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L a s t  w e e k,  I went to the mall and did a little Christmas Shopping. I may or may not have splurged more on myself then my friends and family, whom I actually was supposed to go shopping for. Regardless, I passed by Lush and decided it was time to restock on some goodies. I went a little Christmas crazy. 

I honestly have only tried Lush's Bath Bombs and bubble bars. One day, I'm sure I'll venture out and try the rest of their products, but for now I'll stick to what I know. I don't have a favorite bubble bar yet, so i picked up a mix of those. For bath bombs, my favorite has always been the Sex bomb. I wanted to stick with the winter holiday theme though, so I picked up a few new bath bombs that I have never tried. 

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

A festive bomb to bring Santa's presence into the bath. Once you pop this jolly bomb into your bath, you'll be able to soak away the hours in sweet waters as the blushing red of Santa's cheeks fizz away, to reveal a vivid holly green center. All we want for Christmas is this Santa, baby!

4 Star Rating on Website       Size: 7.0 Ounces       Price: $6.75

This bath bomb is Vegan for all you veganers. It contains fresh and natural ingredients. It has such a sweet smell to it, almost as if you're eating candy. Yum! I was a little taken aback that there was no red when it fizzed out, but loved the gorgeous emerald green that appeared. I loved that the green stayed beautiful through out my bath and did not turn the water murky looking. The smell also sticks to your skin long after the bath is over. Father Christmas was inexpensive as well. I do recommend this bath bomb 🎅🏼!

Mistletoe Bath Bomb

We thought hanging mistletoe was all about stealing kisses, but it's said to bring good luck to the household and ward off evil spirits too: bonus! For auspicious winter baths, toss this ornate bath bomb into the tub, watch it fizz away creating purple, jasmine scented waters for you to bask in (with or without a special friend to smooch). 

4 Star Rating on Website       Size: 7.0 Ounces       Price: $7.95

Also another vegan product, this bath bomb contains fresh ingredients including Jasmine absolute. I love the scent. It's very relaxing. After reading some reviews it was mixed. Some said the glitter was to much, some said it wasn't enough. I do recommend this bath bomb though. After the bath my skin felt very moisturized and silky smooth 🎄!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Fancy an uplifting cocktail? Cognac and zesty lime oils get this bath party started with mood-brightening scents, while sweet orange oil refreshes the scenes. In the water this present shaped fizzer unwraps itself to reveal glittering golden luster and a sparkling turquoise explosion. Don't wait until Christmas Day to bather yourself in festive luxury. 

4.5 Star Rating on Website       Size: 7.0 oz        Price: $6.95

Also vegan, this wonderful smelling bath bomb definitely lives up to it's name. It contains cognac oil which just like it's alcoholic cousin, gives off great health benefits. It's very soothing and great for aromatherapy. This has to be my favorite of all three bath bombs I purchased. I felt like royalty with they beautiful golds surrounding me in the tub. I would definitely recommend this bath bomb. It is a perfect way to get the Christmas spirit flowing 🎁!

Snowy Bubble Bar

This hazy cosmic Jive of bright, tangy grapefruit and neroli will take your far away from it all. Don't blow it; simply crumble under running water. In a flash glam sparkling oodles of bubbles will burst forth, making you feel like the worlds biggest stars, the exquisite fragrance of rose oil provides delicate floral sophistication, freezing the trouble of the outside world. Let your body boogie!

5 Star Rating on Website          Size: 3.5 oz       Price: $8.95    

Vegan and fresh, this bubble bar's main ingredient is grapefruit oil. This bubble bar was inspired by the late David Bowie. It's perfect for rallying and just taking a little break from the daily stresses. A little goes along way so this bubble bar was perfect for multiple bath uses. I would recommend this, especially to whoever will get the "Snowie"reference ⛄!

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

Take one look into Santa's adorable chocolate chip eyes and you'll see why we had to bring this Santa back for another Christmas. With a layer of hydrating butters and a mouth watering strawberry perfume, you'll have to restrain yourself from taking a chomp out of this bubble bar. Save him for the bath instead: we promise you'll enjoy him much better in the bath than in your tummy.

5 Star Rating on Website       Size: 4.2 oz       Price: $6.95

Vegan, and one of the most wanted Christmas Bubble bars on the website today. Isn't he the cutest. The main ingredient is fair trade organic cocoa butter. It fills the bathtub with a beautiful color, and the sweet smell of strawberry is breath taking. It gives you  up to 3 bath times!!! It leaves your skin silky soft and the scent lingers after the bath is over. Delicious 🍓!

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

When it's really chilly, antarctic birds of a feather stick together, in big cuddly huddles. When there's no one around to hug, a bath with this penguin will keep you feeling toasty. Our endearing little penguin might be flightless, but give him a crumble under the tap and blankets of foam will soar out and transform your bath into a frothy landscape of blue and white crests. What's more, Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils combine with sweet bergamot to give your mood a cheery citrus boost. 

4.5 Star Rating on Website         Size: 3.5 oz       Price: $7.45

Vegan and it's main ingredients are Bergamot oil. This bubble bar leaves behind a yummy mood booster of citrus and orange that will of sure bring out the holiday spirit of your grinchiness. The water turns blue and leaves your skin as soft and Mr. Scrooges whiskers! Not only is the penguin adorable, but it leaves your skin as soft as a babies tooshie ❄️!

What are your favorite lush products? What are some that you recommend? Click HERE to head on over to their website and do some Lush Christmas Shopping of your own <3

19 Days Until Christmas!


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