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Jen from Budget Girl Life tagged me in a Q&A, and you know I'm never one to turn these down. It's been a while since I've done one of these plus they're so much fun. I love to travel, and though I don't get to as much as I would like, I hope I can cross off a few things from my Travel Bucket List this year. Come on and join the Travel Tag fun <3

1. Where are you from?
I'm from beautiful sunny Miami.

2. How many countries have you visited?

I have visited six countries not including the United States. I've been to Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, and Haiti. 

3. Why do you travel?

Traveling is all about relaxation, and getting out of your comfort zone. I love learning about new cultures, and experiencing new things that I am not able to do in everyday life. 

4. Favorite country?

That I have visited, would have to be the Bahamas. That island life, is exactly what I would love to be doing. They have such a go with the flow relaxed life and that is my personality one hundred percent. That I have not visited, and have only seen in pictures or heard of, would have to be Fiji. Yes, more island living. The waters are so clear and beautiful. It's just another relaxed laid back lifestyle. 

5. Most memorable experience abroad?

The most memorable would have to be when I went to Jamaica and climbed the Dunn's River falls in Ocho Rios. I love anything that gives me an adrenaline rush. Climbing 180 feet of waterfall rocks was so fun, scary, and thrilling. Read more about it here. 

6. Where was your first plane ride to?

My first plane ride was to the Dominican Republic. I believe I was 13 years old. We went for a family trip and it was one of the funnest vacations I have ever had. 

7. Something you always pack when traveling?

I always pack my camera. I can not go anywhere with out it. Especially when I am traveling. Some of the photos I take mean so much because of the views and memories that I want to keep forever. 

8. Where would you travel to just to eat the food?

This is the easiest question on the list. Italy. I love pizza. My mouth is watering just thinking about real authentic Italian Pizza and cuisine. 

9. Where would you love to travel to?

Everywhere. I would love to travel the world. My to five places though, would have to be Italy, Greece, Paris, Fiji, and Hawaii. 

10. Are you currently saving up for a trip?

Yes! I have to trips in the works. One to the Bahamas the end of March and I am planning another one to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands for my birthday in May. 

11. Favorite accent in the world?

Definitely would have to say an Australian Accent or an Italian accent. 

12. Least favorite travel destination?
None that I have been to so far. 

13. Preferred method of travel?

Road Trips. If it is possible to drive to my destination, I would. I love road trips. 

14. Hostel, hotel or Air BnB?

I have never stayed in a Hostel or Air BnB. I have heard good things about them, but being honest, I would probably always choose a hotel. Just the luxuries of it and all the amenities

15. Tips for flying long-haul?

Come prepared. Bring extra things to keep you occupied. Your laptop, a book to read, etc. Bring a blanket or sweater in case you're freezing. Also take a neck pillow. They always come in handy. Oh and bring snacks that you can take on a plane. 

16. Worst part about traveling?

You may be having so much fun that the time goes by so quickly. Also coming home. No one likes the end of the trip. 

17. Most treasured passport stamp?

I haven't traveled anywhere yet where they give you the stamps. I know, I need to get it moving. 

18. Favorite travel website?

Carnival Cruise line. I love traveling and going on Cruises. They have all the accommodations of many places to visit, but also you never have to drive anywhere and it's all you can eat. 

19. Advice for those who want to travel?

You can actually read some of my tips here. 

20. Most hospitable country you’ve ever been to?
The Bahamas. People there are so friendly.

Join on in the fun. 

I tag Mitzi @ The Innovative Latina
Emily @A Little Bit of Emily
Jasmine @ Jasmine Maria
Kate @ Kate Koutures
Erin @ Love, Fun & Football
and Biana @ B Loved Boston.

 I also tag everyone else <3


Top 5 Best Date Night Restaurants In Miami

'Tis the season for Romance my friends. Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Time to start setting up your plans and making your reservations. If you're in the Miami area, or traveling here soon, you are in luck. Miami has so many romantic places to see and go to and many more romantic date night things to do. Below I wrote down some of the most liked romantic date night restaurants here in Miami. If you're ever in town, definitely check some of these Romantic hot spots. 

