5 Must Do's on Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's an excuse to eat all the sugar you want and you get to dress up and pretend to be someone you're not. What can be better then that? Plus once it comes comes, theres only fifty-five days until Christmas!! Here are five things I love doing on Halloween.

1. Watch Hocus Pocus! This is an absolute must on Halloween. It just isn't actual Hallows eve without it. I watch this movie every year to the day. It's tradition. It brings back wonderful memories of the nineties too. 

2. Go to a Haunted House. Or if you live in Florida like me, go to Halloween Horror Nights or Mickey's not so scary Halloween. I wouldn't be caught dead in any of the first two. I am a coward and a chicken when it comes to that. But I can definitely do Mickey's not so scary Halloween. 

3. Make a Halloween Treat. There are so many different easy recipes for Halloween yumminess right on pinterest. Below are some of my favorites!
Ghost Pretzels

Oreo Cookie Eyeballs

4. Carve a Pumpkin. Is it really fall without pumpkins everywhere? Down here in South Florida, you don't really see Pumpkins outside of homes that often. At least not real ones. Don't get me wrong, we do carve them but with the heat and humidity, they don't last very long. 

5. Throw a Halloween Party. It can be a huge costume party, or just a get together with close friends and fun halloween games. You can even do everything on this list at the party! It would be one hell of a halloween festivity! 

What are some fun Halloween things that are must do's in your household? 

What's up Wednesday; October Edition

Where are the months flying to? It was just October 3rd yesterday? I can't believe the holiday season has officially begun and Halloween is only five days away. Thanksgiving is 30 days away. Yesterday made exactly one month, and Christmas?! Christmas is only sixty days away! Ahhhhhhh! Where has this year gone?

I have never participated in this super fun link up, and I figured it was never too late to start!!  I am linking up with Shay for Whats Up Wednesday <3

>> What I'm eating this week? I've been trying to eat a lot healthier. I have my days where I can eat healthy no breeze, and then there are days where I fall off the wagon and stuff my face with bread and pizza and soooooo much candy. I've been trying to eat only stuff that will help me lose weight like fruits and veggies, and also stuff that would give me protein and fiber such as meats, and beans.

>> What I'm reminiscing about? Nothing really, but if I would have to pick one it would be skinnier times. I catch myself looking in the mirror more and more and remembering when I could eat all the pizza I wanted, and not worry about my stomach flab lol.

>> What I am loving? This breezy cool sunny but not super hot and sticky Miami weather. The weather has been beyond perfect these last couple of days! Nothing of sweater weather just yet, but definitely sit outside and just relax type of weather. If you're a fellow Floridian, you know how humid and hot the weather down south was this summer. It's great to finally be getting some cool breezes coming our way!

>> What i've been up to? Well, I started going to the gym every morning for the last week and a half. Today I decided to sleep in, but I promise I will go tonight! I'm trying to stick to going five days a week. Even if it is only for 30 min to an hour increments. Hey, at least I'm going. I need to get a summer body before winter takes over. That way I have enough room to get chubby this Thanksgiving and Christmas without becoming obese lol!

>> What I'm dreading? Bills. Bills. & more Bills. I feel like they never stop. I get a nice decent paycheck and BOOM! Most of it goes to bills so It's like I never see a dime or get to save any money. Why wasn't I just born rich or win the lottery already? To be fair though, I never actually play the lottery so I think that'll be impossible.

>> What I am working on? Getting my shit together. I am Twenty-Five years old, with no set Career, no finished education (been taking my super sweet ass time in that department). I also have no savings, and I still live at home... What am I even doing with my life? Please don't answer that.

>> What I am excited about? The first thing that pops into my head is the Family Halloween party that I was talking about in yesterdays post. Every year my family throws this crazy Halloween party where hundreds of people usually end up showing up and the costumes are pretty awesome! Plus we get the family together!

