go. Your life can be taken within a blink of an eye. Enjoy it and live it up.

2. Adulting Sucks. Responsibilities. Need I say more? No more days of now worrying about nothing. Now you have to pay bills and go to work and it just plain sucks. Don't worry you're not alone. Everyone has to grow up one day or another.

3. Everything happens for a reason. I know how cliche that does sound, but I believe it. I have come to learn that no matter how bad a situation is, or how good, it all happens for a reason. Something good usually always comes out of the bad situation. Theres always an effect after a cause.

4. Love your family. Your family will always be there. They have known you your whole life. They will be there for you through the good and the bad. Never take them for granted.

5. Save money. This is my biggest issue still to this day. I never saved when I first started working almost 10 years ago. I never gained the habitant now it's harder to get into it. I see something I want to buy it. I never acquired the mentality that saving is better. 

6. Work hard, Stay humble. Work for what you want to achieve but don't turn into an arrogant person. Sometimes wealth and greed take over because of all your hard work and you begin to believe you're entitled. You're not. Stay humble and genuine. 

7. You're exactly where you're supposed to be. I believe in destiny a hundred percent. I believe that your life is already set out for you. No matter what choices you make, right or wrong, you were supposed to make them. 

8. If you love someone tell them. This falls into the same category as life is short. You never know when someone is going to leave you and you won't be able to express your feelings. You don't want it to be too late. I live by the philosophy that you should always express how you feel. 

9. Friends & boys come and go. Relationships change constantly. I have best friends that I use to believe nothing would ever tear us apart. I was wrong. Losing friends (and boyfriends) suck, but it's ok. Friendships and relationships rarely stay constant and are always changing. You'll always make new friends and meet new people. Mourn those friends that are no longer yours, but cherish those memories, and understand that it's all ok. 

10. Do not be so hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack. As long as you tried your best at whatever it was, then you're good. Sometimes, working yourself up and thinking negatively only causes you to feel worse about yourself. 

11. Don't be a negative Norman. Negativity causes problems, with yourself and others. It also can cause long term health issues and turn into depression. Think positively. Life is beautiful and you should embrace it.

12. Time heals most wounds. Time does not solve the heartbreak or the issue that you may be going through, but it does get easier with time. Time allows you to realize whats best for you for the situation and it does help the pain subside or go away altogether.

13. Stay open minded. I have trouble with staying open minded. What can I say, I am a Taurus. I am stubborn as hell and I do not like change at all. I like what I know and not changing that. My mind stays closed and I don't allow the possibility of anything new happen. For example, food. If something looks gross, I won't taste it or try it because of my close minded brain. I am currently working on this to better myself.

14. You are not alone. Just because you feel alone does not mean that you are. You have friends and family who love you. Always remember that.

15. Always listen to your mom. No matter how wrong I believe my mom to be 99.9 percent of the time she is right. Call her too. She misses you!

16. Everyone is insecure. You are not the only one. I am not the only one. Yeah sure, with age you learn to keep it under control and you gain confidence. Your big insecurities may change to minimal, but everyone has those same feelings that you do. 

17. Set Goals. Do not just let life pass you by without accomplishing what you would love to accomplish. Make a list and get to it.

18. We create over ninety percent of our stress. Someone once told me that your brain is powerful beyond words. That I did not know how to control it. I let it control me. He was absolutely right. Whatever you believe begins to become the truth. If you believe something is wrong your mind will work itself into believing that something is. 

19. Romantic comedies are a pain in the ass. And total bullshit. they make you believe that fairy tales can come true and that the boy will wait outside your window with a boom box hoping you would take him back. What a load of crap. That does not exist. Love is hard and sometimes it does not work out,, and you have to be ok with that. DO i sound cynical? I promise I'm not lol.

20. Changing your mind is acceptable. It's your life. You do what you want. If in the end it someone doesn't agree with you, screw them. Always put yourself first.

21. Google is your best friend.  No need to say more.

22. No one can make you at your happiest but yourself. You're responsible for your own happiness. Do not depend on anyone to make you happy. Do it your damn self. It's liberating and an amazing feeling.

23. Know your limits. But don't be afraid to test them. You're an adult you should know right from wrong.

24. You're blessed. Embrace it. You got lucky enough to have this life. God gave you the opportunity out of 12745873485 other sperm and eggs to become someone. Do not take it for granted. Enjoy yourself. 

25. Twenty-Five is not old. The end.


Goodbye Summer Sixteen

          In South Florida, Summer  never ends. We have four seasons; Summer, Less Summer, Summer with cold air, and Super hot Summer. I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready for Winter to come along. Bonfire season and the beautiful South Florida weather where it's sunny but chilly is almost amongst us. I am going to miss Summer though. A lot has happened in these last few months. Some that were wonderful, and some not so wonderful. I'm ready to say bye to summer Twenty - Sixteen and get fall and winter started.

Laura Came Down to Visit

I hadn't seen my cousin Laura in almost two years. She lives in Georgia. I missed her so much and it was exciting that she surprised me and my family with a last minute weekend trip. It was absolutely wonderful. We went to Miami Beach and enjoyed a Dj Party at The Cleavelender. I also took her clubbing in Brickell to one of my favorite bars, Fadoes. If you're ever in Miami, definitely should go check it out. The Sunday that she was here, I took her and her Boyfriend to Bayside. On the weekends they have a live band playing salsa music. They also have this amazing Daiquiri stand. It was such a wonderful weekend to have my favorite cousin in town!

Rekindled Old Friendships

I had lost contacts with a really close friend over the last few years. This summer, Yanet and I rekindled our friendship. We have become so close within these last three months. I don't know what I have done without her. She is such an amazing friend and I am so lucky and thankful that she came back into my life. 

Day Drinking

Yanet and I went a whole month where we would go every Saturday morning and try a new bar on the beach. We went to The Sugar Factory one weekend in South Beach, Lulu's on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale the next, and Fat Tuesdays at Beach place on another. We definitely put the hashtag  #DayDrinking to good use. We also enjoyed the warm clear ocean water. These were definitely the highlights of my summer. I am so blessed that I live in Miami, and even though Summer is technically over, I can still go to the beach and Day drink. Even in the middle of December if i really wanted to! 

Mermaid Tattoo

If you knew me very well, you would have all known that I had been wanting a mermaid tattoo forever. I was always too chicken or I made excuses to get it. One random day, I put my big girl panties on, printed out a beautiful mermaid, and waltzed right into the tattoo shop. My sisters came with me. They sat with me for a whole three hours to get it done. It was semi painful, but manageable. The pain was intolerable towards the last 5 minutes of the process, but it came out amazing. I did it at Inkoholiks with Adrien. He is amazing at what he does, and I got so lucky that he was available for an appointment. I still can't believe I got the tattoo. I am pretty obsessed.

Started Blogging (again)

I know I went on a mini hiatus. I disappeared from the blogging world with no explanation. I was going through a rough time, but I am back and excited to start up again on this journey. I changed the blog template (it's still under construction) and I am loving the feeling of wanting to blog again. 

Summer was really fun for me. How was your summer?


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