Friendsgiving 2K16

Have you ever had a F R I E N D S G I V I N G? It's where everyone brings over some delicious Thanksgiving food and you hang out with your closest friends. This year my best friend Amanda hosted it at her house. The food was delicious, and everyone was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of how yummy the food looked. I did get some amazing pictures with my beautiful niece, and videos of the night. We also did the Mannequin challenge. It was such a fun night! <3


Lizano Wedding ❤

On November 25, 2016, one of my closest friends married the love of her life. I can't express how happy and honored I was to be apart of one of the most important days of her life. I was able to share in their happiness with their family and closest friends. There was so much love in that church and in that reception hall. It was a timeless feeling. I wanted to share with you all, pictures from that memorable day.

The Ceremony was held at St. Kevin Church in Miami. This church was remodeled a few years ago, and is absolutely beautiful. The reception was at the Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne. The view of the bay was breathtaking, and when I say that it was the most delicious wedding food I have ever had, I promise I'm not lying. Just thinking about the food from that wedding, my mouth begins to water. It was also open bar (;

It was such a fun night. I will forever remember this wedding for the beautiful ceremony (not a dry eye in the church), the beautiful reception, delicious food, great music and dancing, and the people I was able to share it with.

 I want to wish Daisy and Kiko, a lifetime of happiness. I can not wait to see where your love takes you!


Windy Day In Miami

I woke up this morning in my beautiful city, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Just the right amount of windy and sunny. It wasn't cold, but perfect. A beautiful Sunny and 75. What you must know, about Miamians, is that the minute it drops down below 80 degrees here in south Florida during the months of October, November, and December, the winter clothes come out. Yes, we may start sweating pounds off from heat by noon, but at least for the first 5 hours of the day, you look cute and wintery. I could not resist. I have been holding this sweater for months, and waiting for the heat to drop, and today I decided was the day. 

I bought the Sweater from Target. It was only $19.99. I got it in a light grey shade and a small. The small is still a semi loose fit, but still tight where needed. They had all three sizes. Small Medium, and Large. If you want more of a loose longer fitting I would suggest the large. I absolutely love the knitting pattern. This sweater is from their Massimo line. It's cozy enough to keep you warm, but still has enough holes to keep you cool, during those Miami heat spurts.

The shoes are from The Jessica Simpson Line. They're the Ronica Women's black Boots. They are suede and very comfy. They are ankle high, and have the inside zipper. I absolutely love them. The leggings are from Forever 21. They cost no more than $3. I bought them in every color. 

I loved this outfit so much, that I might just wear it on Christmas Eve! It's so comfy and cozy and perfect for a huge going out Christmas Eve party, or just staying in and watching Christmas movies. I can't wait to show this outfit off. 

What would you add to this outfit to make it perfect for a night out on the town? What accessories would you add?

**I know some of the pictures are very blurry, but I'm still getting the hang of using my camera. Although I do like how some of the blurriness adds a super cool affect. Don't worry I'm practicing. Plus it's a lot harder when there's not anyone to take them for you! Any photographers want to help (; 

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26 Days Until Christmas <3



Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

H A P P Y   W I N T E R.  This long four day weekend was definitely a busy one. With two family parties, a Friendsgiving, a newborn, and a wedding, I have so much to write about. So I thought I would just fill you in with the highlights and eventually write separate posts about all of them.

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving, I went to Chaz's family party and stuffed my face with delicious food. Yes, you heard right. Chaz. I'll get more into that some other time (; That party alone I probably gained over 5 pounds. Not even joking. We also had some delicious Mojitos. It was really nice seeing his family again. I hadn't seen them since we first decided to go our separate ways back in June. 

After having an early thanksgiving feast, I went to my family party. It was wonderful seeing family that I hadn't seen in a while. Everyone in my family is getting much older, and we don't know how many more of these get-togethers we will have with everyone, so It's nice to have these moments. 

After all the family dinners were over, my sisters and their boyfriends, and I went black Friday shopping. I got 6 people out of the way in less than 10 minutes. I love it! They had amazing deals. I also saw an old friend, Hector, who I hadn't seen since high school. He was my best friend from Middle school all through those crazy adolescent years. It was nice to catch up! 

Friday - Wedding Day

One of my closest friends, Daisy, finally married the love of her life Robert. We all call him Kiko. It was such a beautiful wedding. I will eventually do a full post on the night. The music was amazing, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was exhilarating. 

Saturday - Baby Javi, and Friendsgiving <3

Chaz's cousin Miah, just had her baby a few days ago. He was absolutely perfect and I wanted to see her and him. His name is Javier and he is just the yummiest little chinky baby you have ever seen. Miah and Javi did so good in making such a perfect healthy baby boy. I was so thankful for Miah, letting us come over to see her and meet the little prince <3 

Saturday night was a lot of fun. We went to my best friend Amanda's house and had our first Friendsgiving. The food was delicious. I got to see my gorda, and hang out with amazing friends. We also did the Mannequin Challenge. Stay tuned for a full post on that.

