The Bachelor Recap: My Predictions & Episode 1

I have been following The Bachelor for years now. I haven't missed a season since Season 11 when Brad Womack famously didn't choose either of the final two. Even though this show does seem to not always work out for most of these couples, I love watching because of the two percent of couples that have actually stayed together. Anyways, I thought I would do a weekly recap on the episodes being aired, and give you my two cents on what's going on.

Last month, before the show aired, I looked up the female contestants and picked my top 4. Yes, this was fairly based on looks and that little bio they have on the ABC website. My top four were Vanessa, Corrine, Danielle L., and Astrid. Now, after watching the first episode, my top four are still Vanessa, and Corrine, and two newbies, Danielle M. and Raven. What are your predictions? 

After lots of tears from the girls, and lots of wine from me, I picked my favorite girls, and my not so favorite. I also came up with a drinking game. You need to take a sip every time someone brings up Nick's past, his sex life, his heart being broken, or how long he's been in the bachelor franchise. Oh yeah, we'll be drunk. 

I love Alexis, the dolphin girl. She's got stones for dressing like that. She's also really goofy. Josephine? She seems a little out there, and she doesn't seem to have her ears pierced. Never trust a girl who doesn't wear earrings. I do see Rachel making it far. Not because she's in my top list, but just because it's about time an African American is actually a bachelorette. I'm calling it. Just saying. Raven's accent is the cutest. Corrine is definitely a Miami girl. She's strong, outgoing, and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She also goes after what she wants. Gotta stick with my Miami girls. She's also probably the prettiest out of the whole bunch. I like Kristina, except she cried in the first episode. Red flags. Danielle L. She's gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off her boobs though. Liz, may only be here for fame. She had nine months to meet Nick. You lost your shot. Move on. Oh and Hailey, mmmm. nope. 

Here come the spoilers! If you haven't watched the episode, and don't want what happened in the first episode... it's time for you to go check out another post. How about this one


Lets start off with Nick Naked, in the shower. Holy abs. He was so chubby 3 seasons ago! Now he's a stud muffin with the yummiest scruffy beard. Yes, the scruffier the better. He meets with three previous bachelors and gets some good advice. I guess. 

Once the cocktail party comes around, Twelve girls wore red. Note to self red dresses are very popular. Corrine got the first kiss. Everyone thought she was going to get the first impression rose. At least I thought she was. Rachel got it. Rachel also got the second kiss. Which is mind boggling to me, because I just don't see Nick with her. Alexis, one of my favorites, rocked a shark costume. She says it's a dolphin but it's clearly not. Josephine Lady and the Tramped a wiener with Nick. Super awkward!! First mini argument was with Nick and Liz. She could've worded her reasoning's for not contacting Nick better. She most definitely lost points from that. 

With eliminations coming closer, cue the meltdowns and drunken pity parties. 

The eight girls to go home were pretty unmemorable, but I was pretty surprised when the pretty Blonde, Lauren, went home. Her dress was amazing. 

Final Thoughts...

I know Corrine is going to be the villain this season, and I am totally ok with that. For the first time, I am actually going to be rooting for the evil one. Rachel, theres just something I don't like about her. Danielle L. will definitely be one of the more popular ones of the season. Mostly because of her boobs. I really like Vanessa, and I was a little sad that she didn't get the first kiss. But She was the first pick, so that's always good. Where and how can I become friends with Alexis the dolphin lady? 

Non Season 21 related news!!! I've been following Corrine on Insta for the last month. She has a measly 3k followers. She is now at 20k. Oh the wonders of reality TV fame.Also, Corrine was spotted on Vinny's Snapchat. Have I mentioned that he's my favorite bachelorette contestant of all time? They met this past weekend in Miami. Future South Florida romance in the works? hmmm. 

Anywho, who do you think is going to be eliminated next week?!


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