Halloween Costumes Through the Years

          With Halloween less than a week away, that spirit is finally starting to kick in. I can't wait to show you guys my costume for this year, but that'll have to wait until actual Halloween. But In the mean time I can show you some costumes that I have worn recently and through out the last few years. Whats your favorite Halloween costume that you have worn?

2016; The Big Bad Wolf

This past Friday, I went to my best friend Yanets Family Halloween Party. It was so much fun. We celebrated Roger, Ilyenis, and Ilianys birthday. Some of the costumes at the party were hilarious, but mine was The Big Bad Wolf. It's actually my sisters costume and was a total hit at the party. She purchased it at Yandy Boutique

It's a seven piece set. It comes with the Tail, the hairy cuffs, the cut up high wasted shorts, the plaided crop top, and the wolf ears. 

To top off the costume, for makeup I did beautiful smokey black and red eyes. I used Bad Habit from Colorpop. I paired the costume with my black ankle tie shoes from Love Couture, and painted my nails a dark blood red.

2015; Wendy Peffercorn & Squints - The Sandlot

Every year my aunt and uncle throw a huge Halloween bash. This year is no exception. It's tradition. Last year, I dressed up as Wendy Peffercorn and I dressed Chaz up as squints. Our costume was such a hit with my baseball loving family. 

I made these costumes myself. I bought everything separately and just put them all together. I bought the lifeguard bathing suit from amazon. The glasses and whistle is from Party city. His shirt is from Routine Baseball

For makeup I just did a winged eye look and paired it with dark red lipstick <3

2014; Mermaid

This has been one of my favorite costumes that I have ever made. This year, friends and I went to Round Up. It's the local country club that I use to go to every single Friday! Being a mermaid has also been one of my favorite costumes I have ever worn. 

I pretty much made everything myself except the bottom bathing suit. I purchased the Dark Green high waisted bottoms from Playthings Miami. I purchased the bra from Target and the shells and everything on the bra from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The Sea Green cover up was actually a curtain that I purchased from Anas Linnens and just cut it up. 

For makeup I did smokey blue and sea green eyes and used a hot pink lip color. For the scales, I went  to Michaels and purchased glitter and small circled confetti. I used regular washable glue and attached it to my face and different parts of my body. 

2013; Army Lady

I also made this costume. This was last minute. Also for the Traditional Family Halloween Party, I didn't have anything to wear. I bought the crop top from Forever 21 and I paired it with black shorts. I also paired it with black pumps from Aldo. 

I purchased the fake automatic gun and bullets from our local Party City. 

For makeup I just did a smokey eye look and a pinkish lipstick.

2012; Guilty Convict

Also at the famous Halloween Family party, I wanted to do something simple and not spend a lot of time making my costume. I purchased the convict suit from Playthings. 

The Costume was a 2 piece set, with the dress and the Hand Cuffs Belt. The back of the dress also shows the word Guilty instead of the inmates number. I paired it with my black pumps and black stockings also from Playthings. For the makeup just a simple smokey look with a pinkish red lipstick.

I hope you liked my costumes from the last 4 years as much as I did.

What are some of your costumes through the years? 


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