5 Relationship Things To Do On Christmas!

Only Ten more days until Christmas. This time of the year is definitely one of the busiest, but it can also be one of the most romantic. This is especially true for those who have someone special to share it with. Think about it, the weather in itself speaks for cuddling up under a warm fire, the irresistible Holiday songs, the gleaming lights, and the lovey-dovey Movies. It is one of, if not, the most romantic time of the year. Whether you want to splurge on your loved one, or save a little and do something more meaningful, below are some ideas for fun romantic things to do while you're in a relationship! 

1. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon.
You can't have Christmas without all the wonderful Christmas movies. Why not spend a whole day wrapped and cuddled like presents, watching multiple Holiday films with your significant other? This is something simple, and very intimate, not to mention inexpensive. Order some pizza, with your favorite wine, and some yummy deserts. You'll have the most amazing night ever. My favorite Christmas movie picks would be "It's a Wonderful Life, and White Christmas". There is something about old movies that makes the night that much more passionate and amorous. 

2. Take a Photo With Santa
Now I know what you must be thinking. That's for Children. Well, there's nothing wrong with being a Kid at heart. You can even make it a tradition and start a small album of Santa Pictures with your honey. It's a lot more fun than you think. Once you get over the awkwardness, and shyness, it's just another fun silly thing to do with your partner. 

3. Sit Around The Fire Place and Make S'mores.
This is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. It's not cold in South Florida that often, so whenever the temp drops below 75 degrees, you better believe we are outside covered in blankets surrounding a fire pit, stuffing our faces with yummy marshmallows and S'mores. Now just picture doing this with your loved one and I promise it's heavenly. Add in some Christmas songs and hot chocolate and it's an inexpensive date that your girl (or guy) would remember forever.

4. Go Ice Skating
Holding hands, looking into each others eyes, while one of you falls on your butt lol!! Ok, so yeah it might be the most cliche Holiday activity to do, but It's still fun and romantic. Try finding an outdoor Skating Rink and just take that Christmas spirit in. You won't find an outside ice skating rink down here in South Florida like the Rockefeller Center, but you can always opt out and go to an inside skating rink. Just check on the dates. I'm sure they have Christmas themed nights.

5. Have a Baking Date
One of the best things about the Holidays are the delectable deserts. Not only are you allowed to eat all the sweets you want, but it's ok if you get chubs because it's Christmas Time. It's expected. Now picture you and your bae in the kitchen having a blast just baking all these cookies, and yummy treats. Have you ever baked or even cooked with your significant other? It can be very sensual. The best part? You get to eat all the mouthwatering deserts afterwards. 

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