An Open Letter to My highschool self.

Dear high school me,    
           High school was one hell of a ride. You are 7 years after graduating and missing those non responsible days. You had one too many times where you believed life was over. Oh boy, were you wrong. Life goes on and years get better. Shit, you even look better with age. Thank god for puberty. The years came and went full of highs and lows. High school me, I wish you knew everything this 25 year old knows now.
     Stephanie is your bestfriend in 9th grade. She is attached to your hip. Julio is your guy bestfriend at the beginning of the year. You all eat lunch together by the lockers every day. Stephanie moves away to a new school in the middle of the year and you feel lost. You don't lose your bestfriend but don't see her as often as you should. But don't worry, you gain new friends and end up having three or four different small groups that you hang out with. You end up almost failing Dr. Ashley's History class, but pass right on the edge. You should've paid more attention.
 Your house caught on fire and you end up living with you aunt. Ten people in one house was a crazy ride for ten months, but you would've never changed it for the world. You also lose your grandpa summer of 2006 to pancreatic cancer. It was one of the hardest things you will ever experience, but your family makes it through. Not a day goes by where you don't think of him, but he always feels like he is right there next to you.

You fell in love. You meet a boy the end of your freshman year. He becomes your boyfriend on March 27, 2006. He was your bestfriend from freshman year to junior year. He was there for you when you lost your house to the fire, when Lelo and Abuelita Ada pass away, and when Kasy had her first seizure. There was a 2 month break up Summer of 2007, but you get back together. He was your high school sweetheart. Things don't work out for you two and he ends up breaking your heart. The relationship lasted two years. After the breakup you were devastated, but you healed quickly and moved on. He was a special part of you growing up. He taught you many things, so be thankful for him. Years later he apologized for his actions. He loved you very much when you were younger and you guys remained friends for ten years, up until he passed away on July 12, 2015. Rip. Josue Galban.


Junior year your best friend was Laz. You had Mr. Sainz for Math and you loved going to that class. You never studied and all you did was talk to Laz during that period so you failed. You had to take night school the beginning of senior year. Your senior year was an awesome time. Your bestfriends were Angie, Aimee, and Luis. You four were inseparable and loved the Ninja Turtles. You skipped fourth period a few times and would leave school early with Luis. You almost didn't graduate because of that fourth period teacher, but thankfully you did.

You hung out with 20+ other kids and called yourselves fam. Those were some of the funnest days you had in high school. You guys would go to the beach, the movies, and you all went to prom together. You end up dating your friend Kevin and last in a four year relationship after high school. That didn't end well but you got over that even quicker than Josue.

All in all, high school was seriously the best. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

Some advice that I can give to my 14 - 18 year old self? Hmm... enjoy high school while you can. It goes by in a blink of an eye. People you saw everyday for four years, you barely talk to or see after you graduate. If it wasn't for Facebook, you wouldn't even know if they were alive or not. Friends come and go. Relationships change, and that is ok. You will lose a lot of friends along the way but that's ok. Most of those friends were just for the time being. Not a lifetime. You get your heart broken and it sucks. It hurts so bad and you think the world is ending. It is not. Life is not over. You had the privilege of having a high school sweetheart. You had the privilege of learning what innocent love felt like. Congratulations. Not a lot of people get to experience that.

Life does not end every time something bad happens.You deal with whatever is going on at the moment and you move forward. Life always goes on and you'll learn how to be strong enough to deal with anything thrown at you.

Study more. If I had the opportunity to do it over again, I would focus more on school then on my social life, and which boy I thought was cute that week. You're not too cool for school. Be a nerd!! Try to love school. Even though after high school you still don't. I would've joined more activities. I would've joined more clubs. I would've wanted me to be a total geek.

Your parents aren't out to ruin your life. They are trying to protect you and show you the way. Listen to them, respect them, and understand that they only want the best for you. Love them unconditionally.

Lastly, love yourself.

High school was fun and such a serious learning experience. It was easy, so enjoy those easy times. Once it's over, those carefree non-responsible days are over.


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  1. I almost want to send this to my oldest stepdaughter. She just graduated high school in June & just recently broke up with her boyfriend (her first) love. When you are so young, you just live for the moment & don't see past that.

    Excellent post, girlie! :)


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