How To Be An Amazing Bridesmaid!

My Bestfriend Ally is getting Married in less than 80 days! Everyone is so excited for this wedding. We've been planning it for almost a year. I say we because Ally has not been alone in the planning process. She asked me and five other of her closest friends to be her bridesmaids and we've all been as helpful as possible. Being a great Bridesmaid isn't just showing up the day of the wedding. It's so much more. Being a Bridesmaids Veteran, I thought I would share with you some helpful tips on how to be the most amazing Bridesmaid ever. You'll be bridesmaid-ing in no time. 

Ally, Her Fiancé Matt, and their One year old boy, baby Dawson ♡
>> Set Aside Wedding Cash. 
Here's a little trick for you. Before the Wedding planning even starts and your services are required, make sure you start a little Wedding fund. I'm saying the minute after you're bestowed with such an hour, start this little savings account. Being a Bridesmaid might not come cheap. It'll be a stress reliever for yourself when the time comes to order the Bridesmaid dress and everything that may come after it. Trust me, it'll make your life as well as the brides life so much easier. 

>> Be Self-reliant, and Self-sufficient. 
The bride has so much going on that your issues would just add more stress. Do not bother the busy bride. If it's something you can handle, take care of it. Treat being a bridesmaid as an honor, and handle your responsibilities. The Bride has too much already on her plate, without you having to bug her some more. 

>> Deal with the Dress. 
If you don't like what you're wearing, tough cookies. I love the dress Ally picked out for us. For the most part, your bride doesn't want you looking hideous on her wedding day. She'll pick out a pretty dress for all her ladies to wear. You might not like the exact dress, but deal with it. If you really don't like it, you'll only be wearing it for a few hours, and probably never wear it again. 

>> Help plan and pay for the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. 
The bride should not have to pay or plan for these two parties. They're in celebration of her last moments as a single woman. The Maid of Honor is in charge of the festivities, but the Bridesmaids are expected to help out and pitch in. That's when the wedding fund comes in (;

>> Attend All Wedding Functions. 
This not only includes the actual day of The Wedding, but the Bridal Expo Shows, the bridal planning stuff (if you're invited), the choosing of the dresses and the shoes, the Bridal Shower, the Bachelorette party, the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. You have to be at them all. You're expected to. The bride can't demand that you be at all the wedding festivities, but you must try your absolute best. She chose you to be there for her, in one of the most important times of her life. Obviously, there are some free passes if there are no other options, and you have to miss the affairs... but those are things you must discuss with your bride and the bridal party. 

>> Be There For The Bride. 
Be there throughout the wedding planning, and especially be there for the Bride on her wedding day. If the bride wants to bitch a bit, be that ear. If she needs help with something, help her. If on the day of her wedding she needs to Pee, hold up her dress. If she's freaking out, help her calm down. Whatever the bride needs, be there. 

I know there are so many other ways to be amazing, but these are the ones I feel are most important. What are your most important tips?

Just think of it like this, on your wedding day, you would love your bridesmaid to be just as amazing. She chose you because you mean something to her. It's an honor for someone to want you to be apart of their special day. Act this way for your friends wedding, and your friend will return the favor the day of yours.


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