5 Miami Bloggers You Should Be Following!

I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. No, I am not being biased. Miami is so beautiful all year round. The sky is always blue, the sun is always shining, and it's always shorts, tank top, and sandal weather. I live where most of you dream of vacationing. I'm 15 minutes away from the beach, three hours away from Disney World, and 90 miles give or take from the Caribbean. There is so much to see and do here in my beautiful city. There are also five amazing Miami Bloggers that you definitely should be following, including myself. 

1. Eb - The Chronicles of You & I ♡

Eb is actually a dear friend of mine. She began blogging back in August, and I am obsessed with her wordpress blog. She is a lifestyle blogger and mostly writes about her every day life happenings with her adorable One year old baby boy. She also writes about Motherhood, being a wife, recipes, and everything in between. Her blog is fairly new. She is an amazing write and I can't wait to see where her blog takes her. 

2. Jennifer - Budget Girl Life ♡

I have known Jennifer since sixth grade. Yes, we go way back. We use to be best friends. Her blog is the coolest. She blogs and writes about traveling, and has great tips on budgeting. She also writes about fashion and beauty. She began blogging back in June and is hitting the blogging world by storm. 

3. Jen - Letters To Time ♡

This blog is brand new, but I have been following Jen through instagram for a while now. I do not know her personally, but I feel for her. She experienced great love and great loss at such a young age, and is probably one of the greatest writers I have come across. She writes letters to her daughter, and letters to her angel. She also blogs about her travels, nursing school. This is definitely a blog, that you need to go read. Her story is tragic, yet beautiful, and I can not wait to follow along in her journey of growth and self discovery. 

4. Kara - Kara On The Coast 

I have been following Kara for sometime now. She is a New Mommy and blogs about anything and everything, but she's mostly a travel and lifestyle blogger. I am pretty much obsessed with her blog and she blogs about Sea Turtles as well. I was instantly hooked when she wrote about a Resort that helps save the Sea Turtles. Kara also loves traveling all over Florida and visiting the beautiful beaches along the Florida Coast.  

5. Yesenia - Love, Yesi ♡

You didn't think I was going to leave myself out did you? I am a Miami Blogger after all. I am mostly a Lifestyle blogger but, I write about anything and everything. From my travels, to Beauty and Fashion, to everyday life. I love blogging and I hope you guys keep coming back for more (;

These girls made this list because I truly enjoy reading their blogs. They blog with passion and with meaning. They are worth the read. These girls are the real deal and I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do. (Not including myself lol) You definitely need to check them out and follow in their little adventures. Go on, let them know who sent you ♡


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