8 Tips On How To De-Stress and Relax From The Holiday Craziness

With Christmas only five days away, and The New Year right around the corner, these next two weeks can get a little hectic. Constantly running around and getting things done before the holidays, can definitely take a toll. I have put together some helpful tips, on how to destress and relax from all the holiday madness. 

1. Have a Lazy Christmas Free Day. - Sometimes too much of something can be, well too much. We're surrounded by Santa and everything Christmas all month long. Have a day where you have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. Instead of watching movies about Santa Clause, watch your favorite Christmas movie. Instead of listening to holiday music, listen to whatever you want. Just be lazy with nothing of Christmas. Trust me, it's heavenly. 

2. Stop and Smell the Lemons. - According to researchers, Lemon scents instantly boosts your mood. Also try some different scents to help relax and calm you. Aromatherapy does wonders when it comes to relaxing and distressing. 

3. Do something that makes you happy. - What's your most favorite thing to do in the world? Well, do exactly that. Eating pizza? It's one of my favorite things to do. Going to the beach, do it. Whatever makes you the happiest, do that. This will definitely help you de-stress. When you do something you love the chemicals in your brain go nuts, and life is good. 

4. Make time for a glass of wine. - Yum. Just thinking about a sweet cold glass right now makes me happy. Now, I'm not just being biased here because I am a total Wine-O but, drinking Wine is the number one easiest thing you can do to help you relax and go stress free. Wine is always the answer (;

5. Soak it all in. - A bubble bath that is. Go splurge on yourself and stock up bath bombs and all things Lush Products. Whenever I am having a hectic day, Holiday Related or not, I fill up that tub with hot water, and drop in a bath bomb (maybe two) and watch my favorite TV show. Talk about relaxing to the max. Nothing will bother you the rest of the day. I promise. 

6. Dance. - Feeling like your about to have a Christmas overload meltdown? Turn on that radio and dance it out. My family and I have regular weekly random dance parties. Not only does it help us clear our minds from all the crazy day happenings, but it also gets our heart pupping (i.e. working out) and gets us all together. It's also a lot of fun. If you follow my Facebook page, you'll see those random dance party videos on there. 

7. Take a Nap. - Doesn't this sound amazing? When you have to much on your plate and you're about to explode, just go knock out somewhere for an hour or five, and when you wake up you'll be good as new. Sleeping for a little may help with your anxiety from all the frantic Holiday hibbity going on around you, and might just improve your quality of life overall. 

8. Get a Makeover. - Not only does pampering yourself mean getting a massage, doing your nails, or doing your hair. It also means getting all dolled up. Looking pretty and feeling pretty makes you happy. Being happy drops the stress way down, and while you're getting pampered, you're relaxing. It's a win win. 

What are some tips that I might have left out that help you relax and de-stress from the holidays? 


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