What's up Wednesday; October Edition

Where are the months flying to? It was just October 3rd yesterday? I can't believe the holiday season has officially begun and Halloween is only five days away. Thanksgiving is 30 days away. Yesterday made exactly one month, and Christmas?! Christmas is only sixty days away! Ahhhhhhh! Where has this year gone?

I have never participated in this super fun link up, and I figured it was never too late to start!!  I am linking up with Shay for Whats Up Wednesday <3

>> What I'm eating this week? I've been trying to eat a lot healthier. I have my days where I can eat healthy no breeze, and then there are days where I fall off the wagon and stuff my face with bread and pizza and soooooo much candy. I've been trying to eat only stuff that will help me lose weight like fruits and veggies, and also stuff that would give me protein and fiber such as meats, and beans.

>> What I'm reminiscing about? Nothing really, but if I would have to pick one it would be skinnier times. I catch myself looking in the mirror more and more and remembering when I could eat all the pizza I wanted, and not worry about my stomach flab lol.

>> What I am loving? This breezy cool sunny but not super hot and sticky Miami weather. The weather has been beyond perfect these last couple of days! Nothing of sweater weather just yet, but definitely sit outside and just relax type of weather. If you're a fellow Floridian, you know how humid and hot the weather down south was this summer. It's great to finally be getting some cool breezes coming our way!

>> What i've been up to? Well, I started going to the gym every morning for the last week and a half. Today I decided to sleep in, but I promise I will go tonight! I'm trying to stick to going five days a week. Even if it is only for 30 min to an hour increments. Hey, at least I'm going. I need to get a summer body before winter takes over. That way I have enough room to get chubby this Thanksgiving and Christmas without becoming obese lol!

>> What I'm dreading? Bills. Bills. & more Bills. I feel like they never stop. I get a nice decent paycheck and BOOM! Most of it goes to bills so It's like I never see a dime or get to save any money. Why wasn't I just born rich or win the lottery already? To be fair though, I never actually play the lottery so I think that'll be impossible.

>> What I am working on? Getting my shit together. I am Twenty-Five years old, with no set Career, no finished education (been taking my super sweet ass time in that department). I also have no savings, and I still live at home... What am I even doing with my life? Please don't answer that.

>> What I am excited about? The first thing that pops into my head is the Family Halloween party that I was talking about in yesterdays post. Every year my family throws this crazy Halloween party where hundreds of people usually end up showing up and the costumes are pretty awesome! Plus we get the family together!

>> What I am watching? Well other than Hocus Pocus, which is Halloween Tradition with me, I've been watching a few new shows. Timeless on NBC, which I am obsessed about. NCIS on Netflix which is not new at all but new to me. I'm also watching some of my favorite old shows that are back on air such as Greys Anatomy, and Once Upon a Time!

>> What I'm listening to? Lately I have been getting really into Soca Music. Don't ask me why. Hell if I know, but I just love it. All there songs are party songs and not one is exactly the same.

>> What I'm wearing? I wish it got a little colder here so I can start wearing boots and leggings and sweaters, but to be honest it never gets that cold here. What I am wearing a lot lately is my new favorite halloween shirt. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but I'll probably do a post on it soon!

>> What I'm doing this weekend? I have a halloween party on Friday, then probably hang out with the family the rest of the weekend. I wanted to see if they all wanted to go Strawberry Picking at this place a little more down south from Miami. Knausberry Farm!!! They also have the best cinnamon roles and Milkshakes that you will ever taste in your life!

>> What am I looking forward too next month? My cousin is coming to stay with us and visit for 3 months!! She comes once every two years. She's from Cuba and my whole family has missed her so much! I can't wait.

>> Bonus Question: What is your favorite Halloween Memory/ Picture/ Tradition? There are so many it's hard to choose from. Halloween tradition would have to be watching Hocus Pocus! You have to do it at least once in the month of October. This year we're planning on watching it all as a family after we take the kids Trick or Treating and make halloween treats. I think I'm more excited then the kids!

This was such a fun Link Up! I hope you can all join in on the fun <3



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