December Goals.

It's Christmas Time ya'll. Time to bring out the sweaters, boots, and bonfires. I am so excited. This is seriously one of my favorite times of the year. December 1st is officially the beginning of Christmas everything. Now, lets all pretend we haven't been in the Christmas spirit for the last two weeks, and lets start with the Christmas movies, the Christmas songs, and everything else Christmassy. 

This December I want to go full out Holiday Spirit. Christmas is exactly 24 days away and New years is 30 days away. I don't want to miss out on anything this month. Let's get right to my goals for this month <3

1. Bake. I want to bake cookies and cupcakes and cute little Holiday treats. I love baking I just don't believe I'm really any good at it. I want to start practicing and actually make stuff that not only tastes good, but looks good too. 

2. Enjoy the ending of 2016. This year was definitely a crazy roller coaster. I learned a lot about myself. I'm ready to end this year with a bang. I want to celebrate the ending of another year full out, with parties, and friends and family. I also want to take some time this month to remember and look back at all I accomplished this year and learned. 

3. Weekend Mini Vacation. I want to drive up somewhere in Florida, one of these weekends and just take in the Christmas Spirit. Random drive with nothing planned. Maybe end up somewhere like St. Augustine. It's honestly been on my list of places to visit in Florida forever. I went one December when I was 10 years old, and the oldest city is one of the most beautiful. 

4. New Years Dress. I have this superstition where the color you wear when you're counting down the  New Year, will effect the outcome of the coming year. Last year I wore red, for love. This year I want to wear gold, which stands for money. I need to find the prettiest sexiest gold dress ever!!! White is for health and prosperity. I never wear black, because black is never good. Like I said It might just be a superstition, but It's one I will forever follow. 

5. Bonfire Night. I want to be surrounded with loved ones in our sweaters and blankets, sitting under a cool starry night, enjoying Christmas music and stuffing our faces with S'mores. Doesn't that sound amazing?

6. Matching Onesies. This year, my sisters and I are planning to get our selves, our boyfriends, my grandma, and our parents, matching Christmas Onesies to wear for Christmas Morning. If we can pull it off and get everyone to wear it, we would have the funniest Christmas pictures. It would be such a memorable morning!!

7. Blogmas! I want to write a Christmas post everyday of the week all month long. 

I think these goals are pretty doable. What are your December Goals?

24 Days Until Christmas 🎅


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