Located in Brickell, Crazy About You has one of the most romantic views in South Florida. The view of the Bay is magnificent. You can enjoy cocktails with your special someone right out on the terrace or back in the lounge. On chilly nights (which is rare), if you would like to sit out on the terrace, they bring out blankets and have the fire lamps on giving it an even more romantic feel. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. 

Another romantic restaurant right on the water, The Rusty Pelican is one of my favorite spots in Key Biscayne. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic brunch or an evening out, this spot is perfect. Known for their delicious food and the famous Miami Skyline (every seat in the house has a spectacular view), Rusty Pelican has made a name for itself and is one of the trendiest romance spots in Miami.

What's another romantic restaurant on the water? You guess it. Redfish Grill is a sea food waterfront dining experience. It's located in Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables. Seating is limited so reservations ahead of time is a must, just for punctual seating. Getting there is an experience in itself with the views of the environment surrounding you so beautiful. The food is exquisite, service is wonderful and the views are some beautiful. What more can you ask for? 

In Spanish that translates to secret. Everyone always loves a little mystery. This little cozy romantic spot, located in Kendall serves authentic "feels like home" Italian food. This spot does not have glorious views like a water front, but it does have wonderful artwork on the walls, and the ambiance is wonderful. Tucked away in a shopping plaza, this restaurant seats 10 - 12 tables. The food is some of the best Italian food I've had in Miami and the service is excellent.  

5. Soyka
Located in Little Haiti, Soyka is becoming of the "Must Try" restaurants in Miami. The name leads you to believe it's an Asian Restaurant, but not at all. The variety of foods at the place are unbelievable. From the food, to the music, to the decor this place is absolutely amazing. They even have pizza. This may be one of my favorite spots on the list. 

What are some of your favorite Romantic datenight spots in Miami? 



Flirty Valentines Day Makeup

I love Valentines Day. It's a day filled with love where ever you go. Regardless if you despise the holiday or love it like me, It's always fun to get pretty. Today's look has all the drama from a Smokey Eye, but also the sexiness of Valentines Day colors. You don't have to use the exact products that I am using today, but chances are you already have similar ones lying around in your makeup drawer. 

**All the products I used in this look are shown above, except the foundation and the contour kit.**

For The Face
I used the  Miracle Prime for the face primer, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade buff beige, Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous in light medium, and the NYX Bright Idea Illuminating stick. For the contouring, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit. For the Blush I used the Chanel Joues Contrast Powder in Rose. 

For the eyes
I used a brand new eyeshadow palette that my mom got me for Christmas. She purchased it at Kohl's and it was pretty inexpensive. It's from the Elle Cosmetics Line. The colors are extremely pigmented. For the base I used the first shade, which is a nude beige. I also used that as the highlight on my eyebrow bone. I then used my elf eyeshadow C brush and took the last shade on the palette (a shimmery dark purple brown) for the outer lid, above crease, and lower lash line. I used my crease brush from elf to blend out the color. I grabbed the same C brush and took the second to last shade (a dark shimmer coco color) and applied that to my Outer crease. I then took the crease brush and blended those colors together. 

Once the outer corners and creases are are well blended, I grabbed another C brush and applied the second shade on the palette (a shimmer vanilla color, almost exact to Sin from Urban Decay) and put that shade on my Inner Corner and inner lash line. I then took that same brush, and applied the fifth shade on the eyeshadow palette. It is a shimmer purple cranberry color. It is gorgeous. I applied it to my middle crease and inner corners. I blended it out evenly so It almost seems as if it is going from light to dark. 

The liquid eyeliner I used is my all time favorite. I have been using this eyeliner brand for over a year and I would never switch it. It's the L.A Colors liquid eyeliner in black. I also use their pencil eyeliner. There is never any smudging and it dries instantly. It also does not come off unless you use a makeup wipe or makeup remover. The mascara I used is the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black. 