>> What I am watching? Well other than Hocus Pocus, which is Halloween Tradition with me, I've been watching a few new shows. Timeless on NBC, which I am obsessed about. NCIS on Netflix which is not new at all but new to me. I'm also watching some of my favorite old shows that are back on air such as Greys Anatomy, and Once Upon a Time!

>> What I'm listening to? Lately I have been getting really into Soca Music. Don't ask me why. Hell if I know, but I just love it. All there songs are party songs and not one is exactly the same.

>> What I'm wearing? I wish it got a little colder here so I can start wearing boots and leggings and sweaters, but to be honest it never gets that cold here. What I am wearing a lot lately is my new favorite halloween shirt. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but I'll probably do a post on it soon!

>> What I'm doing this weekend? I have a halloween party on Friday, then probably hang out with the family the rest of the weekend. I wanted to see if they all wanted to go Strawberry Picking at this place a little more down south from Miami. Knausberry Farm!!! They also have the best cinnamon roles and Milkshakes that you will ever taste in your life!

>> What am I looking forward too next month? My cousin is coming to stay with us and visit for 3 months!! She comes once every two years. She's from Cuba and my whole family has missed her so much! I can't wait.

>> Bonus Question: What is your favorite Halloween Memory/ Picture/ Tradition? There are so many it's hard to choose from. Halloween tradition would have to be watching Hocus Pocus! You have to do it at least once in the month of October. This year we're planning on watching it all as a family after we take the kids Trick or Treating and make halloween treats. I think I'm more excited then the kids!

This was such a fun Link Up! I hope you can all join in on the fun <3


Halloween Costumes Through the Years

          With Halloween less than a week away, that spirit is finally starting to kick in. I can't wait to show you guys my costume for this year, but that'll have to wait until actual Halloween. But In the mean time I can show you some costumes that I have worn recently and through out the last few years. Whats your favorite Halloween costume that you have worn?

2016; The Big Bad Wolf

This past Friday, I went to my best friend Yanets Family Halloween Party. It was so much fun. We celebrated Roger, Ilyenis, and Ilianys birthday. Some of the costumes at the party were hilarious, but mine was The Big Bad Wolf. It's actually my sisters costume and was a total hit at the party. She purchased it at Yandy Boutique

It's a seven piece set. It comes with the Tail, the hairy cuffs, the cut up high wasted shorts, the plaided crop top, and the wolf ears. 

To top off the costume, for makeup I did beautiful smokey black and red eyes. I used Bad Habit from Colorpop. I paired the costume with my black ankle tie shoes from Love Couture, and painted my nails a dark blood red.

2015; Wendy Peffercorn & Squints - The Sandlot

Every year my aunt and uncle throw a huge Halloween bash. This year is no exception. It's tradition. Last year, I dressed up as Wendy Peffercorn and I dressed Chaz up as squints. Our costume was such a hit with my baseball loving family. 

I made these costumes myself. I bought everything separately and just put them all together. I bought the lifeguard bathing suit from amazon. The glasses and whistle is from Party city. His shirt is from Routine Baseball

For makeup I just did a winged eye look and paired it with dark red lipstick <3

2014; Mermaid

This has been one of my favorite costumes that I have ever made. This year, friends and I went to Round Up. It's the local country club that I use to go to every single Friday! Being a mermaid has also been one of my favorite costumes I have ever worn. 

I pretty much made everything myself except the bottom bathing suit. I purchased the Dark Green high waisted bottoms from Playthings Miami. I purchased the bra from Target and the shells and everything on the bra from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The Sea Green cover up was actually a curtain that I purchased from Anas Linnens and just cut it up. 

For makeup I did smokey blue and sea green eyes and used a hot pink lip color. For the scales, I went  to Michaels and purchased glitter and small circled confetti. I used regular washable glue and attached it to my face and different parts of my body. 

