The Worst Things About Fall

          Yes, You did read that tittle right. This post is about what I dislike about fall. Autumn is such a nice season, but it's not my favorite. Now this doesn't mean I don't love it. I do, I promise I really do. There's just some things about fall that I can live without. 

1. I've actually never seen it. How bad does that sound? I have actually never witnessed the beauty of the leaves changing to ten different shades of browns and oranges. Whenever I go on vacation it's more in the winter time and by that time it's freezing season. We don't get fall around my parts.

2. The fact that Miami doesn't even know what fall is. This continues on from statement number one. Miami only has one season all year round and that's summer. Leaves do fall and change colors, but not pretty like. They just create a big mess and are a poop yellowish greenish. The leaves aren't even the pretty leaves from up North. They're mostly just palm tree leaves. Not cute! My Cuban grandma doesn't even know the meaning of the word fall. Is there even a word for it in Spanish? 

3. People don't stop talking about fall. Fall this, fall that. "Autumn is my favorite season" dot dot dot... How is this possible when we don't do that here in the lowest point of the U S of A? Every one is talking about sweater weather and bonfire season. I believe it's a total contradiction. We don't have that season here!! We do wear sweaters and have bonfire parties, but not because it's fall, just because we want to join in on the season fun. Only difference is we're most likely sweating our hoo hahs off and probably causing wild fires from the unbearable heat. 

4. Pumpkin everything. YUCK! I am not a pumpkin fan and I never will be. You go from drinking summer beers to now only seeing pumpkin beers on the shelf. And everyone going off about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, ew. Pumpkin cakes and cookies and deserts? Why must you ruin everything?

5. I get fat. I mean really really fat. Have you ever been to a Cuban Thanksgiving? We don't just have turkey. Oh no! We have a turkey, Pork, Chicken, you name it. Black beans and rice and more heart clogging delicious meats. Its a smorgasbord! I get all nice and plump and chubby. It's the worst part of fall. I feel like I'm getting prepped and that I'm practicing for the feast of fattiness coming in the winter. 

6. It gets dark by six pm. No more long summer days. Nope. Unfortunately even though we still get heat strokes mid autumn and winter, we follow the world clock just like everyone else. So our long summer days turn into short want to be summer days, and even warmer half ass autumn nights. I hate the time changes... so annoying.

I do appreciate fall, and I'm sure once I do actually get to experience it, I'll be obsessed with it just like everyone else. But for right now, it's a whatever season for me. What do you dislike about fall? I mean do you have any of these similar feelings towards it at all? 

Happy almost winter <3


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