Pretty Girl, Don't Settle.

P r e t t y  G i r l, you have so much going for you.

Do not settle in a job you dislike. Do not settle in your friendships, and do not settle in love. 

You deserve the world. You deserve to be treated with respect, with loyalty, and with unconditional love.

You need to be with someone who constantly tries to prove to you that they're worthy, someone who is afraid to lose you, and someone who will do anything to show you that your relationship with each other isn't a waste of time.

Don't settle for someone who ignores you, someone who can go hours without talking to you, someone who is selfish and puts themselves above your relationship. You deserve more than what you are getting in return.

There are so many other men out their who are willing to do all these things for you, so if your current relationship isn't satisfying you fully, do not settle.

You are strong, beautiful, determined, and filled with love. You have so much love to give for someone worthy enough to receive it.

Yes, you may be a bit complex and complicated. Yes, you may be a bit annoying sometimes, but find someone that can look past all these flaws and who does not belittle them.

Don't settle for the boy who plays mind games, who calls you hurtful names. Don't settle for the boy who only calls or misses you when it's convenient for him.

Don't settle for anything less than constant happiness.

Yes, life and love isn't a fairytale, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be in a relationship with someone who believes he deserves to have you.

Pretty girl, don't settle.

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