Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

H A P P Y   W I N T E R.  This long four day weekend was definitely a busy one. With two family parties, a Friendsgiving, a newborn, and a wedding, I have so much to write about. So I thought I would just fill you in with the highlights and eventually write separate posts about all of them.

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving, I went to Chaz's family party and stuffed my face with delicious food. Yes, you heard right. Chaz. I'll get more into that some other time (; That party alone I probably gained over 5 pounds. Not even joking. We also had some delicious Mojitos. It was really nice seeing his family again. I hadn't seen them since we first decided to go our separate ways back in June. 

After having an early thanksgiving feast, I went to my family party. It was wonderful seeing family that I hadn't seen in a while. Everyone in my family is getting much older, and we don't know how many more of these get-togethers we will have with everyone, so It's nice to have these moments. 

After all the family dinners were over, my sisters and their boyfriends, and I went black Friday shopping. I got 6 people out of the way in less than 10 minutes. I love it! They had amazing deals. I also saw an old friend, Hector, who I hadn't seen since high school. He was my best friend from Middle school all through those crazy adolescent years. It was nice to catch up! 

Friday - Wedding Day

One of my closest friends, Daisy, finally married the love of her life Robert. We all call him Kiko. It was such a beautiful wedding. I will eventually do a full post on the night. The music was amazing, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was exhilarating. 

Saturday - Baby Javi, and Friendsgiving <3

Chaz's cousin Miah, just had her baby a few days ago. He was absolutely perfect and I wanted to see her and him. His name is Javier and he is just the yummiest little chinky baby you have ever seen. Miah and Javi did so good in making such a perfect healthy baby boy. I was so thankful for Miah, letting us come over to see her and meet the little prince <3 

Saturday night was a lot of fun. We went to my best friend Amanda's house and had our first Friendsgiving. The food was delicious. I got to see my gorda, and hang out with amazing friends. We also did the Mannequin Challenge. Stay tuned for a full post on that.

Sunday night, was just a chill day. Chaz and I went and had breakfast at Vicky's Bakery, and then we went to 4 Aquarium stores to check out some fish. We also ate at our favorite local Pizza place, Leo's Pizza. 

This weekend was so much fun and I am sad that it is over ): 

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?



  1. I can't wait to hear about Chaz! Sounds like you had the best long weekend!

  2. What a wonderfully busy weekend - I love it! I am anxious to hear about Chaz!


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