My Nicholas Sparks Novel Collection

          I have always been a lover of  R E A D I N G. I can spend hours a day immersed in my own little novel world. I have a nice little collection of a mixture of some of my favorite novels, but my Nicholas Sparks collection is pretty impressive. I do have a few of his movies too, but i prefer the reading material instead. 

My brain works in ways that as I am reading, it's as if I am watching a movie right in my head. It's wonderful. The movies are fantastic, but there is just something about having every last little detail. From what they are thinking, to the description of what they are smelling. Novels are just my go to.

I have never been a fan of the electronic era when it comes to reading. Sure, it it quicker and faster to obtain, but I prefer having the novel right in front of me. I love the smell of the paper and the sound and feel of flipping a page over. To me it's just more exhilarating. 

I have read each and every novel from Nicholas Sparks. Right when they are available in stores. He is the main reason I decided to join the Barnes and Noble, VIP Membership program. You get wonderful discounts on all the novels, and they usually let you pick up the newest releases, before they actually hit the stores. 

The first Nicholas Sparks novel I read was Dear John, back in high school. It was the first time I checked out a library book from the school, let alone the first time I stepped into the school library. I picked it up because I had seen The Notebook and was obsessed with the movie. I figured his novels would be just as much. Was I beyond my understanding. Within the first chapter It was practically impossible to get my eyes glued off from the reading material. Thus began my undoubtedly obsession with his novels. 

From the creases in the books, you can see that they were practically overused. It has never taken me longer than a few days to finish any of his novels. Once I buy them there is no putting them down. I take the novels with me everywhere. My favorite novel of his to this date is The Choice. It's one of the novels that I have read more than four times. The movie absolutely does not do it justice. Just like most of his movies, it is amazing, but they alter a lot of the scenes and they cut some things out. Reading his novels is a must if you are a fan. 

In my collection, I also have The Longest Ride, but my mother currently has it. She is an avid reader as well, but her favorite author is Nora Roberts. I like most of her novels too. Another favorite would have to be The Lucky One. I promise I'm not going to give any spoilers in case some of you haven't seen it or read it (if you haven't you are CRAZY), but it's such a loving story. Like most of his novels, there is a tragedy, but then again, it's not a true love story if it doesn't have a romantic tragedy. I believe that's why Nicholas Sparks has such a following. His novels are full of Love and Passion, and Tragedy.

Two by Two, is his most recent novel. I have not gotten around to reading it yet, but I have heard great reviews about it. It came out October 4th, and you better believe I was at Barnes and Nobles that same day to pick it up. I have most of his novels in paperback form, just because it's smaller, lighter, and easier to carry around with me, but I do prefer the hard cover. There is just a classier look to them. They make perfect coffee table reads, and do not get much paper damage like the paper backs when used too much. I eventually plan on switching all the novels to the hard covers, just so they would look beautiful on a shelf so I can show them off. 

I'm missing four of his novels from my collection. A walk to Remember, Nights in Rodanthe, True Believer, and Three Weeks with My Brother. Once I have those remaining four, my collection is complete, and I would have every novel written by Nicholas Sparks. Yes, I told you it was a bit of an obsession <3

What is your favorite Nicholas Sparks Novel? 


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