2013; Army Lady

I also made this costume. This was last minute. Also for the Traditional Family Halloween Party, I didn't have anything to wear. I bought the crop top from Forever 21 and I paired it with black shorts. I also paired it with black pumps from Aldo. 

I purchased the fake automatic gun and bullets from our local Party City. 

For makeup I just did a smokey eye look and a pinkish lipstick.

2012; Guilty Convict

Also at the famous Halloween Family party, I wanted to do something simple and not spend a lot of time making my costume. I purchased the convict suit from Playthings. 

The Costume was a 2 piece set, with the dress and the Hand Cuffs Belt. The back of the dress also shows the word Guilty instead of the inmates number. I paired it with my black pumps and black stockings also from Playthings. For the makeup just a simple smokey look with a pinkish red lipstick.

I hope you liked my costumes from the last 4 years as much as I did.

What are some of your costumes through the years? 


Happy Birthday Mom ♥

         Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman I know. I don't know what or where I would be with out her. She is the reason I am the Woman I am today. Because of her, life has meaning. She has given her everything for myself and my two younger sisters, and I plan on spending the rest of my life trying to make it up to her. I love you so much Mami <3 I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever!

Here are some fun facts about my mom...

>> She is only 4'8
>> She is always the life of the party
>> She can outdrink me
>> She can also out dance me
>> She is the shortest in the family
>> Her laugh is contagious.
>> Everyone loves her

Happy Birthday Mom <3

I love you


5 Signs You're Actually an A Hole

          You might not even notice it, but you're probably an A hole. You probably do things that annoy people, or upset them and you don't care about their feelings or what they think. You probably also have a fuck it, I do what I want mentality, and an arrogant attitude. Then yeah, you're a total butthole. If you have caught yourself doing any of these things on the list below, you may need to reevaluate your life. I know that there are a thousand and one things that can make you a total douche nozzle, but here are my top five reasons as to why you are.

1. You constantly brag about your healthy fitness lifestyle. Oh you eat grass and work out six hours straight a day, wow you must be extremely sexy looking. Barf. Yeah, I'll stick to my fat ass and my delicious mouth watering pepperoni pizza. Thank you!

2. Pretending to be a real sports fan. Please oh please do not be a bandwagon fan. You can not come and go into the sports world as you please. There are rules you know. You have to love your team, win or lose (ie. The Miami Marlins or The Miami Dolphins) No Matter What! You can't love the Miami Heat just because Lebron was apart of the team, and then not be a fan once he and Dwayne Wade leaves. That's not the way these things work. Either you're a forever 24/7 fan or get the off out.

3. You can't control your facial expressions. No matter how hard you fake being nice and polite, whatever is coming out of your mouth, does not match with the words your face is expressing. Your face is a dead giveaway.

4. You tell people you're almost there when you're not even on your way yet. You're always late, and always the last one to places. Us Cubans have that problem. My mom is a prime example. She always says that she is around the corner. Meaning that it can't take her more than a precise 47 seconds to get to our house from the corner, but in fact she takes over 10 minutes. It's so annoying, and such a butt holy thing to do.

5. You don't use your turn signals. Ugh this is by far the most goober thing you can do. I can't stand people like this. Say I need to make a left turn onto the opposite side of the street and there is someone driving straight. They're going extremely slow so I wait for them to cross in front of me. But right at the last minute after waiting five hundred years, they turn into the same street that I was in. ARGHHH. I could have gone!!! But no instead I waited because I thought you were going straight because YOU DIDN'T HAVE YOUR TURN SIGNAL ON!! Not only should this be illegal, but it can honestly cause a car accident. I can go into so much further detail about this, but I will stop before my head explodes.

What are some of your biggest reasons why someone is a total asswipe?


Yesenia's Miami Favorites

         I live where you vacation. That saying can not be any more true. You have no idea how many "Oh Wow! I want to go there for vacation" I've gotten every time I tell someone not from Miami that I was born and raised there. This is the city of different cultures and there are so many fun things to do, places to see, and people to meet! I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places here in Sunny South Florida.