For the lips
NYX lipsticks are by far my favorite matte lipsticks. My sister bought me a few for Christmas, and I thought the dark red she gave me went perfectly for this look. I used the NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in the shade Vintage. It's a dark red with a hint of purple. These pictures do not do it justice. In fact, it may be a bit darker than what it appears here. 

I posted this look on my Instagram and got many compliments on it. Would you do anything to this makeup look? How would you make it your own. If you try this out, please let me know. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day <3



5 Miami Bloggers You Should Be Following!

I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. No, I am not being biased. Miami is so beautiful all year round. The sky is always blue, the sun is always shining, and it's always shorts, tank top, and sandal weather. I live where most of you dream of vacationing. I'm 15 minutes away from the beach, three hours away from Disney World, and 90 miles give or take from the Caribbean. There is so much to see and do here in my beautiful city. There are also five amazing Miami Bloggers that you definitely should be following, including myself. 

1. Eb - The Chronicles of You & I ♡

Eb is actually a dear friend of mine. She began blogging back in August, and I am obsessed with her wordpress blog. She is a lifestyle blogger and mostly writes about her every day life happenings with her adorable One year old baby boy. She also writes about Motherhood, being a wife, recipes, and everything in between. Her blog is fairly new. She is an amazing write and I can't wait to see where her blog takes her. 

2. Jennifer - Budget Girl Life ♡

I have known Jennifer since sixth grade. Yes, we go way back. We use to be best friends. Her blog is the coolest. She blogs and writes about traveling, and has great tips on budgeting. She also writes about fashion and beauty. She began blogging back in June and is hitting the blogging world by storm. 

3. Jen - Letters To Time ♡

This blog is brand new, but I have been following Jen through instagram for a while now. I do not know her personally, but I feel for her. She experienced great love and great loss at such a young age, and is probably one of the greatest writers I have come across. She writes letters to her daughter, and letters to her angel. She also blogs about her travels, nursing school. This is definitely a blog, that you need to go read. Her story is tragic, yet beautiful, and I can not wait to follow along in her journey of growth and self discovery. 

4. Kara - Kara On The Coast 

I have been following Kara for sometime now. She is a New Mommy and blogs about anything and everything, but she's mostly a travel and lifestyle blogger. I am pretty much obsessed with her blog and she blogs about Sea Turtles as well. I was instantly hooked when she wrote about a Resort that helps save the Sea Turtles. Kara also loves traveling all over Florida and visiting the beautiful beaches along the Florida Coast.  

5. Yesenia - Love, Yesi ♡

You didn't think I was going to leave myself out did you? I am a Miami Blogger after all. I am mostly a Lifestyle blogger but, I write about anything and everything. From my travels, to Beauty and Fashion, to everyday life. I love blogging and I hope you guys keep coming back for more (;

These girls made this list because I truly enjoy reading their blogs. They blog with passion and with meaning. They are worth the read. These girls are the real deal and I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do. (Not including myself lol) You definitely need to check them out and follow in their little adventures. Go on, let them know who sent you ♡


NYX Lingerie Lipstick Review // Lace Detail

If you have been following along on my Instagram or this blog, you would know how  O b s e s s e d  I have been with NYX Matte Lipsticks lately. I have over 10 in my collection, and it just keeps growing. I seem to pick up a new shade every time I see one. There are a thousand and one reasons why I love these lipsticks. They are matte. They are long lasting. They have them in so many different shades. The bottles are super cute. This list goes on and on. 

Sadly, with this shade... It's just not one hundred percent. 

Lace Detail in NYX's Lingerie line, is just not up to par with other previous shades that I have used. I have come to notice that the lighter shades are not as matte or opaque as some of the darker tones. I do love this shade though. It's a nude tone with a hint of pink. My biggest issue with Lace Detail Lingerie Matte Lipstick is that since it is a lighter tone, it is very streaky. 

I had to keep applying it on my lips a few times, just to get a smooth non streaky look. But after that it just looked very cakey. I had to take it off and reapply a few times before I got the look that I really wanted. Although, once it does dry up most of the streakiness does go away. It's not something that you can't deal with, but from other Nude Lipsticks I have picked up from NYX, I am sad to say that this was not a 10 out of a 10. 

