Best & Worst of "Love, Yesi" 2016

N e x t   M o n t h  will be One whole year that Love, Yesi has been in action. I've been blogging since 2011, but this is my first blog that I kept the name the same for a whole year. Blogging brings me joy and peace , and hopefully this year, I can actually turn it into something big. I accomplished so much in twenty-sixteen with my blog, but there is always room for improvement. I wanted to share with you my Top five most popular posts, as well as the Least five most unpopular posts. ♡

T o p   F i v e   M o s t   P o p u l a r   P o s t s 

1. 10 Reasons Why Having Big Boobs Suck! - This was my most viewed post. It's one of my funnier writings. I received so many compliments on this post from so many girls who had the same issues as me. 

2. Cute But Weird Things About My Relationship - It was so much fun to write this post. Chaz and I have a silly relationship and I loved that those who read it actually had a lot of the same things in common. 

3. I'm Not The Girl I Was Three Months Ago - This post is the perfect example of my blog giving me peace. Through a very difficult time in my life, I was able to pour my heart out. Writing has always been an outlet for me. 

4. 5 Tips To Always Remember When Planning a Trip - I love traveling. I wish I was able to more. These five tips definitely help me everytime I'm planning, and they've helped a lot of my friends as well. 

5. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Review -  I wrote this review right at the height of Colourpop Matte Lipsticks. Now there are so many more different shades. I can't wait to purchase more!

I am proud of every blog post I write and share with you all but, sometimes they don't make the popularity cut. They just don't as many views, and that's ok. There are so many factors that can play into this. The time I post it up can affect the amount of views these posts get, the hashtags I use, or that these blog posts may be just flat out boring to some people. It's all good though. These posts do need some loving' anyways, so please go check them out. Here are my Least Five unpopular posts.

L e a s t   F i v e   M o s t   U n p o p u l a r   P o s t s 

5. Things That Have My Vote - With everyone going crazy over trump becoming president, I thought I would add some lighthearted fun. I shared with everyone a few things that I loved. 

4. Thanksgiving Highlights - Thanksgiving 2K16 was a lot of fun. I got to celebrate it with all my friends and family. I didn't want to bore everyone with hundreds of photos so this post was just the highlights of the whole weekend. 

3. Halloween Weekend - Another weekending post. I've come to notice that these don't get that many views. Anyways, this halloween I dressed up in three different costumes, and had a party every night that weekend. 

2. Happy Birthday Mom - I love my mom and I just shared a few photos with everyone of my fantastic mother and I. She's a little ball of fire, and I am so lucky to get to call her Mami. 

1. 45 Disney Questions - I was about to go on another Disney Trip, and thought it would be fun to do a little Disney Questionnaire. Who doesn't love disney? Apparently, everyone who didn't view this post! 

Go check all these posts out <3


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