The 5th Degree

5   T h i n g s   t o   R e a d   T h i s   T u e s d a y

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am launching a new series in my blog called The 5th Degree. I'll show you 5 little random loves of mine including what I am reading, baking, loving, wanting. / .. you get the idea. I hope you all take pleasure in this and get a little inspiration. If you have any questions, or would like me to present something just comment below.

1. How to: Last week was a stressful week for me. These are 10 tips on distressing that were very helpful. "10 Ways to De-stress After a Bad Day" via. Thirteen Thoughts

2. Fashion: Fall trends are here and we want the fancy brands without the price tag. Here are some trends for the low low. "Splurge vs. Steal: Fall Trends" via. Dash of Panache

3. Miami: Free things to do this month in my beautiful city. "Free Things in Miami For November" via.  Budget Girl Life

4. Recipe: "S'mores Cupcakes" no need to say more. via.  Foxes Love Lemons

5. Fitness: I'm trying to lose weight so I can gain it all back this Thanksgiving. "Wake-up Workout" via. Crave Naturals


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