Christmas Weekend 2016

Merry Tuesday and A Happy New Week! This Christmas was definitely one for the books. We did so much in under four days that I need a vacation from the mini vacation we had this weekend. Friday night we went to my best friend Ally's house and exchanged gifts with the kids. It was really sweet to see G and Dawson's reactions and excited faces. After that Chaz and I went to the Casino and had a nice Christmas Eve Eve just us two. 

Saturday during the day, we went to visit Chaz's aunt Maria and Uncle Juan, exchanged gifts and then drove down to Miami to visit his mom. We had a few cocktail drinks and smoked a nice cigar. After that we went to my house and celebrated Christmas Eve with My family. My sisters and I surprised everyone with Onesies and turned it into a PJ party. It was honestly one of the best parties we've ever been to on Christmas Eve. The fact that it was ours does not mean I am being biased lol.  I also made Christmas Props. We got all the grandmas to play beer pong and flip cup. We danced and also played Cards against humanity. Chaz's mom and sister even ended up at my house and celebrated with us. It was a Christmas Eve to remember. 

Christmas Morning was crazy. We had everyone over at our house. All our boyfriends slept over so it was a packed house. I surprised my grandma with a baby parakeet and she absolutely loved it. You can go see it on my Facebook page here. We went to Church at 12 and thanked god for everything. He truly blessed out family for Christmas this year. We were all together and happy. Once all the craziness from Christmas morning was up, Chaz and I went back to his place and had a nice quiet romantic evening just us two. We went to the only open Pizza place around and it was absolutely delicious. It's called Fratellis in Delray beach. It was a nice little spot. The food was delicious and the service was good. We would definitely go visit again.  I got so many wonderful gifts this year, but the best part was doing the gifting <3

Monday was probably our most busiest day. In the morning I did some bridesmaids duties with Ally, Noel and Kristen. After that, I met up with Chaz and we went to go visit a family member in the hospital (who is doing much better). Then we decided to just go for a random drive, and Chaz ended up taking me to one of his favorite private Childhood beaches that his father use to take him when he was younger. It was magical. The day was so beautiful and breezy. You take me near the ocean and I am a happy girl. He then surprised me by taking me to the restaurant we went to for our first Valentines Day. It was so romantic and sweet. We then went to go visit his dad and step mom for a little. I hadn't seen them in a while so it was nice to catch up. 

All in all it was a non stop crazy keep it moving kind of weekend, but it was wonderful. We did so much and saw so much family. It helps you remember all the meaningful things in life, like Love and Family. The way to end the second to last week of 2016 was very memorable. I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store coming up <3

How was your Christmas weekend? 


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