Dark Silver & Gold Smokey Eye

Happy Monday beauties ♡ Can you believe Christmas is this weekend, and twenty-sixteen is almost over? I know I say this every year but, wow did this year fly by. I'm excited to start a new year. A great deal of things happened this year, but to be honest, I actually thought 2016 was wonderful. It was a year full of learning about my self and staying positive. I would not have changed this year for the world.

With that being said, I have the perfect look to bring in the New Year! A gorgeous Silver & Gold Smokey Eye. I actually wore this look for a Freestyle Concert that I went to this past weekend. I received so many compliments on it and I just wanted to share it with you all. I truly did not use that many products and it didn't take me too long to do.

For my face, I used the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade Buff Beige, Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in Light Medium, Benefit cosmetics the Professional face primer, the NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick. For Contouring (which I don't do too much of) I sued the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. 

For the Eyes, I used the eyeshadow palettes that I always use, Too Faced Natural Eyes, and Urban Decay's Naked palette. For this look, I started outward and worked my way to the inner corners of my eyes. For the outer lid, I start off with The Naked palette and apply Hustle. I blend it out towards the outer crease and once that's nicely blended, I use Dark Horse for the outer crease to add a lightening affect. I then apply Creep and Gunmetal to the outer lid. This darkens the look and makes it more smokey. I then applied a Mix of Smog and Half Baked to my above crease. 

I then took the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette and used the shades Silk Teady and Heaven to brighten up the middle and inner lids. I then apply Sin to the inner corner and Virgin to the Brow Highlight from the Naked palette. I blend it all together to give it that smooth transitioning affect from light to dark. To add a little more gold into the look, I used Honey Pot from the Too Faced palette and added it to the middle crease. For the final smokey affect, I applied Chocolate Martini from the Too Faced palette to the lower lash line. Chocolate Martini has some nice specs of gold glitter in the shade and matched perfectly. 

I was going for a dramatic look, so I made sure I winged the eyeliner more than I usually would. I used the LA Colours Liquid Eyeliner. It's my favorite. For the Mascara, I applied Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in Jet black. I never go a day without it. 

For the Lips I used Twig from Mac Cosmetics. It's a cream-based lipstick. It is sort of matte but does not dry out matte and when photographed it has a small hint of shimmer and shininess to it. It's a pink shade with a quiet brown undertone. I absolutely love this color. 

How would you change up this makeup look? What would you do differently? If you do try out this look, tag me so I can see the differences! Thanks so much for stopping by and stay tuned for more Beauty looks <3


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