2016 Year In Review: Part One.

T w e n t y  S i x t e e n  has come and gone in a blink of an eye. It's unbelievable. So much has happened this year, good and bad. I wouldn't have changed this year for anything in the world though! I learned so much about myself. I found confidence. I learned my worth. I got my heartbroken and became stronger because of it. I gained so many new friendships and rekindled old ones. I grew closer with my mother and family.  I accomplished a lot and yet not enough. This year was a whirlwind of emotions, and I thank god everyday for giving me the life I have and blessing me with another year in my story. I can not wait to see what 2017 has in store for me. 


Dawson was baptized the second week of January and the whole group got together. The following weekend, I went on a mini trip to Islamorada, Florida Keys with everyone. It was amazing. We went on a glass boat ride and stayed in a little bungalow. The end of the month, we celebrated my nieces first birthday. It was Mickey themed. 


I began blogging again and started a new blog altogether. You can read my first post here. Chaz and I also celebrated our One Year Anniversary on the 4th. For Valentine's Day, we had a Brunch with all the girls. Throughout the month we had a lot of Sunday Dinners at Ally's house. It was always delicious and fun to see everyone on the weekends. The group also went to Walt Disney World for Ally's, Davids, and Skylar's Birthdays. 


Chaz and I went to Vegas for the first time. We went to UFC 196 and met Dominic Cruz and Nate Diaz. It was the funnest trip I have ever been to. I fell in love with Vegas. You can read more about that trip here. I can't wait to go back. My sisters and I are planning to go again the beginning of 2018 for my youngest sister Vanessa's birthday. In March we also partied on St. Patricks day with a group of friends. I also rekindled my relationship with one of my old best friends Taylor. I am so happy to say that we're still close <3


I hung out with an old friend Yanet for her birthday at Cowboys! We also celebrated the Birth of baby Aiden. I started working at a new job and I loved it. I also went to go see my second live UFC fight in Tampa with Chaz and Dorian. We also went to Ybor city and hung out at the original first Cuban Cigar place in South Florida. We also discovered Whiskey Joes and fell in love with the area. You can read more about that mini vacation here! One Friday night we had a girls night and it was the first time that Ally went out since Baby Dawson was born! 

I've always been one who loves reminiscing about the past and looking back at old photos. The first four months of 2016 were filled with hanging out with the group and going on a lot of trips. Stay tuned for Part two where I recap May, June, July and August <3

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