Favorite Brunch Spots

>> Green Street Cafe - In the heart of Coconut Grove, Green Street Cafe serves some of the best brunch with delicious drinks. It's a wonderful atmosphere and a great spot for people watching. 

>> 94th Aero Squadron - Right by the Airport, this is one of my favorite brunch buffets. It serves bottomless Mimosas and their dessert section is seriously the best in town.

>> Georges on Sunset - If you don't bring your lady to George's, someone else will. If you're looking for a fun time, with music and drinks, and the club feel. George's is the place to go. With more of a party then an actual brunch, this is where all the Miami locals love to go on Sundays!


>> Dolphin Mall - If you're looking for a variety of stores, this is definitely the place to go. Not only do they have every store imaginable, but they also have a lot of restaurants and places to drink all around the mall. 

>> Dadeland Mall - This mall is more on the pricier side just because of how elegant it looks. It includes stores such as Macy and JC Penny. They recently remodeled the mall and it has some really nice new restaurants out in the new section.

Favorite Happy Hour / Bars / Dancing Spots

>> Area 31 - The perfect spot for date night. Located on the 16th floor of the Epic Hotel in Brickell, Area 31 has a sweeping view of The Miami River and Biscayne bay. This spot has great deals on Happy Hour, and a dj playing music the whole night. 

At Blue Martini, drinking their signature drink <3
>> Blue Martini - Definitely one of Miami's upscale happy hour locations, Blue Martini is the place to be anytime of the week. Monday is Karaoke night, Wednesdays is ladies night, and Thursdays is Latin Night with a live band playing all during Happy Hour. The drinks are delicious and the food is just as good. 

>> Mangos - Located on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, this is definitely the Latin spot to be at. They have dancers in full costume dancing on tables and interacting with customers. Not only are the drinks extra sexy, but so are the people and the ambiance. This is such a fun place just to let loose and have a great time.

The weekend my best friend Yanet (right) and I took my cousin Laura (left) out when she came to visit. 
>> Fado Irish Pub - When my cousin Laura came down to visit from Atlanta, I took her here two nights in a row. I love this spot. The music is always on point, the drinks are just as good as they are equally inexpensive, and it's located in the heart of Brickell so if you do decide to bar hop, other bars are only a hop and a skip away. 

>> Bougainvillea's Old Florida Tavern - This little whole in the wall resembles a teeny tiny cottage. Right across the street from Sunset Place, This is one of my favorite spots in South Miami. Need a little quiet and relaxation? You can sit outside and enjoy the front patio. Inside is the main bar with music playing. The back is another bar with hookahs that you can rent. The back is where it usually gets a little more party life and I love it!

Favorite Day Drinking Spots

>> The Clevelander - With Two locations in Miami, this is the place to start your drinking day early. One located at the Marlins Stadium, and another right on Ocean Drive in South Beach, they have the yummiest largest fruitiest drinks you could imagine. The one on South Beach gets pretty rowdy on weekends, so prepare yourself for some fun in the sun! They also have an open air dance floor, right next to the pool.

>> Bayside Miami - Located in Downtown Miami, right next to The American Airlines Arena, this is a festival style marketplace. With a mall, restaurants, and right next to the water, this is one of my favorite spots just to walk around, drink, and people watch.

Favorite Cuban Food Restaurants

>> Bongos Cuban Cafe - If you want some bomb ass Cuban food with live music and great authentic drinks, head on over to this amazing place. We use to have one by American Airlines Arena. Unfortunately, It's not there anymore. Now you have to go to The Hard Rock in Ft. Lauderdale to taste this deliciousness. Technically not in Miami, but still so worth the drive! It's a must to check out.

>> Larios on The Beach - Owned by Gloria Estefan and Her husband, this is definitely my favorite Cuban restaurant of all time. They use to have two other locations closer to where I live, but those closed down. I loved going there for date nights or birthday celebrations, or when I was just in the mood. This is definite genuine Cuban style food. 

