Windy Day In Miami

I woke up this morning in my beautiful city, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Just the right amount of windy and sunny. It wasn't cold, but perfect. A beautiful Sunny and 75. What you must know, about Miamians, is that the minute it drops down below 80 degrees here in south Florida during the months of October, November, and December, the winter clothes come out. Yes, we may start sweating pounds off from heat by noon, but at least for the first 5 hours of the day, you look cute and wintery. I could not resist. I have been holding this sweater for months, and waiting for the heat to drop, and today I decided was the day. 

I bought the Sweater from Target. It was only $19.99. I got it in a light grey shade and a small. The small is still a semi loose fit, but still tight where needed. They had all three sizes. Small Medium, and Large. If you want more of a loose longer fitting I would suggest the large. I absolutely love the knitting pattern. This sweater is from their Massimo line. It's cozy enough to keep you warm, but still has enough holes to keep you cool, during those Miami heat spurts.

The shoes are from The Jessica Simpson Line. They're the Ronica Women's black Boots. They are suede and very comfy. They are ankle high, and have the inside zipper. I absolutely love them. The leggings are from Forever 21. They cost no more than $3. I bought them in every color. 

I loved this outfit so much, that I might just wear it on Christmas Eve! It's so comfy and cozy and perfect for a huge going out Christmas Eve party, or just staying in and watching Christmas movies. I can't wait to show this outfit off. 

What would you add to this outfit to make it perfect for a night out on the town? What accessories would you add?

**I know some of the pictures are very blurry, but I'm still getting the hang of using my camera. Although I do like how some of the blurriness adds a super cool affect. Don't worry I'm practicing. Plus it's a lot harder when there's not anyone to take them for you! Any photographers want to help (; 

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26 Days Until Christmas <3



  1. What a steal for that sweater! It looks so cozy and warm. I've been meaning to purchase black seude wedges like that for a while. I feel like they would be the perfect winter staple for dressing up outfits. Also, how cute is your Christmas countdown!!!

  2. Loving that sweater-- I like that it's not totally oversized, but still a bit longer! I have a pair of Jessica Simpson heels that I've had for years-- they're so comfortable!


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