Happy Birthday Mom ♥

         Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman I know. I don't know what or where I would be with out her. She is the reason I am the Woman I am today. Because of her, life has meaning. She has given her everything for myself and my two younger sisters, and I plan on spending the rest of my life trying to make it up to her. I love you so much Mami <3 I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever!

Here are some fun facts about my mom...

>> She is only 4'8
>> She is always the life of the party
>> She can outdrink me
>> She can also out dance me
>> She is the shortest in the family
>> Her laugh is contagious.
>> Everyone loves her

Happy Birthday Mom <3

I love you



  1. Happy belated birthday to your mama! :)

    Look at you with the dark hair in some of those pics! Crazy! Ha!

    1. Thanks girl <3 and yes! I've had so many hair colors it's pretty funny lol!


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