>> Versailles - One of the oldest Cuban Restaurants that I can remember in Miami to date, they have been located in the same spot since 1971. Considered the worlds most famous Cuban Restaurant, and a landmark to the Cuban Community. This place has so much history. It's where a lot of the Cuban exiles use to come together and plot against Fidel Castro. Not only is Versailles Historical, but the food is as Cuban as it gets. This place is a Must when visiting Miami. 

>> La Palma - This is one of my favorite spots in all of Miami because you can get Cuban food at any hour of the day. You're in the mood for Pan Con Bistec at 4 am? Lets go to La Palma. Located right on 8th Street. You can eat inside, or order outside at the counter. 

Favorite Clubs

At Set Nightclub
>> Set Nightclub - Located in Miami Beach right on Lincoln Road, this night club plays house Music and is open until 5 am. I went here once for a friends birthday and I loved it. It is a club that is very out there with men and females dressed in costume and in drag. Be aware that there is a cover charge, but is in a more high-class style club.

>> Story - This is one of the most happening clubs on South Beach. It's on the smaller side, but there are 5 bars located throughout the club, and all the famous djs play here. This is more of a Vegas Style club with EDM music, but the service is great and the atmosphere is amazing!

>> LIV Miami - Now if you have never heard of this club, you really are out of the loop. This is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular club in South Florida. Located inside The Fontaineblue Hotel,   it features a variety of different music styles throughout Wednesday - Sunday. 

>> E11even - Located in Downtown Miami, E11even is a 24 hour nightclub and cabaret. Need we say more? Now this place is not for the faint of heart or very jealous girlfriends. There are naked girls all over the club. The club is beautiful and the music is great! 

Favorite Beaches

>> South Beach - When you see Miami on TV or in Movies, the first thing you see are the beaches. South Beach to be exact. Many locals and Tourists are now calling it SoBE. Looking for a reticular hot spot? You can go all the way down the Beach to South Point or Ocean and 7th, which is usually where the young crowds all gather. 

>> Lighthouse Beach (El Farito) - Located in Key Biscayne, the Technical Name is Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. It's ranked one of the Top 10 Beaches in the United States. There is a reef located six miles off shore. It's a nice hidden gem because it is at the end of Key Biscayne, and totally worth the drive. You can go fishing on the pier or swimming in the ocean. There is also the Lighthouse than you can go up and climb the stairs. The view is breathtaking for a small price to get in the park. 

Favorite Sandbars

>> Nixon Sandbar - This is to spot to take your boat out on Sunday. Nixon Sundays. All the local boaters come out here and party it up from sun up to sun down. You can also rent a charter and they will take you out to this location. But you must be very careful with Boat safety. This spot is really special to me because that's where I met one of my friends who passed away a little over 2 years ago.

>> Hauler Sandbar - Another great spot to go out on the boat on the weekends. The water is a lot clearer here than in Nixon, but that's because it's a lot more shallow. Locals and tourists tie up their boats in the shallow portion and they party non stop. They even have floating food trucks selling food and drinks! It's pretty awesome. 

Other Random Favorite Places to Visit

>> Marlins Park - If you are a baseball fan, this stadium is a must. It's located in the same spot as the Old Miami Orange Bowl in Little Havana. It opened in 2012 and has been a host to many events including all the Marlins Baseball games. It's definitely a site for sore eyes for those baseball stadium lovers. 

>> Vizcaya Museum & Gardens - The house is one of the most historically visited places in Miami. With it's beautiful gardens, landscape, and breath taking architecture, it's a must on your list. Many locals take professional photos here for engagements, or quinces. The Villa contains over seventy rooms and is open to the public daily. To learn more about the history and beauty of this place, please go visit the site. It's worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite places? Have you ever been to Miami? What are some of yours?

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