17 Things To Let Go of In 2017

It's a New Year. Time to start fresh and anew. Time to let go of  T w e n t y - S i x t e e n  and move on with your life. It's time for you to reach unlimited happiness. It's time for you to reach pure bliss. You can do that by simply letting go of some things. Letting go of anything can be a bit scary, but I promise it will better yourself and help you reach that spiritual feeling of self love. Here are 17 things to let go of for the New Year.

1. Let go of Taking Things Personally. Don't pay much attention to what others are telling you. It's usually not about you, it's about them. Not letting yourself take anything personal,  does not give or  allow certain individuals to hold a power over you. It helps you keep a healthier perspective on life. It's a freeing feeling, knowing that no matter what someone says or does, you won't be affected by it.

2. Let go of Negative people. Negative people bring negative energy. You don't need that in your life. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. 

3. Let go of Toxic thoughts. The worst thing one can do to oneself, is have negative thoughts. It's almost a bad habit. Once you think it, it becomes it. I'm a firm believer in energy. If you think of negative or toxic energy, negative or toxic things happen. Toxic thoughts can cause depression, envy, jealousy, and sometimes be harmful. I know sometimes it's hard to not have these thoughts, but try. It can change your outlook on life. 

4. Let go of anger from ex lovers, ex friends, and family. Holding this grudge over people that hurt you, affects you in every way possible. Sometimes we hold the hurt and anger unknowingly, and unwillingly. Once you let go of this anger, it allows you to move forward with your life.

5. Let go of Worrying. When you worry so much, it messes with your brain. You don't think clearly, and your reality may alter. It can cause stress and anxiety. Try doing something relaxing  or that you love to subside the worrying. 

6. Let go of the idea that everything is Black & White. There is a grey area. Sometimes there's more than just right and wrong. Think about it, no one is one hundred percent bad, and no one is one hundred percent good. We have to recognize that life is just not that simple. 

7. Let go of thinking that you have to have everything figured out. Just because I'm 25, does not mean I have my shit together. Shit, I still feel as lost as I did when I was 21. No one has it figured out. Once you let this belief go, weight will be lifted off your shoulders. Now, I'm not saying to slack off, but just give yourself a break, even old people don't have it all solved yet. 

8. Let go of People Pleasing. I am so guilty of this. I am definitely the type of person that will put my needs and feelings aside to make someone happy. This could be a good quality, but it has its faults. I go above and beyond to please someone, and forget about myself in the end. Sometimes I'm even to hard on myself when I can't please them. It's not healthy for myself or for anyone with the same attribute,

8. Let go of the pressure yo put on yourself. Everything you do is never good enough. No one in your life expects you to be so perfect. Just like the laws in science, if you apply to much pressure, you will explode. Well, just think of it the same way for you. Don't do anything that's going to cause you to combust. 

9. Let go of all you haven't accomplished. You didn't save as much money as you wanted to? You didn't lose all the weight? So what?! Try harder this year. Move forward and accomplish this year what you couldn't last year!

10. Let go of Regrets. Stop beating yourself up for something that happened, that you were unable to change or fix. Focus on the bigger picture, and learn from past mistakes. Never regret anything that you can't control. It's time to move on with your life.

11. Let go of your Money issues. Make a plan to start over this year. Set a budget, start saving. Change your spending habits. Focus on what you can do to increase your banking. 

12. Let go of Making Excuses. Excuses is another way of simply your lying to yourself. In reality all excuses do, is distance yourself from what you're truly trying to accomplish. If it honestly is really important to you, you will figure out a way to make it happen instead of finding an excuse. 

13. Let go of taking your loved one for granted. If you're in love with this person, show them. Let them know. Make them a priority in your life. Everyone wants to be honored and respected. Treat your partner the way you want to be treated and you will live in a long happy loved relationship.

14. Let go of Gossip. It can cause drama, hurt emotions, and cause unnecessary stress. Don't talk bad about people or behind peoples backs. It makes you a bully, and you wouldn't want others talking about you or spreading rumors. 

15. Let go of being scared. Don't let life, and everything in it frighten you. Yes, it can be scary, but it's also beautiful. Don't fear failure. Don't fear being alone. Don't fear the future. Don't fear change. All this is inevitable. Grab life by the stones and give it your all. 

16. Let go of the idea that you don't fit in. Being the same as everyone else is boring. Embrace your differences. You don't have to change yourself to have others like you. You're your own individual and that is beautiful. True genuine people will like you just the way you are. 

17. Let go of thinking you don't deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves happiness. Stop being insecure, be confident. Be genuine. Be humble. Be strong. You deserve the world. Don't feel guilty for being yourself. Other people can't decide what you do or don't deserve. Only you can. 

I honestly really loved writing this post. It made me realize all the stuff that I need to let go of. I did a lot of research for this post and gained more confidence in myself. I do plan on doing most if not everything on this list to be genuinely happy. I hope this post helps you with your happiness and strength as well. 


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