Sunday night, was just a chill day. Chaz and I went and had breakfast at Vicky's Bakery, and then we went to 4 Aquarium stores to check out some fish. We also ate at our favorite local Pizza place, Leo's Pizza. 

This weekend was so much fun and I am sad that it is over ): 

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?


Viva, Cuba!

I would never wish Death or Hell upon anyone. Anyone except Castro. Fidel is finally dead. My only regret, is that my grandfather is not alive to witness and celebrate this historic day with us. 

My family fled from Cuba back in 1983, to get away from the dictatorship that became their beautiful country. They fled to escape the grasps of Castro's COMMUNIST regimen. My mother has not been back to her roots since that day. Maybe now, one day, she will. 

My grandmother has not considered herself Cuban for over 30 years. Today, she cried of joy, relief, and hope. For the first time in a long time, she called herself a Cubana. She has longed for this day.

Miami and the Cuban community has become one and we have hope. 
Cuba, will be free again one day.

The man that has caused my family and many other Cuban families so much pain, is finally gone. 

Cuba Libre! 


Black Friday Shopping Tips

           My favorite time of the year is officially here guys! Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and Black Friday has come earlier than expected. Black Friday is filled with thrills and discounts! I do love the deals and the prices, so I do tend to do it every year. This year I plan on going in, with a full proof plan. Here are some of my helpful tips for a smooth Black Friday Experience.

Prioritize a Shopping List. 

*Do not go into Black Friday without having a list. You need a list of all the things you are going to buy, just so it's easier to already know where to directly go. When making your list, list them by store and by essential. This makes it quicker to find the important items first.

Try not to stray away from your original plan. 

*With all the discounts and sales around the mall, and all the people and chaos, it won't be hard to get distracted. There are pretty lights and things that will sidetrack you easily. Do your best to stick to the plan and the original list.

Have a backup plan.

*It's Black Friday. People are shopping for the same items and things you want. Always have a back up in case whatever you were going to buy isn't in stock anymore. A good tip would be to add a second item to the list in case you are unable to find the first. Also for that back up plan, have multiple stores on your original list that you know will have that same item.

Do research.

*Recon ahead of time. It's always smart to browse the deals before you go into the war zone. Knowing what retailers are going to have discounts and deals before V day, will help you choose which stores to go to and what times would be the best. This will also help you with budgeting as well as quality of the product. You don't want to get a good deal on it and then the product be crappy. You want the product that is top best for a cheaper price.


Set a budget. 

*Having a set budget it probably the best idea when dealing with all the madness and commotion of Black Friday shopping. It also gives you a stress free shopping experience as long as you stick to it.

Shop with a Friend.

*Not only is it a lot more fun when you go with a buddy, but they can also help you stay on the right path. They can also help you find the item you're looking for quicker. You can work as a team. The buddy system always works. 

Shop Late or Get out early. 

*Stores want customers to be shopping all day long. So they usually put out the best deals later on in the day or be the first ones in the store and not have to worry about your item being out of stock. Either way don't go shopping in the smack middle of the day. Malls and stores will most likely be like animals at a watering whole, pure crazy.

Establish Wants vs. Needs. 

*Just because it's 20% off, does not mean that you really need it. Make sure to go in with that need it attitude. BUT, if it's in your budget, and it's something that you have been wanting forever, and it's really on sale, go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it.

What are some helpful Black Friday tips that I might have missed?


Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

          If you're in the South Florida area and are a  S e a  T u r t l e  obsessing human like me, you definitely need to check out this hidden gem. I went to this place for the third time this past weekend, and I became more obsessed this time around. Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex is located in Boca Raton, Florida right across from Red Reef State Park. It's a fun education experience near the beach for ages young and old. Plus it's Sea Turtle heaven!!! You get to experience the up close and personal on everything about Sea Turtles and marine life. 

The complex includes a Sea Turtle Rehabilitation center, four aquariums, a mangrove boardwalk, a Butterfly garden, and an indoor learning facility that contains the Florida Atlantic University Marine Science Lab. It also has the most amazing Sea Turtle gift shop you will ever find. 

It is a Non-Profit organization, so it is technically free, but Donations are excepted. 

Gumbo Limbo monitors over 800 nests a year within a 5-mile radius of the east coast beaches. They rescue and rehabilitate injured Sea turtles. The volunteers and biologists nurse the Sea Turtles back to health, and are released once they can survive on their own. More than 9000 stranded hatchlings are released during season as well. 

