Black Friday Shopping Tips

           My favorite time of the year is officially here guys! Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and Black Friday has come earlier than expected. Black Friday is filled with thrills and discounts! I do love the deals and the prices, so I do tend to do it every year. This year I plan on going in, with a full proof plan. Here are some of my helpful tips for a smooth Black Friday Experience.

Prioritize a Shopping List. 

*Do not go into Black Friday without having a list. You need a list of all the things you are going to buy, just so it's easier to already know where to directly go. When making your list, list them by store and by essential. This makes it quicker to find the important items first.

Try not to stray away from your original plan. 

*With all the discounts and sales around the mall, and all the people and chaos, it won't be hard to get distracted. There are pretty lights and things that will sidetrack you easily. Do your best to stick to the plan and the original list.

Have a backup plan.

*It's Black Friday. People are shopping for the same items and things you want. Always have a back up in case whatever you were going to buy isn't in stock anymore. A good tip would be to add a second item to the list in case you are unable to find the first. Also for that back up plan, have multiple stores on your original list that you know will have that same item.

Do research.

*Recon ahead of time. It's always smart to browse the deals before you go into the war zone. Knowing what retailers are going to have discounts and deals before V day, will help you choose which stores to go to and what times would be the best. This will also help you with budgeting as well as quality of the product. You don't want to get a good deal on it and then the product be crappy. You want the product that is top best for a cheaper price.


Set a budget. 

*Having a set budget it probably the best idea when dealing with all the madness and commotion of Black Friday shopping. It also gives you a stress free shopping experience as long as you stick to it.

Shop with a Friend.

*Not only is it a lot more fun when you go with a buddy, but they can also help you stay on the right path. They can also help you find the item you're looking for quicker. You can work as a team. The buddy system always works. 

Shop Late or Get out early. 

*Stores want customers to be shopping all day long. So they usually put out the best deals later on in the day or be the first ones in the store and not have to worry about your item being out of stock. Either way don't go shopping in the smack middle of the day. Malls and stores will most likely be like animals at a watering whole, pure crazy.

Establish Wants vs. Needs. 

*Just because it's 20% off, does not mean that you really need it. Make sure to go in with that need it attitude. BUT, if it's in your budget, and it's something that you have been wanting forever, and it's really on sale, go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it.

What are some helpful Black Friday tips that I might have missed?



  1. I'm almost ashamed to say this but I've never gone out on Black Friday! These are all great tips though! Prioritizing and setting a budget are definite musts! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes


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