2016 Year In Review: Part Two.

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This month was pretty crazy. We celebrated Mine and Kristen's Birthday with a Tropical party. You can read about it here. Her Birthday is May 4th and mine is May 8. Ally also surprised me with making me one of her Bridesmaids. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. I turned 25 and celebrated my birthday a whole weekend long. My birthday was on Mothers Day this year so we celebrated it the night before. We went and had dinner at the Sugar Factory with Friends and Family and you can read about that here. Mothers Day, I went with Chaz's family and had Brunch at 94th Aero Squadron. I also went to Chaz's cousins wedding, went to a bridal show with Ally and the girls, and spent a Sunday at Elliot Key. 


This month was probably the most difficult of the year. I don't want to get too much into detail, but Chaz and I decided to part ways. On a positive note, I became really close with Yanet, and she became my best friend over the Summer. We were there for each other when we both needed somebody the most. I began going out more and meeting new people. I also went to the beach a lot and went ATV riding. I started going to the gym again and began looking better than I had in a while. I also went to Disney and to a Marlins Baseball game with my sisters and became closer with my mom.


This month was another Mix of Emotions. I celebrated my best friend Amanda's Birthday, and went out a lot. I also remembered many anniversaries of Friends that I had lost and lost another friend this month as well. It was 2 years of Tori's Passing on July 4, One Year of Josue's Passing on July 12th, Ten Years of my Grandfathers passing on July 14th, and My friend Maynor had passed away on July 14th 2016 as well. It was a sad month, filled with a lot of keeping myself busy and trying to have fun. Went to the beach a lot and grew even closer with Yanet. I also finally got my Mermaid Tattoo!! 

Rip. Tori, Josue, & Maynor <3


Chaz started coming back in the picture. Little by little we started talking again. We went out on a few dates but I was still doing my own thing. I was still going out with Yanet and having fun. My cousin Laura came down from Georgia for a whole weekend and we went to the beach and I took her to some of my favorite bars in Brickell. Janet and I went with Jess to the Brantley Gilbert Concert and we got rained on. Read more about that here. It was the funnest concert I have ever been to! I still kept in touch with Ally and the girls and I would go visit them as often as I could. UFC 202 was also on, and McGregor beat Diaz by Decision. I also wrote a goodbye summer post and you can check that out here! 

This half of the year was definitely a crazy one. It was probably the hardest time of 2016, but I learned a lot of myself and who my true friends really were. I actually really enjoyed this part of the year. I made made some amazing new friendships and I wouldn't change any of it for anything. Stay posted for Part Three <3

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