I do still plan on using it because you can layer it to get the look you want, but It's a tad frustrating when I have to reapply over and over to get the smooth consistency instead of the streaky look. 

Lipstick Rating: 7

Whats your favorite NYX Lipstick? 


Best & Worst of "Love, Yesi" 2016

N e x t   M o n t h  will be One whole year that Love, Yesi has been in action. I've been blogging since 2011, but this is my first blog that I kept the name the same for a whole year. Blogging brings me joy and peace , and hopefully this year, I can actually turn it into something big. I accomplished so much in twenty-sixteen with my blog, but there is always room for improvement. I wanted to share with you my Top five most popular posts, as well as the Least five most unpopular posts. ♡

T o p   F i v e   M o s t   P o p u l a r   P o s t s 

1. 10 Reasons Why Having Big Boobs Suck! - This was my most viewed post. It's one of my funnier writings. I received so many compliments on this post from so many girls who had the same issues as me. 

2. Cute But Weird Things About My Relationship - It was so much fun to write this post. Chaz and I have a silly relationship and I loved that those who read it actually had a lot of the same things in common. 

3. I'm Not The Girl I Was Three Months Ago - This post is the perfect example of my blog giving me peace. Through a very difficult time in my life, I was able to pour my heart out. Writing has always been an outlet for me. 

4. 5 Tips To Always Remember When Planning a Trip - I love traveling. I wish I was able to more. These five tips definitely help me everytime I'm planning, and they've helped a lot of my friends as well. 

5. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Review -  I wrote this review right at the height of Colourpop Matte Lipsticks. Now there are so many more different shades. I can't wait to purchase more!

I am proud of every blog post I write and share with you all but, sometimes they don't make the popularity cut. They just don't as many views, and that's ok. There are so many factors that can play into this. The time I post it up can affect the amount of views these posts get, the hashtags I use, or that these blog posts may be just flat out boring to some people. It's all good though. These posts do need some loving' anyways, so please go check them out. Here are my Least Five unpopular posts.

L e a s t   F i v e   M o s t   U n p o p u l a r   P o s t s 

5. Things That Have My Vote - With everyone going crazy over trump becoming president, I thought I would add some lighthearted fun. I shared with everyone a few things that I loved. 

4. Thanksgiving Highlights - Thanksgiving 2K16 was a lot of fun. I got to celebrate it with all my friends and family. I didn't want to bore everyone with hundreds of photos so this post was just the highlights of the whole weekend. 

3. Halloween Weekend - Another weekending post. I've come to notice that these don't get that many views. Anyways, this halloween I dressed up in three different costumes, and had a party every night that weekend. 

2. Happy Birthday Mom - I love my mom and I just shared a few photos with everyone of my fantastic mother and I. She's a little ball of fire, and I am so lucky to get to call her Mami. 

1. 45 Disney Questions - I was about to go on another Disney Trip, and thought it would be fun to do a little Disney Questionnaire. Who doesn't love disney? Apparently, everyone who didn't view this post! 

Go check all these posts out <3



My Top 10 Tips For A Newbie Planner with The Innovative Latina!

H e l l o everyone! My name is Mitzi and I am the proud owner of the blog The Innovative Latina. Today Yesi is letting me do a mini takeover on her blog. I virtually met Yesi via Instagram and I was super excited to learn that not only was she a fellow blogger but that she loves planners too! She is the absolute sweetest person and I couldn’t wait to do this collaboration with her. If you missed her guest post on my blog yesterday, you can check it out here.
As I enter my second year of planning, I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips that I think are super important for anyone to know when starting to use a planner. You can read all about my journey into the planner community on my blog. Fast forward to today, I’d like to think that I’ve gained enough experience in this planning community to be able to help others start their planning journey.
I know that most of you have heard of the quote “If I knew then, what I know now…” Well that couldn’t be more true especially in my situation. I wish that I had someone to help me when I first started because I am ashamed to admit to the craziness that came over me for far too long.

