Goodbye Summer Sixteen

          In South Florida, Summer  never ends. We have four seasons; Summer, Less Summer, Summer with cold air, and Super hot Summer. I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready for Winter to come along. Bonfire season and the beautiful South Florida weather where it's sunny but chilly is almost amongst us. I am going to miss Summer though. A lot has happened in these last few months. Some that were wonderful, and some not so wonderful. I'm ready to say bye to summer Twenty - Sixteen and get fall and winter started.

Laura Came Down to Visit

I hadn't seen my cousin Laura in almost two years. She lives in Georgia. I missed her so much and it was exciting that she surprised me and my family with a last minute weekend trip. It was absolutely wonderful. We went to Miami Beach and enjoyed a Dj Party at The Cleavelender. I also took her clubbing in Brickell to one of my favorite bars, Fadoes. If you're ever in Miami, definitely should go check it out. The Sunday that she was here, I took her and her Boyfriend to Bayside. On the weekends they have a live band playing salsa music. They also have this amazing Daiquiri stand. It was such a wonderful weekend to have my favorite cousin in town!

Rekindled Old Friendships

I had lost contacts with a really close friend over the last few years. This summer, Yanet and I rekindled our friendship. We have become so close within these last three months. I don't know what I have done without her. She is such an amazing friend and I am so lucky and thankful that she came back into my life. 

Day Drinking

Yanet and I went a whole month where we would go every Saturday morning and try a new bar on the beach. We went to The Sugar Factory one weekend in South Beach, Lulu's on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale the next, and Fat Tuesdays at Beach place on another. We definitely put the hashtag  #DayDrinking to good use. We also enjoyed the warm clear ocean water. These were definitely the highlights of my summer. I am so blessed that I live in Miami, and even though Summer is technically over, I can still go to the beach and Day drink. Even in the middle of December if i really wanted to! 

Mermaid Tattoo

If you knew me very well, you would have all known that I had been wanting a mermaid tattoo forever. I was always too chicken or I made excuses to get it. One random day, I put my big girl panties on, printed out a beautiful mermaid, and waltzed right into the tattoo shop. My sisters came with me. They sat with me for a whole three hours to get it done. It was semi painful, but manageable. The pain was intolerable towards the last 5 minutes of the process, but it came out amazing. I did it at Inkoholiks with Adrien. He is amazing at what he does, and I got so lucky that he was available for an appointment. I still can't believe I got the tattoo. I am pretty obsessed.

Started Blogging (again)

I know I went on a mini hiatus. I disappeared from the blogging world with no explanation. I was going through a rough time, but I am back and excited to start up again on this journey. I changed the blog template (it's still under construction) and I am loving the feeling of wanting to blog again. 

Summer was really fun for me. How was your summer?


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  1. Looks like you had a great summer...for the most part. I LOVE the mermaid tattoo! :)


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