November Goals.

Wake up, Wake up, It's the first of the month! Can you believe it? November is officially here. New Month, New Goals, New ambition, Winter clothes. Bring on the Chill air, the bonfire nights and the sweaters and boots. Even though I live in South Florida where cold to us is anything below Seventy-five degrees, us Miamians do love when November comes and the time changes. Even if it is only minimal.

The year is almost up, and Christmas is almost here. I have so many goals and things I want to accomplish this month. Here is my list below <3

>> Sign up for Spring Classes and start school again.

>> Take better photos for your blog + blog more.

>> Switch education Major to Journalism.

>> Read more + Start reading the Nicholas Sparks Novel I bought.

>> Spend more time with family.

>> Go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and actually work out.

>> Get over your fear of looking like a fool and just work out for you.

>> Try going down to 113 again, and not to gain any more weight before Thanksgiving.

>> Have a bonfire with the family.

>> Put Myself first. Focus more on me and not on what other people want or need.

>> Try learning new recipes and actually cook.

>> Be more thankful.

Happy November everyone <3


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