Single Girls Guide To A Perfect Valentines Night

I love Valentines Day. Sadly, this year will be the first year in a while that I don't have my special someone to celebrate and share this love filled day with. I don't want to get to much into detail about the why's and why nots, but if you don't have anyone this year like me, that's ok!  I am not going to let the day go to waist and neither should you. It lands on Tuesday this year, so it's the perfect mid week excuse to treat yourself to a night of being a homebody, and doing some of your favorite things. Below I have compiled a list of some of my favorite stuff to have and things to do that will help you make your night perfect. 

1. Wine. Grab your favorite glass of wine, and go to town. Wine always relaxes me and sets me in a calm chill mood. You can always go to Walmart and choose from an array of inexpensive yet really yummy wines. Some of my favorites are the Arbor mist brand, which comes in many flavors and is very simple yet sweet, or Riunite Lambrusco which is more of a desert red wine.

2. Bubble Bath. Go and pick up some Lush Products. Turn on some soft music, light some candles and throw those lush bombs and bubble bars in a warm hot bath. This will definitely help you de-stress and un-wind. What I also love to include in my bubble baths, is a nice glass of some wine. You cal always forgo the music and turn on Netflix on your ipad or laptop. 

3. Make Homemade Pizza. Pizza definitely always makes me a happy girl. You can always skip making it yourself and go order some from your favorite local pizza joint, but there is just something so satisfying about making it yourself. You can add how ever much cheese or toppings you like. One way to add in some Valentine spirit, is make the pizza mini heart shaped. How cute!

4. Romantic Comedies Marathon. It's the day of love. Go pick out a few of your favorite love stories and get lost in the romance. Fair warning though, this might make you a bit sad, so make sure to have your wine and pizza hearts handy. But, it honestly shouldn't. You get to watch your favorite love stories without being interrupted or dealing with testosterone. Enjoy it. Some of my favorite movies would be any of the classics. Such as Casablanca, Frank Sinatra's Guys and Dolls, or even Jean Kelly's Singing in The Rain. 

5. Comfy Pjs. This is probably the best part of the whole night. Not having to worry about what you're wearing or who is going to see you. Bring out those fluffy socks and silky night dresses and enjoy the freeness. 

6. Snacks. While you're at Walmart grabbing that wine, don't forget the snacks. Lots and lots of Junk food. Your favorite candies, popcorn, your top choice for a large tub of ice cream. Have at it. The best part of staying in on a night like Valentines, is being able to stuff your face with as many sweets as possible. 

Now don't think that this night is only perfect for the single ladies, if you do have a special someone, a night like this would be just as wonderful. You can have a bubble bath, make pizza, watch movies with your loved one. Either way, single or not, this is probably the best way to spend your Valentine's Day on a Tuesday Night. 

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