The Bachelor Recap: Episode 2 // Corrine Overload

Ohhh Episode Two... You did not disappoint. Or better said, Corrine you did not disappoint. The only downside to Monday's episode was that it ended with a To Be Continued. They leave you clinging for more. Well, lets just get on with it shall we.

This week there were three dates. Two group dates and one, One on One date. The first group date was "Always a bridesmaid". It starts off with the girls arriving to their destination and Danielle L.  hauling ass to see him and Corrine is already madly in love. The date is them all taking wedding photos with Nick. Not everyone gets to be a bride, and some of the girls aren't happy about that. Alexis, Dolphin girl, is the Shotgun bride so she ends up being the one who's pregnant. I love her. She's hilarious. Brittney gets to be Eve, and is topless. Corrine is definitely not happy about that. 

She end's up taking off her top, and has Nick hold her boobs. Surprise Surprise, she ends up winning the first half of the date. 

The second half of the date was a cocktail party. Let's just say Corrine was drunk. Overly drunk. Us Miami girls can spot a Miami drunkie a mile away. She  interrupted two girls, scratch that. She interrupted three girls. She then has the stones to give the other girls advice. Favorite part of that scene was as Corrine was speaking her tipsy mind, Hailey covered her face with her hair. LMFAO. I tried finding a photo online for it, but came up short. 

In the end, surprise surprise Corrine got the Rose. Raven's sweet sassy ass said it perfectly. "If Nick likes someone leading with their sexuality, no wonder it's his 4th time." My girl. I love her <3

The second date is Danielle M. It's the first One on One date. First they barely showed her date. They kept interrupting with Liz and her drama. Long story short. He took her on a yacht in Newport Beach. He then took her on a romantic dinner, and we all find out she was engaged before, and her fiance passed away from a drug overdose. So sad. Nick stated "It was the easiest decision he made to give her the rose." It ended with them riding on a Ferris Wheel and making out. Nothing new. I like her. She's my top four. 

The third date was another group date at the Hollywood Museum of Broken Relationships. What a first date huh? The girls had to break up with Nick in front of everybody and a role play sort of thing. Most of the girls had fun with it. Josephine slapped him. Hard. Liz, decided to take this time and let it all out. Bad idea. Nick looked so awkward, and had no idea what to do. 

The second half of the date was the cocktail party. Liz's story is sort of leaked out and Nick and her finally talk about it. Obviously Nick wasn't feeling it and sent her home. Right before the show ends, it's Nick about to tell the girls his past with Liz, and then it fades out with .... TO BE CONTINUED. 


Now we have to wait until next week to see how the girls react, and who he decided to send home. 

Butttttt. I left the best for last. Corrine was tipsy if not drunk. Here are some of the crazy stuff that came out of her mouth. 

"Better than being #2 or going Number 2"

"No one has ever held my boobs like that"

"The most romantic thing, is getting Naked"

"My Nipple might have been out but it's fine"

"My dad would be proud" 

LMAO. Oh Corrine. I can't wait to see what your Miami ass does next.


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