February Goals 2017.

F e b r u a r y.  I love this month. Filled with love and so many birthdays, and winter officially comes to Florida. It's usually the coldest month of the year. I also have a lot going on this month. With my blog anniversary coming up, my actual anniversary with Chaz, the super bowl this weekend, Ally's bridal shower, and starting to plan everything out for her Bachelorette cruise, I got my hands full. I haven't really been keeping up with my goals so far, so I really plan on sticking to them this month. 

1. Save Money. I finally have my bills and everything in check. I really want to start saving. I'm going to be twenty-six years old in 3 months. I need to get my money situation in order already. I plan on saving $400 this month. Fingers crossed. 

2. Book my birthday Cruise. As stated before, my birthday is in 3 months. My dream is to be able to swim and hold a Sea Turtle. They have a Sea Turtle farm in the Cayman Islands and I would really like to go visit it for my birthday. I figured going on a cruise and celebrating my birthday for a whole week sounds like a whole lot of fun. 

3. Change my Oil. I have this seriously bad habit that I don't change my oil when I am actually suppose to. It seems like a dumb and not so important goal because it totally is, but I need to change this horrible habit, before my car decides to die on me. 

4. Plan a cheap romantic Valentines Day. Sucks that it lands on a Tuesday this year, but I would really like to enjoy it this time around. Last year we didn't really do anything, and this year I want to figure out some fun romantic inexpensive things to do, like have a pizza date, or go to the drive in. I'll figure it out. 

5. Lose at least 5 pounds. Guy's I'm not even joking when I tell you that I am overweight. My grandma even told me that my ass looks bigger. She was complimenting me. Which is wonderful in my book, but I only gave her a half thank you lol. It's not wonderful when my stomach matches my butt just in the opposite direction. Ok, I might be exaggerating, but I am the heaviest I have ever been and I need to start losing weight before that cruise. So this month. I'm setting my goal at 5 pounds, but I am definitely aiming for more. 

6. Figure out a Giveaway for my One Year blogiversary. I'm keeping this under wraps until I have my plan. My blog anniversary is February 29, but since it's not a leap year I will be celebrating it February 28 <3

Have you figured your goals out for the month? 


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