Halloween Weekend!

Halloween is over!! I am so sad. This has turned out to be one of my favorite holidays, with all the dressing up and candy. I dressed up three times this year. I was a Ninja for my family party, a Werewolf at Yanet and Daisy's family party, and an Airborne ParaTrooper one night at a bar. This year was so much fun. Here's a little sneak peak from the Traditional Family Halloween party this year <3

This year was definitely a fun Halloween. My Ninja Costume has by far been my most favorite costume that I have ever worn. My eye makeup came out bomb, even though you can barely see it. I did a smokey all black look with these huge eye lashes. I got this costume at a local store in Miami, but I saw that they sold it in other location online. 

My sisters dressed up as an Army girl and a Firefighter, My parents were the cutest Minions you ever did see lol. They dressed up with all there friends. There were about 15 minions in one party. It was really adorable. Yanet and Daisy and the whole Disney group also came. I was so excited and Happy to see them! 

I'm so sad that it is over. I loved dressing up. My sisters and I are already our costumes for next year. We're thinking that we want to match with each other. Power Ranger Squad anyone?

Oh and only 53 Days Until Christmas <3

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