10 #Bossbabe Quotes to Empower You For The New Year

Have you looked up the definition of #bosslady, #bossbabe, or #bossgirl? It means a "Strong Confident woman who can accomplish all tasks set in front of her, whilst remaining beautiful." "A woman who is in control and very respected by others." "A beautiful woman who runs the show, is cool, calm, and collected, and gets the job done." "A woman who hold her own, giving others a standard to abide by." "Another word for your mother." Just to name a few. 

Below I'm sharing some quotes that I know will make you feel empowered, strong, confident, and a boss ass lady <3

**All These quotes were designed by me. If you would like to use them, just make sure to tag @loveyesiblog.**









What are some of your favorite #Bosslady quotes?!


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