Our Nature Center features several exhibits including our Sea Turtle Garden, a container garden with herbs and local flora, a gopher tortoise exhibit, a butterfly nursery, a sea turtle safe lighting exhibit, a rain barrel, and a solar exhibit.  You may also sign up for our public programs, shop the Friends of Gumbo Limbo Gift Store, and pick up information on various nature and conservation related topics. - Gumbo Limbo Website

The Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center is my favorite attraction at the complex. It's a state of the art facility that provides protection and a sanctuary for sick or injured turtles. Volunteers are at hand to fill you in on the turtle patients and the treatments they are receiving. When I went over 5 months ago, I met Bruce. He had tumors all over his body. I was happy to learn that he was released a few weeks back. 

There are four huge outdoor marine aquariums located in the complex. The first two tanks are filled with Marine life. From Sting Rays to schools of fish to lobsters, it's an exhilarating spot. One of the tanks provides a Mangrove Eco system, and the other a near shore reef. In the next pavilion, The third marine tank holds bigger fish with a tropical coral reef. It also may or may not contain sharks. 

The final Tank, which is my favorite aquarium in the whole park, contains a ship wreck and holds the two cutest Sea Turtles you will ever SEA (; They have an above area where you can look below, but it was closed due to feeding time for the turtles! 

Every time I have visited Gumbo Limbo before, I have never seen any baby Sea Turtles. I hit the jackpot this previous Sunday. FAU Students were conducting a research project on the population of the male or female, gender ratio. A public gallery is open for viewers to come see these little beauties. Excitement was an understatement for me. 

This is seriously one of my favorite places in the world. You can go on their website and read more about this magical place! You can even adopt a Sea Turtle!! One of my dreams is to actually swim with a Sea Turtle. I plan on visiting all the Sea Turtle Rehab Centers and Hospitals located here in south Florida. You should too, and Gumbo Limbo should be the first one to cross off your list! They also have the Butterfly garden and the Ashley Trail which you will have to wait for a next time. Come back and stay tuned for <3


No Pants Required On Thanksgiving

           T h a n k s g i v i n g   is exactly one week away. Time to get ready for that Holiday spirit to be kicking in if it hasn't already! We all have that one favorite store that everything in it, it absolutely perfection. My favorite store is a local one here in South Florida called Agaci. This is the first store I always go check out when I go to the mall. I usually come out of here spending more then I should but what can I say, everything is amazing in this store. I thought I would share with you some of the cutest dresses I found on their website. They have great deals. Most of the dresses are inexpensive with really good quality. Hope you go check it out <3 

>> Cable Sweater Dress //  I am absolutely obsessed with this dress. Not only is it perfect for Thanksgiving, but also Christmas. It comes in the shade Wine/ Burgundy. It's a body fit sweater dress with a cable knit pattern. It has gold studded buttons featured on the shoulders and a folded turtle neck. Order & Read more here...

>> Gallery Column Dress // This dress is very classy yet casual. Dress it up with some sexy heels and you have the perfect Holiday outfit. It comes in two different shades, Plum/ Eggplant (which is the one you're viewing) and black. It's a long sleeve, with a low V neckline column dress. Order & Read more here...

>> Settle on Mettle Sheath Dress // The reason I am in love with this dress is simple, the crisscross back. Not only is this shade of pink elegant, but the back gives the dress a bit of an edge. This dress comes in this Mauve shade or in the shade Hunter. Hunter is a wooded dark green and is pictures above if you would like to have a visual. It has a hidden side zipper for easy application, a plunging V-neckline, and a crisscross back with medal accents. This is definitely a perfect party dress. Order & Read more here...

>> Coy Cold Shoulder Dress // The shoulder cutouts give this dress a gorgeous mysterious look. It gives you a small peak into the skin of the person wearing the dress and it gives off a sensual look. This dress comes in three different shades. The shade seen above is Mocha. There's also a pink shade named Terracotta, and a Teal shade. My favorite is the purple dress because it goes perfect with the Thanksgiving shades. It's a stretch knit dress with a body fit style. It has a curved hem which is definitely in style this season. Order & Read more here...

>> Monroe Wrap Surplice Dress // When I think of Thanksgiving I think of shades with purple and orange. I think of pumpkins. This dress screams "Wear me for Thanksgiving". It comes in two shades. The pumpkin shade is Cognac, which is an awesome name btw,  and red. The red is very sexy and still perfect for the holidays, but I feel like it's more for New Years eve. The dress is a long sleeve and has a surplice front with a low V-neckline. Order & Read more here...

>> Candace Crochet Flare Dress // Looking for something less casual and more elegant? This flair dress is the perfect one. Not as form fitting as the previous dresses, It has such a party feel to it. This dress comes in this navy blue color and in Mauve, which is a pale pink. Both are classically beautiful. It has a crochet bodice and a mock neckline. The flare dress style gives you a defined waist. This is definitely my favorite dress from all the previous dresses shown. Order & Read more here... 

Here are more dresses that are perfect for Thanksgiving Day <3

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