With that said, here are My Top 10 Tips to help you start your planning journey!

1. CREATE A BUDGET - Before you even browse at all of the different planners that are out there, create a budget for yourself as to just how much you want to spend on this new found hobby/venture. Based on how much you can afford to spend, you can narrow down just how much you should spend on the actual planner itself and then you can factor in the other goodies as you go along.

2. DO YOUR RESEARCH Believe me when I say that there are all types of planners that are available either online or in your local craft stores. You should definitely sign up for promotional emails so that you can use any coupons that are available. You will notice that planners come a variety of sizes and if you plan to carry the planner with you on a daily basis, this will help you determine what size would work best for you.

3. DECIDE WHAT YOU WILL USE THE PLANNER FOR Whether it be for managing day to day activities, personal or business purposes, journaling, finances, etc., it is important to know exactly what you will use it for.

4. NEED MORE THAN ONE PLANNER? - Don’t forget to factor this cost into the budget that you have created. Also make sure that you purchase the right size for whatever it is that you are going to be using a second planner for.

My best advice is to start small! Buy a small pack of washi tape, one or two sticker books that not only offer the most stickers for your money but those that will work for what you will be using your planner for. Make sure to stock up on your favorite pen(s) as you will be doing a lot of writing and plenty of post it notes.

6. USE POST IT NOTES FOR PRE-PLANNING - I use these for pre-planning so that I could avoid having to use white out or cross things out which in turn will make your planner look messy. Use post it notes to mark important events that could be cancelled at any time (Dr.’s appointments, etc.)

7. CREATE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT STRICTLY FOR PLANNING - If you want to meet other planner girls and/or gain planner inspiration, this is the best way to connect with other planners. Everyone shares photos of their planners and you will find tons of photos that offer awesome planner deco inspiration ideas. You can also search Pinterest too and create a board just for Planner Fun. I've made some amazing planning friends in the past two years. I look forward to interacting them everyday.

8. BUILD UP YOUR WILLPOWER The reason I say that is because if you decide to create a planning account on Instagram, you need to be prepared for all of the enabling that can occur between planner friends but trust me when I say that it’s all in good fun! The reality is that there are always going to be new and cute things coming out at different stores. I can’t even begin to tell you how many impulse buys I made simply from seeing a picture and making myself believe that “I had to have it!” Boy was I WRONG!

Also, it is important to remember that not everyone’s budget is the same as yours therefore you have to know your limits and stick to the budget that you have created. While everyone loves to support small businesses including myself, it is very possible to go overboard on buying stickers from Etsy shops. For my own budget reasons, I have successfully avoided this potential habit. In the two years that I have been planning, I have only ordered stickers three times from Etsy and two of them were from the same shop.

Disclaimer: Please know that I am in no way discouraging anyone from purchasing from Etsy as I always give credit to everyone who owns an Etsy shop. I know that it takes dedication, patience and a lot of hard work. I am simply stating that just like anything else, it can become an expensive habit. 

9. GET CREATIVE - Find other methods of decorating your planner. There are tons of free planner printables available on Pinterest that you can print at home by purchasing inexpensive Avery label paper at either Walmart, Target or Amazon. If you are a crafty person, you can also create your own stickers by using whatever program you’d like and incorporate them into labels. Find a picture of a grocery cart, resize it and use it as reminders for grocery related things in your planner, the same for laundry, etc. You can find tons of videos on You Tube that show you how to create your own DIY dividers, planner covers, and more.

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY: HAVE FUN! - Decorate it however you wish! Use as many stickers as you want, it’s your planner. Everyone’s decorating style is different so do whatever works for you. I personally am very minimal when it comes to decorating however too much white space drives me insane. My planning style has definitely evolved over the last couple of years and you will find that yours will too.

Well I hope that you have all enjoyed the tips that I have shared with you today. For me, planning has kept me super organized and I highly recommend it to anyone who may be thinking about starting to use a planner. I hope that my tips will help guide you while you choose the planner that will work best for you. I can't wait to see which one you pick! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram so that we can stay connected and share some planner inspiration. 

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